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In Bloom: Autumn

Flowers are beautiful all year round, but some flowers are more easily found during certain seasons than others. Here are some of our favorite flowers that bloom during the autumn season! [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Send Flowers in November

5 Reasons to Send Flowers in November

It’s clear to say that no holiday or special occasion is needed to send flowers to the people you love, but here’s what you can celebrate by sending fresh blooms this month!

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7 Jaw-Dropping Thanksgiving Tablescapes

2342301_AFami  A Family Fram ThanksgivingPhoto courtesy: Southern Living

Yes, your Thanksgiving table CAN look like that!

With an abundance of warm hues and rich textures, autumn provides endless design opportunities. This Thanksgiving see how your local florist can transform your dining room table and impress your guests! Here are seven stunning tablescapes that showcase the elements of the season and bring a sophisticated style to the home.

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How to Decorate for Fall With Flowers

A new season means new opportunities to decorate. Add a floral centerpiece to your dining room table and a few fall flower arrangements around the living room and it will feel like you have redecorated your home! Here are some easy ways to incorporate beautiful fall flowers and the shades of the season into your home decorations.

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Autumn Arrangements 2015

It is officially autumn and the new season brings new celebrations! Here are some great gift ideas for a loved one that you can get from your local florist!

Vase Arrangement
Hues of orange and red mixed with simple greens make a beautiful combination for any fall tablescape!

Basket Blooms
Whether it’s a birthday gift or just something for the desk at work, a beautiful mix in a basket brighten up a room and gets one ready for autumn!

Simple Card Messages
Writer’s block? No worries! Here are some message ideas to pair with your arrangement!

Have a very happy autumn!

A little gift to prepare you for the beautiful season!

Have a happy birthday and a great fall season!

Head to your local florist and get someone special a beautiful autumn floral gift today!

When Is the 23rd Really the First?

When it’s the first day of fall! September 23rd is the autumnal equinox and that means a return to cooler temperatures, an explosion of yellows and reds as leaves begin their annual turn and of course beautiful fall flowers. So what better way to celebrate than with an arrangement sporting a fall theme?

Homecoming HarvestColorful CanvasSunny Pumpkin

Some Local Color

And what better place to get that arrangement than your local florist? If you’re looking for an amazing design, fresh-cut flowers and service with a smile, you want to walk down to your corner flower shop. You’ll find the most beautiful blooms in season and a ready and waiting staff prepared to make your autumn dreams come true. That’s because the men and women behind the counter are not only flower experts, they’re flower artists.

Almost as good, your money stays local, and that helps your community.

Rustic Charm

But even so, the hands-down best reason to use a local flower shop is simply because they do the best work. Would you like a gorgeous centerpiece to place on your dining room table? You won’t find a better one than that which you can receive from the shop down the street. Looking for exquisite fall wreaths? Your local flower shop will make them to your exact specifications.

Go ahead, fill your home with the rustic charm that only natural decoration can provide. Don’t wait around to celebrate this burgeoning fall, go out and buy some flowers today!

Florist Friday Recap 11/3 – 11/9: Autumn Hues

Time for this week’s Friday Recap! The response this week was almost overwhelming. We’ve got so many great flower arrangement photos in today’s lineup. You don’t want to miss this post! You can definitely tell we are well into fall from all of the beautiful colors of autumn — the reds, browns, yellows.. You’ll see all our favorite autumn hues in today’s post… now onto the pictures!

Fall Flower Arrangements

Fall flowers by Ann's Balloons & Flowers, Birmingham AL

Fall flowers by Ann’s Balloons & Flowers, Birmingham AL

“Fall Arrangement”

Sunflower arrangement by Bev's Floral & Gifts, Parowan UT

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Sending Fall Flower Arrangements

All fall flower arrangements shown below are real arrangements that were created and delivered by real local florists all across the country and Canada.

Early fall flower arrangement by Trigs Floral & Home in Minocqua, WI

Early fall flower arrangement by Trigs Floral & Home in Minocqua, WI

The colors of fall are so striking and magnificent, it’s easy to see why autumn is many people’s favorite season. The deep reds, the rustic browns, the sunset orange — fall is such a beautiful season. Why not enjoy the beauty of fall indoors as well as out? It’s easy with your local florist!

Fall arrangement by Buds & Blossoms, Edgewood MD

Fall arrangement by Buds & Blossoms, Edgewood MD

Fall flowers offer a little pick-me-up for all to enjoy. Think about working hard all day at your desk, wouldn’t it be better with a beautiful arrangement of fall flowers to brighten up your week?

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The Colors of Fall – Trends for 2012

Possibly the most beautiful season of all, the colors of autumn are something we look forward to all year. The rustic reds, dusty oranges, and saffron yellows tantalize our senses like no other hues. However, it’s often the POP of accent color that takes everyone by surprise.

Last year, a washed-denim blue was a popular favorite. It was everywhere you would see fall color — wedding flowers, fashion trends, and especially home decor. This fall, blue is back but in even more colors and shades. You will also see a lot of unexpected colors, such as: lime greens, purples, magentas and other jewel tones.

2012 Fall Flower Color Trends

Let’s take a look at a few fashion-inspired color palettes you can use for your fall flowers and decorating.
(4Florists: Create and promote designs using these trendy colors and you’ll do more than turn a few heads this fall!)

Early Fall - Fall color trends Contemporary Autumn Flowers

Early Fall

The colors of early fall give re-energize us and get us excited for the season to come. In the color palette above, you see an abundance of bright greens and yellows, just like the first stages of the changing leaves. Pops of rusty brown and burgundy really make this color scheme a big trend for the season.

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Discover Fall Flowers

Discover Fall Through Flowers

Discover Fall Through Flowers

Who can resist the palette of autumn hues? As the temperature gets cooler, fall into fall with the beauty of fall colors and flowers. Whether it be a basket of fall flowers, or a rustic mum houseplant, treat yourself to fall flowers. There’s no better way to celebrate fall than with the natural beauty of the season.

Top 10 Flowers For Fall [Read more…]