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FSN Baby Shower: It’s A Boy!

We had yet another baby shower at the Flower Shop Network offices this week. (Man, there must be something in the water down here.) This time we pulled out the punch for Kylie who works in our administration department. The refreshments were delicious and the gifts were plentiful, so let’s take a look at all the goodies!

cake and arrangement

Blue punch, blue cake … It’s a BOY!


Beautiful afghan handcrafted by our very own Loranne. Great job!


Knit caps and some comfy-looking onesies. Gotta keep that winter baby warm.


It’s bath time! A baby bather and wonderfully soft towels.


You can never have too many bibs, that’s for sure. Babies go through those like water through a sieve. Or is that juice?


An entire outfit, and looks like it will be big enough to start next winter off the right way.


Will this be grandma’s favorite outfit? Nana, nana, nana, nana … Batman!


It’s hard to tell, but that is a combo crib, playpen and changing table all in one. Wow!


Congratulations Kylie!

We’re not done yet, folks. We’ve got plenty more events scheduled between now and the end of the year. Check back tomorrow for our Thanksgiving feast!

FSN Events: Chris’ Baby Shower

Baby Cake at the Baby Shower


Here at FSN headquarters, we love celebrating – especially new additions to our family. Chris Jankoviak, our office clerk is having a baby girl in *wow* less than a month, and we are all so excited!

Baby Shower Food

Baby Shower

Of course the food was delish, the cake was as cute as can be and the flowers were gorgeous, but Chris herself was the cutest part of it all. Through the whole party, her smile was from ear to ear and beyond.
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Decorate Your Baby Shower With Fresh Flowers!

Summer is the time of weddings and babies. Both special occasions seem to center around this time of year which is why I’ve decided to include baby shower decorations in the fresh flower decorating tip this month. Whether celebrating Mommy’s first child or fourth, you can use fresh flowers to create the perfect occasion. Here’s how!

Tips For Decorating Baby Showers With Fresh Flowers

  • Use fresh flower petals of tulips or roses to decorate the gift table. This adds color and uniqueness.
  • Put a New Baby flower arrangement on a pedestal in the middle of the gift table or food table. (Gift table is probably best.)
  • Present each guest with a rose boutonniere. The “can’t say baby” game is so much more fun with rose petals! Plus, the remaining rose petals or a spare rose is (when dried) a great addition to the baby book.
  • Have each guest bring a single flower stem. Use these as a fresh flower bouquet during the party. When the baby shower has ended, have the flowers preserved or dry them old-school style (inside a thick book) for use in the baby book.

Fresh flowers are a quick and simple way to cheer up everyone in the room. Preserving these flowers helps Mommy remember the kindness of her friends when she needed them most. Whether they’ll be a memento or just a way to liven up the room, decorating with fresh flowers will take your baby shower up a notch–but you’re planning it so it will already be great!

How did you use flowers to decorate for a baby shower? Are you planning a baby shower in the future? Let us know what you think is a great idea! Just place your comments in the comment section below.