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Help! Why Are There Spots On My Avocado Tree?

Ask The Plant Expert:

Hello, I bought a 2 year old avocado tree and transplanted it to a larger pot about 3 months ago, and the plant looked perfect. Now 3 months later I am getting these spots on the plant…

It is planted in a large pot and on one of the pictures you can see where the main middle stalk has died, but the other stalks off of the main are alive. It is potted (extra large pot) in miracle grow moisture control soil and I water once a week. No rain since the issue began. I live in Houston, Texas and the temp is high 79° and low of 46° right now. I am presently spraying Bonine copper fungicide, and Bonine neem oil on the plant once every 7 days. The moisture has been extremely high at night and foggy. Can you possibly tell me what this is? -Michael

Avocado Leaf Avocado Leaf Avocado Leaf Avocado Leaf

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Caring For New Avocado Plant In The Texas Heat

Ask The Plant Expert: I bought an Avocado Tree a couple of months ago and planted it outside. My soil is a sandy soil, and I live in south Texas. The heat here has been horrendous! I made a Teepee with a screen around two sides to keep the western sun out. I don’t know if somethings attacking my tree or if it’s heat related. My leaves turn brown and get brittle and fall off. No new leaves are growing back. -Bob

Avocado Plant Protected From Heat

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Bob, It may have Sun Blotch. It is hard to tell from the picture, but if you can take a leaf from your plant to the nearest Texas extension service office, they should be able to send it off to their plant diagnostic center. For more information take a look at this website http://plantclinic.tamu.edu/.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

My Avocado Leaves Have White And Brown Spots

Avocado Leaf With White & Brown Spots

Avocado Leaf With White & Brown Spots

Ask the Expert: Avocado leaves with brown AND white spots…HELP!
I have brown spots on the leaves are slightly raised and recently i started getting white ‘sugar’ like spots on the leaves, too. What do i do?….Your HELLLP, please….

Thanks, Ken

Plant Expert Reply:

Can you remove the brown spots by scrapping them with your fingernail? If so, you have an insect called scale attacking your plant. As for the white spots, they could be caused by an insect like a spidermite or another type of mite. The white spots could be fungal as well.

To find out what is causing the white spots, we must first eliminate insects as the source of the problem. Use a magnifying glass to see if the leaf has a type of mite. If you see anything moving on the leaf, you will need a miticide – which can be purchased at your local garden center.

It might be helpful to have a picture of the back of the leaf and the stem of the plant. Fugual problems will often present themselves on the stems as well as the leaves.

This plant diagnosis was brought to you by the Local Florists in Los Angeles.

Avocado Leaves Turning Brown

Avacado Tree 1 Year Old

Avacado Tree 1 Year Old

Ask the Expert: What is wrong with my avocado tree?

The little thing is a year old. It did not get much sun at all this winter but now it has full southern exposure and plenty of light. I keep it inside and ensure it’s nice and warm.
When new leaves sprout from the top the older larger leaves turn brown and fall off the bottom.
I have tried giving it plenty of water and I’ve tried to dry it out.
I’ve tried a little water each day but still can’t stop what’s happening to it. Dianne

Plant Expert Reply:

It looks like you have a water stress issue.  Instead of a little water each day, water it thoroughly and when the soil starts to dry out water it thoroughly again.  At some point you will need to water it with a very diluted solution of water soluble fertilizer.  I would remove the brown leaf.  Do watch for leaf spot.  If the leaves start to get rust colored spots, you will have to treat it for leaf spot disease.  Try to give it as much light as possible.  For the summer you might want to put it outside.  Good Luck and Keep Me posted.

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