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Ask the Flower Expert: Help Identify This Flower!

Dear Flower Expert,Sempervivium 'Lilac Time'

I got this picture from Google unlabeled. I am not sure if it is real or photoshopped! If it is photoshopped what flower do you believe it’s modeled after? This is the only picture of this flower.



Flower Expert Reply:

Tamika ,

This plant is a type of Sempervivum, and that is exactly how they look though the coloring in this photo may be slightly enhanced. I think this specific plant is Sempervvivum cultivar, otherwise known as ‘Lilac Time,’ which has a green center that fans out to a purplish color ending with rosy tips.

Hope this information helps!

Jamie Jamison Adams


Ask the Plant Expert: Please Help My Corn Plant – What Am I Doing Wrong?

Ask The Plant Expert:Sun Damaged Corn Plant

What is wrong with my plant?

I received this plant as a condolence at my mothers funeral. When I reviewed it there were no problems with it, but about two days after bringing it home the leaves started to brown … that was about a week ago. Now it looks like this. I would really love to save this plant. Can you help?

It is located in front of my French doors that do not have curtains and is about two feet away from a heater vent, but the vent does not blow directly on it, and the temperature is kept at around 72° in the house. I have watered it once since bringing it home. The care instructions said moderately bright light and only water when soil is dry, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I had problems sending multiple photos so I just included the whole plant. If you need others please email me a location that they can be sent.


Plant Expert Reply:


I think the plant is suffering from too much direct sunlight and not enough humidity. If the plant is closer than 18″ from the French doors, the sunlight may be too strong. Keep in mind the glass from the door can cause the sunlight concentration to intensify. This will cause a burning effect on the leaves. Low humidity can also cause browning of the tips and leaves.

I recommend you pull the plant at least 18″ from the window and mist the air around the plant every other day with lukewarm water. You should see new growth within a couple of weeks. You can remove any of the severely damaged leaves.

One more thing. Check your pot and make sure any excess water can drain away from the plant.

Good Luck and keep me posted.


Jamie Jamison Adams

Ask the Plant Expert: What is this Blooming Plant with Spikes on the Trunk?

Euphorbia milii - Crown of ThornsAsk The Plant Expert: What is this plant called?

I got this plant a few months ago. The plant had pink flowers blooming on it but they have all died. The trunk has spikes on it.


Plant Expert Reply:


What an interesting little plant you have. It is a is a Euphorbia milii commonly called Crown of thorns.

This plant does not like to be over watered, so water it sparingly and apply a low-nitrogen fertilizer at half rate to it once a month during the growing season. In March and April the plant will require a little more water than other times during the growing season. During the winter keep the plant almost dry.

To ensure that the plant will thrive make sure you have the plant potted in a well-drained light soil and placed in full sunlight. It prefers warm areas and is hardy only in zone 9 – 11. If you live outside of these zones, be sure to bring the plant indoors once the temperature falls below 45 degrees.

When handling the plant you might want to wear latex gloves since the sap of the plant can cause skin irritation. This plant is poisonous if ingested, so keep children and pets away from it.

Hope this information is helpful.


Jamie Jamison Adams

Please Help Identify This Purple Flower

Ask The Plant Expert: What is the name of this plant? Thanks Brian5 Petal Purple Flower

Plant Expert Reply:


Sorry for the delay in my reply. It took me a little while to determine which member of the Gentianaceae family this flower is. I believe it is what they call a Texas Bluebonnet (Eustoma exaltatum). Other contenders would be Texas Star (Sabatia campestris) or Sea rose (Orphium fruitescens)

Hope this information helps.

What do you think readers, is this the right identification?

Ask the Flower Expert: What is This Flower?

Confetti LantanaAsk The Expert:

I found this flower in downtown Houston, TX. I think it’s beautiful and would love to know what it is so I can include it in my garden. I only took one picture, though.

I hope you can help. Thank you!



Flower Expert Reply:


Thank you for the question!

I believe this flower is from the Lantana family, specifically the Confetti Lantana. It requires a temperate climate to grow, zones 8, 9 and 10, so in Houston, TX it could conceivably grow year round. However, in colder parts of the country it would only be possible to grow the flower through the warmer months.

The Confetti Lantana loves sunlight, but requires little watering. Again, making Houston, TX a near ideal location!

I hope you found this information useful, and as always, thanks for contacting the Plant Expert!

Ed Belly

Ask the Flower Expert: Can You Help Me to Identify this Flower?

Ask The Expert:Tropical Flower

Could u please help me to identify this flower? Approximate 5 -6 inches long. During night or cool day it open very wide but seems close up during hot day. I live in tropical country.



Flower Expert Reply:

Sorry Zoey, for the delay in my reply.

It is hard to tell from the side photo, but I believe the flower is a type of Datura. Most likely a Datura fastuosa. This tropical plant is considered a tender perennial in zone 9-10, and it is commonly referred to as a Devil’s Trumpet. Although this plant is beautiful, it is also toxic! Keep pets and small children well away from this plant.

I hope this information was helpful.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else!

Jamie Jamison Adams

Ask the Plant Expert: My Avocado Leaves are Browning!

Ask The Expert:

I have an a immature avocado tree that I started from seed, first time. We are several months in and it stands 22″ from seed. Several leaves are browning and curling at the tips and inward along the sides. I water it regularly and use Miracle Gro every now and then, it was originally potted using Miracle Gro soil. Any ideas?

Steven FrickeAvocado


Plant Expert Reply:


Sorry for the delay in my reply to your plant question.

I think your plant has a case of Phytophthora root rot caused by the heavy Miracle Gro soil. Avocados need a soil that drains well and can not be buried too deep. If exposed to soggy soil or if planted too deep, a rotting can occur which will cause the leaves or stems to die.

They also require a 6 to 6.5 ph.

Check your roots and drainage. Then send me some more information on what you are using on the plant besides water. We should be able to figure this out and turn the issue around.


Jamie Jamison Adams

Ask the Plant Expert: Viable Seeds from White Crinum?

Crinum ovaries  4Ask The Expert:

How best to deal with the huge ovaries of a white crinum? Those are ca 1 by 4 inches. I would like viable seed.



Plant Expert Reply:


I am finally home from all my travels both abroad and throughout the US!

The best way to obtain viable seeds is to let the seed heads mature until they dry out and release the seeds.
Here are my suggestions for harvesting the seed:
1. Create a capture basin for the seeds. One technique for this is to take wax paper and fashion a cone around the seed pods. When the pods open, the seeds will be captured in the wax paper cone. One thing to watch for:  the seed pod stem might bend or break as the seeds mature.  If this happens you may want to remove the seed stalk from the plant.
2. If the pod dries without popping open, simply cut the pod off. Place the pod in a paper bag and store in a cool, dry place until you can remove the seeds.Crinum 130910 3
3. Once you have the seeds, you will need to either plant them immediately or store them for future use.  Since the seeds naturally drop in a dormant season, you might want to store them for future use.
At our garden center, we store seeds in an airtight container and place them in the vegetable crisper of our refrigerator.
Hope this information was helpful!
Jamie Jamison Adams

Ask the Plant Expert: Can You Name This One?

Ask The Expert:

Thanks for comprehensive reply! Wanna tell me name of this one?

Donald Burk

Name This One!


Plant Expert Reply:

Wow that is an interesting one.  I am presently out of the country and away from my ref books.  If you are in no hurry, I’ll try to Id it when I return.


Jamie Jamison Adams


Ask The Expert:

No hurry – beauty still without ID here in my file – I call her BMP for Burk Mountain Beauty though I send it as a .jpg!

I lean toward crassula or tacitus …
Plant Expert Reply:
I believe this is a type of Jovibarba globifera from the Crassulaceae family.  It thrives in hot, arid environments where it grows in full sun.
Jamie Jamison Adams

Ask the Plant Expert: Loosing Leaves and a Soft Stem

Ask The Expert:

The plant has intertwining stems that look like a tree with leaves like a palm tree. The trunk became soft inside and the leaves are falling off. I water it once a week and keep it by the sliding glass door.

Thanks,Soft Stem



Plant Expert Reply:


Very perplexing.

I would first check my drainage. If the pot doesn’t allow the excess water to drain, you might be developing root rot or stem rot. To remedy the problem, repot the plant into a container that allows for good drainage. Then make sure the soil is moist but never soggy. Good luck and keep me posted!

The plant is a type of dracaena.


Jamie Jamison Adams