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Fun & Vibrant Back to School Flowers

The school year is approaching fast! Start the year off right with a beautiful bouquet to celebrate! Here are a few arrangements that get an A+ from us! [Read more…]

FSN’s Top Ten Back-to-School Bouquets

Celebrate the start of a brand new school year with flowers! Send the students and teachers in your life a bouquet of fresh flowers to help them kick the new year off right. Check out our top ten back-to-school arrangements for 2021: [Read more…]

August Card Messages 2018

You know exactly what kind of flowers you’re going to send and now it’s time to express your feelings in a card message. It can be hard to put your feelings into words, but no worries, that’s what we’re here for! [Read more…]

Fun Ideas for Back to School Flowers

The time has come to start a new school year. Some will be starting school for the very first time, while others will only be settling into a new classroom. After a summer packed full of fun, getting back into a routine can be stressful for kids and teachers alike. Send them a little something to brighten up the day, and remind them that you are thinking of them, even while they are at school. [Read more…]

Say Thank You With Flowers

It’s officially back to school time! Parents and children have everything ready to go for the first day of school. The supplies are all organized in backpacks and fridges are stocked with food for lunches. In the whirlwind of getting your children prepared for another school year, don’t forget about the person who will be caring for and teaching your child.

The first day of school is a great time to acknowledge and thank your child’s teacher. They have spent months preparing lesson plans, decorating their room and going to professional development courses. For an entire year they will be helping your child grow and develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

A great way to say thank you is to have a beautiful bouquet delivered on the first day of school. You could even have your child hand-deliver it! Here are some beautiful bouquets that are perfect for a back to school gift!

Your act of kindness is sure to start the school year off right!

Call your local florist and order a beautiful thank you gift today!

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Back To School Flowers

Summer is winding down and the department stores are filled to the brim with notebooks, pens, pencils and backpacks. Teachers are preparing their classrooms and sports teams are starting up their practices. It’s always sad to see summer days come to an end but a new year is knocking at the door. Make sure your kids and nieces or nephews head back to school on the right foot this year!

Nerves are inevitable on the first day of school. A new classroom with a new teacher and classmates is a tough transition.

Help make their first day go as smooth as possible with a fun flower arrangement!

[Read more…]

Back-To-School Flowers

It’s officially back to school and by now you have figured out who your favorite teacher is! Whether it’s a new professor or a teacher friend, nothing puts a smile on more than a beautiful bouquet for their desk. Here are some great ideas for flower gifts!

Simple Greens
Succulents in a pretty teacup or a beautiful dish garden can liven up a classroom desk. Give to a new colleague or to a first-time teacher!

Desk Blooms
Have a favorite new teacher? Let them know they are doing a great job this year with a beautiful bouquet! Consider a potted orchid they can display on their desk!

Simple Card Messages
Writer’s block? No worries! Here are some simple messages to pair with pretty blooms!

Here’s to another wonderful school year! Good Luck!

Just a little reminder that you are doing a great job!

Good luck to a new teacher who will do great things!

Head to your local florist and get someone special a beautiful back-to-school floral gift!

August Newsletter: Keeping It Classy


The kids put on their backpacks. Mom and Dad give them a lift or make sure they get on the bus without incident. Teachers stare across their classrooms at a sea of new faces, excited to educate fresh, young minds. What’s missing from these images? Flowers! In a stressful first few weeks, a beautiful bouquet or magnificent arrangement can do wonders, and every person in this scenario is deserving.

So whether you’re a student, a parent, a teacher or just friends with some, give the gift of flowers and keep school classy!

[Read more…]

5 Handy Back-To-School Card Messages

New clothes are purchased, the classroom is perfectly decorated and the buses are gassed up and ready to go. Everything is set and ready for the first day of school, so why does it still feel like there’s something missing? The first day floral arrangement! That’s it! Well, that’s easy enough. Just contact your local florist and they can set you up with something perfect. Of course there’s still the little matter of what to say on the card …

Father's LoveChocolate Lover's BasketSolar Power

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


  1. I hope your first day is full of friends, fun and laughter. And hey, maybe you’ll even learn something!
  2. Here’s a little taste of summer to keep on the edge of your desk.
  3. First days can be hard, but I know that once you settle in, you’ll blossom as beautifully as these flowers.


  1. They may outnumber you, but at least you’re not locked in a room with them by yourself for eight hours. Oh, right. Look! Flowers!
  2. If you start to feel lost in the sea of new faces, just look at these flowers and remember I love you.

Use these card messages in your own arrangements, or use them for inspiration to write your own. Either way, don’t forget to contact your local florist for those first day blooms!

Go Back to School On a Good Note!

As the oppressive, summer heat looks fondly toward falling temperatures and falling leaves, the kids will start lining up at the bus stop. Why not surprise your favorite pupil, teacher or bus driver with a motivating boost. Buy them a flower arrangement!

Back to school flowers by Brenham Floral Company, Brenham TXMake the Grade

Flowers are sure to make the grade in your star student’s heart. Sending a flower arrangement to your favorite student can cure those end-of-summer blues as they begin their school routine.Flowers such as forget-me-nots can be a highlight to a child during their first day at school as they adjust to a new environment and classmates.

When they walk out of those school or school bus doors with a smile, you’ll know you made an impact in their day.

Giving Thanks to Teachers

And students aren’t the only ones feeling the stress of a new school year. Brighten a teacher’s afternoon with a collection of Gerbera daisies!

Let them know that they’re ready for the undertaking of a new batch of students and learning together one day at a time. Sending flowers can serve as a great way to say “Thank you!” to those who care for your kids on a daily basis.

Enthusiasm BlossomsShare the School Spirit with a Local Florist

By ordering a flower arrangement from a local florist, your child will be sure to be the teacher’s pet. For example, find a flower arrangement with carnations in the school’s colors as a fun way to show school spirit! This can be a great touch to send some pep into someone’s steps. Also, you’re benefiting a local business who may have a star student or grandchild too!

Local florists are also familiar with schools’ policies about flower delivery, so they can advise you on the best option. Whether that be an arrangement waiting on the kitchen table or on their desk, share the school pride together and order a flower arrangement from your local florist.

Sending a bundle of flowers for back to school is the perfect way to end the first day of school on a good note! Show your appreciation for teachers, staff, administration, and your student for all of the hard work that they do with a flower arrangement.