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The Age of Aquarius Inspired Flower Arrangements

Whatever the age of your Aquarius, the unique gift of a zodiac-inspired flower arrangement will send the heart of your beloved soaring to new heights. For that special someone born between January 20th and February 18th contact your local florist to design a unique flower arrangement containing bright daffodils, beautiful arum lilies, or birds of paradise for tropical beauty.

Aquarius represents the most humanitarian of the zodiac signs. Show how much you care for your compassionate and giving Aquarius with a unique astrological flowers arrangement designed specifically with her in mind. It is easy to lose sight of caring for ourselves when we continually care for others. For the mother who never seems to take time for herself, focus on her for a moment because the memory of even a fleeting moment as special as this will truly last a lifetime.

Aquarius friends are typically very cerebral, friendly, sincere, independent, and idealistic. These very brilliant people may wish for a more practical gift. Pitcher plant and aloe plants are ecologically sound gifts that also spread good cheer. Aquarius reformers may be “going green” and will appreciate a practical and enduring plant.

No one knows your Aquarius better than you so contact your local florist today for a remarkable birthday gift that she’s sure to love!

Daffodilvasearrangement.jpg Daffodils bring cheer to the heart of an Aquarius!

Capricorn Inspired Birthday Flowers Warm Wintry Hearts

It may seem to most Capricorns that having a birthday between December 22nd and January 19th is a really bad idea. Christmas and birthday presents get combined while the after-glow of holiday gatherings is short lived and tends to bring celebrations during January to a dreary halt. Capricorns and their beloved can rest at ease because the search for a clever and unique gift is over! Presenting a zodiac inspired flower arrangement to the Capricorn in your life is a fantastic way to show off your creativity while showing that special someone that they mean more to you than shared ceremonies.

Capricorns are the hard workers of the zodiac signs. They deserve special recognition for the 364 days of the year that they spend focusing on other people. Beautiful arrangements containing statice, holly, snowdrops, chrysanthemums and jasmine are ideal choices for Capricorns. African violets are also excellent gifts for the winter birthdays as they add a touch of color and bloom to the long-lasting characteristic of a plant. Capricorns are usually practical and will appreciate the endurance of a hardy plant.

When blooms are the only things that will cut it for your beloved choose a beautiful ruby color for her arrangement. Not only does this color match the ruby and onyx colors of the Capricorn sign but also represents deep and true love. If your honey prefers another shade, look for more color meanings associated with flowers. When the message counts the most, find the right flower meaning for your sweetheart’s arrangement. Whatever her preference, you know it best so contact your local florist to help you design the perfect zodiac flower arrangement for your Capricorn.

Africanviolets.jpg African Violets are a beautiful addition to a Capricorn home.

Charm Your Sagittarius With A Sweet Birthday Flower Arrangement

My grandfather is a Sagittarius who is now entering his 79th year. Shopping for birthday gifts can be a bear sometimes as I convince myself that he has received everything at some point before my birth. Certain that I’m the best gift he’s received since that glorious day, I find it difficult to commit to a gift. My heart breathes a sigh of relief this year because I have found the solution! Papa is getting a unique zodiac-inspired plant. Being very close to his family, I’m also very sure that I can avoid any faux pas with this clever present.

Grandpa is like most other Sagittarius. He is warm, open, optimistic, sociable, honest to a fault, and sincere. He has a fantastic sense of humor and clever wit. He’s not detail-oriented but he has big dreams and sees his plans through to completion. His tenacity is inspiring and the very reason that I have chosen several berried plants for his birthday gift this year. My mother is helping him tend a garden in his city home which will be beautifully accentuated by the berried plants.

As a retired farmer, Grandpa may be more inclined to care for a plant but other Sagittarius may wish for a beautiful flower arrangement inspired by their winter zodiac sign. To please the charming nature of your Sagittarius, contact your local florist to create an astrological flowers arrangement filled with eremerus, eustoma, liatris, carnations, crocus, anemones, or muscari.

TickleMePinkCarnations.jpb Pretty carnation flower arrangement for your sweet Sagittarius!

Looking For Scorpio Zodiac Flowers ?

Like many wishing to find a unique birthday gift, I’m often torn when shopping for my friends that have a birthday in late October or November. Exiting the fall and entering the winter, this time of the year makes gift giving a somewhat daunting task. Thankfully this year I have found an idea for a creative birthday gift.

As my birthday falls on October 23rd, I’m caught on the dividing line between Libra and Scorpio. In some publications I am listed as a Libra while others have me noted as a Scorpio. These are very conflicting zodiac personalities with almost no noticeable similarities. Between this and the weather that follows the changing of the seasons, I know the difficulties of finding the perfect gift well. The humorous thing in all of this is that the Libra sign is represented by scales as individuals with a greater sense of balance and justice. The power-hungry nature of the Scorpio sign of which I’m on the verge can quickly throw my scales off-kilter. What fun!

The solution as I see it is to send a flower arrangement whose flowers denote certain astrological signs and time of the year. This is a very creative way to show someone how special they really are. For people like myself it is an unexpected treat. The zany mixture of flowers such as dahlias, gardenias, tea roses, gladiolus, and orchids (Libra) with the beautiful blooms of gerbera daisies, marigold, and sunflowers (Scorpio) provide a very quirky and colorful present for fall birthdays.

Scorpios are well known for being energetic, active, devoted, ambitious, thoughtful, and optimistic. (Not entirely bad qualities to draw from when I’m listed as a Scorpio.) Scorpios are very goal-oriented and patient. For friends and family with these qualities, a croton plant may be just the right gift as it has a longer life than cut flower arrangements but still provides the home with the same unique and dominating beauty as the Scorpio.

For both the fiery and passionate Scorpio as well as the cool and balanced Libra in your life, visit your local florist today to create an astrological flowers arrangement that is out of this world!

gerberadaisies.jpg Beautiful Gerbera daisies compliment every birthday girl!

sunflowers.jpg Vibrant sunflowers for your energetic Scorpio!

Flowers That Represent A Zodiac Sign

Ask the Expert: What flower represents the zodiac sign capricorn?
I’m trying to find out if there’s specific flowers that represent each zodiac sign.  For example, there’s flowers that represent each birth month, so I’m trying to figure out if there’s specific flowers for the astrology signs.  Jenn

The Virtuous Virgo Zodiac Flowers

The love of my life is a Virgo. I find him charming and unique but often have trouble finding charming and unique birthday gifts. My love shares a birthday with my mother which makes finding two unique gifts even more of an adventure. Thankfully for all with multiple Virgo birthdays, I have discovered the solution.

A flower arrangement designed with forget-me-nots, gladiolus, and violets will make any woman feel incredibly special. When I explain to my mother that her chrysanthemum gift is actually in line with her astrological sign, she will appreciate the creativity it took to select an arrangement and enjoy having something beautiful to lighten up her home.

My sweetie’s gift is a bit trickier but I hope this will help all women needing a clever gift for men. Celebrating both our anniversary and his birthday during the Virgo period between August 22 and September 22, a unique gift will help make both occasions feel special and fun. Very few men expect to receive flowers on their birthdays, anniversaries, or at any other time. Adding a dash of whimsy to the day by having a zodiac flowers arrangement delivered is certain to spice up the conversation around the dinner table. Be careful! Make sure your fellow has an easy-going sense of humor because jovial jabs at work are just as likely to follow.

For Virgo men and women with children, selecting arrangements or small flowers with which to decorate a home are a fabulous treat for parents. Planting or decorating with flowers alongside a giggling child makes a birthday an even more special and enjoyable day. I know that our daughter will be thrilled to play in the dirt with her father. I can already hear her chipper laugh as he lifts her by her waist to hang a potted arrangement near our porch swing. I share these same memories with my grandmother and my heart melts with joy when I dream about those simple moments together. Besides, in his mind, it’s one less thing for him to mow.

Visit your local florist today and design the astrological flowers arrangement that is right for your Virgo!

africanviolets.jpb Violets for my Virgo

orangegladiolus.jpg Gladiolus are a beautiful and unique gift idea!

Flower Gifts Even A Crab Will Enjoy

The end of June and the beginning of July mark the end of spring and the beginning of summer. People that fall under the Cancer zodiac sign are very aware of this mix of natural wonder. Those born between June 21 and July 22 find in themselves this same need to be both calm and feisty, cool and robust. Finding a birthday gift for Cancers can be challenging but there is one gift that soothes them all.

An arrangement of flowers corresponding with the Cancer zodiac sign is quite an amazing gift. Roses make incredibly beautiful arrangements and perfectly suit a vivacious and caring Cancer. Cornflower and delphinium arrangements speak to the softer, sweeter, and more colorful side of your beloved. A plant may also be a nice choice for Cancers who tend to be very protective, nurturing, and supportive. Ferns are a beautiful plant associated with the Cancer zodiac sign and make wonderful additions to any home.

Your sweetheart is likely a very loving, devoted person. As she does with her personality, capture the natural wonder of spring and the intense adventure of summer in a gift that shows just how much you love her also. Contact your local florist and send your favorite crab a flower arrangement today!

DaisyandDelphinium.jpg The striking appeal of delphinium and daisies is perfect for Cancers!

Honey, You’re A Real Gemini

Gemini birthdays fall between May 21 and June 21. If the love of your life is a Gemini, he or she is probably known for being talkative, intellectual, and energetic. It may be difficult to find a unique gift as fun and fascinating as your Gemini but sending a fresh flower arrangement filled with alstroemeria, solidago, or daffodils is a very easy way to make your Gemini feel special. These beautiful flowers represent the Gemini astrological sign and, when paired with a personalized card, are as unique to your Gemini as her bright blue eyes or his sensual laugh.

Your guy or gal may appreciate a plant rather than an arrangement. Easy! Cactus, nut-bearing fruit trees, and maidenhair ferns all represent the same charismatic traits found in Gemini. Gemini represents very strong individuals who are adaptive and ready for a new adventure making cacti perfect gifts. Nut-bearing fruit trees reveal to the world a fresh start and a new season of growth and exploration. With these and many other gorgeous plants, there is no shortage of options for pleasing your Gemini with a special birthday or anniversary gift!

Alstroemeria Topiary Flower Arrangement

Alstroemeria Topiary makes great Gemini gift.

Astrological Flowers For A July Birthday.

July is the month of my birth. As my birthday approaches, I think back to when I was a kid and how enthralled I was with astrology. My birthday is July 22nd and is what they call on the cusp — meaning the changing from one astrological sign to another. My zodiac sign is Cancer and the day after my birthday the zodiac sign is Leo. I thought it would be interesting to see what flowers are associated with my astrological sign.

I found these astrological flowers for Cancer birthdays (June 22 to July 22): cornflower (Centaurea cyanus), Ammi (Queen Anne’s lace), delphinium, ferns, plumbago, hydrangea and iris. So if you know someone with a birthday during this time frame have your florist incorporate one of these astrological flowers in their birthday bouquet.

Make a Leo (July 23-August 22) happy with one of these flowers; marigold, gerbera, dahlia or sunflower.