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Need Ideas For January Birthdays?

You’ve come to the right place. You can’t go wrong with sending flowers, especially for a special birthday treat! But just what kind of flowers?

First off, the official flower of January is the carnation. Carnations come in dozens of colors, so pick a favorite color of the one having a birthday and send a bouquet of carnations just for them. Or send a mixed arrangement with their favorite flowers that includes carnations. Check out this mixed flower arrangement featuring carnations:

January Birthday Arrangement featuring Carnations

If you are looking for something a little more unique, why not go with the January birthstone color — garnet. Garnet is a dark redish orange color and there are LOTS of flowers available in this color. The best thing to do is contact your local florist and ask her to create a custom arrangement using all garnet colors, or here are a few to get you started:

Modern Garnet Flower Arrangement Garnet Color Flower Arrangement For January BirthdaysJanuary Birthday Flowers - Garnet Color

And if those suggestions simply won’t do, then check out this list of January Birthday colors! Depending on which day the birthday falls, find flowers or mixed flower arrangements that use those colors.

December 23rd – January 1st –> Red
January 2nd – January 11th –> Orange
January 12th – January 24th –> Yellow
January 25th – February 3rd –> Pink

Hope this guide to sending January birthday flowers has helped narrow down your birthday gift ideas. No matter what you choose, be sure to send your flowers through a local florist. It’s the best deal for everyone!

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Birth Month Flowers

Ask the Expert: what are the hawiian birth flowers for each month

Plant Expert Reply:

I have not heard of Hawaiian birth month flowers. As for birth months flowers, there is a general list that most people follow.

January – Carnations or  Snowdrops

February – Violets, Primrose or Iris

March – Daffodils or Jonquils

April – Daisy or Sweet Peas

May – Lily of the Valley, Hawthorn or Lilies

June – Roses or Honeysuckle

July – Larkspur, Delphinium or Water lilies

August – Gladiolas or Poppies

September – Asters or Morning Glories

October – Calendulas, Cosmos or Marigolds

November – Chrysanthemum

December – Narcissus, Holly or Poinsettias

Maybe one of our Hawaiian florists will be able to enlighten us about Hawaiian birth month flowers.

Match Game: Birth Month Flowers

It’s time for another flower quiz! Are you ready? This month’s flower quiz is a match game that tests your knowledge of birth month flowers. With this handy little flower quiz, you can impress your friends, sweethearts, and family with your knowledge. Before you begin, take a look at the birth month flowers posted on the FSN Bloomin’ Blog and refresh your memory.

Want to make it a little more challenging? Save the review for later.

1. Narcissus – Holly

A. January

2.  Calendula – Cosmos

B. February

3. Gladiolus – Poppy

C. March

4. Rose – Honeysuckle

D. April

5. Daisy – Sweet Pea

E. May

6. Violet – Primrose

F. June

7. Chrysanthemum

G. July

8. Aster – Morning Glory

H. August

9. Larkspur – Water Lily

I. September

10. Lily of the Valley – Hawthorn

J. October

11. Daffodil – Jonquil

K. November

12.  Carnation – Snowdrop

L. December

To find out how you scored, [Read more…]

Want To Know Your Birth Month Flower?

Regardless of the month you were born, there is a birth month flower for you. Birth month flowers are not like zodiac flowers which correspond to a particular sign, each of which crosses two months. Birth month flowers are fun flowers assigned to a particular calendar month. They’re all the rage given to zodiac flowers, and none of the astrology.

If you’re sending flowers to someone who is very traditional, birth month flowers are a more appropriate choice for her gift. Birth month flowers also provide a chance to send a unique gift with a fun, festive twist. Ready to find out what your birth month flowers are? Check them out.

Birth Month Flowers – January through December:

  • January – Carnations or snowdrops (Colors:  black, dark blue or red)
  • February – Violet or primrose (Colors:  violet, sky blue or yellow)
  • March – Daffodil or jonquil (Colors:  white or light blue)
  • April – Daisy or sweet pea (Colors:  yellow, red and colorless)
  • May -Lily of the Valley or hawthorn (Colors:  yellow, red and green)
  • June – Rose or honeysuckle (Colors:  light blue, white and cream)
  • July – Larkspur or water lily (Colors: green, russet and red)
  • August – Gladiolas or poppy (Colors: orange, red and light green)
  • September – Aster or morning glory (Colors: brown, deep blue)
  • October – Calendula or cosmos (Colors: white, yellow and varied)
  • November -Chrysanthemum (Colors: dark blue, red and yellow)
  • December –  Narcissus or holly (Colors: indigo, green, greenish blue)

See how fun birth month flowers can be? With each of them having their own flower colors as well, the combinations are endless. Your friend or loved one will love such a unique gift with special meaning. It’s different. It’s awesome. It’s fun. It’s fanciful. It’s yours to be had when you contact your local florist.

You Don’t Have To Be Narcissistic To Like Narcissus

For those who missed last year’s December birth month flower post, here’s a quick recap. The birth month flower of December is the daffodil (Narcissus).

See? Told you it’d be quick.

Daffodils are awesome flowers. They are attractive, come in many colors, and have none of the qualities of the person for which they’re named. In case you don’t know the story, Narcissus is a figure in Greek mythology who was so enthralled with his own beauty that he could not fully love anyone else. It’s a very interesting story that, despite many narratives, always ends in a white flower growing in the spot where Narcissus died. Narcissus can be either yellow or paper white hence the name.

Even if you’re not into Greek mythology, the daffodil is an amazing flower that adds instant beauty to an arrangement. Want a true touch of yellow without going to sunflowers or daisies? Try paper white daffodils (Narcissus). Want the butter yellow color of a buttercup in a more prominent bloom? Choose yellow Narcissus. Either way, the gift is one that everyone will love.

Birth month flower arrangements are very popular with younger generations who desire uniqueness. If you need to buy a gift for someone who likes quirkiness, ask your local florist to arrange a birth month flower arrangement using daffodils. Your florist will welcome the challenge and your friend/family will love the drop of sunshine!

Want to send birth month flower arrangements for another month? Use Flower Shop Network to contact your local florist for more birthday flower ideas.

The November Birth Month Flower Is *Drum Roll*

Want a unique gift? Don’t forget about birth month flowers. November is a festive month full of enjoyable fall weather and holidays. To play this up when giving a birthday gift try sending the November birth month flowers instead. And the November birth month flower is…

The mighty Chrysanthemum!

Buy Chrysanthemum From A Local Florist

Buy Chrysanthemums From A Local Florist

I’ve found that everything sounds better with a little grandeur or fanfare added. Add a dose of that to the enclosure card message and you have the best birthday gift you’ve ever given. Birth month flowers are unique and quirky which is perfect for the unique and quirky person you love!

Remember last year’s story about the November birth month flower? I can barely remember yesterday so here’s a recap. My grandfather’s birthday is exactly one month after mine. November 23rd rolls around each year and I struggle to find a gift for him now that he’s in his “80 somethings”.

80 years of birthday gifts is hard to top but last year my brother and sister joined me in creating a festive fall display for his new city home to make him feel more at ease. He’d farmed for over 70 years so the natural touch just outside the door made him perk up a lot. This year, we’re repeating the decorations in a different design and including chrysanthemums. The choice of flowers and plants is irrelevant to him but it makes us feel better for giving a truly unique gift. He’s just happy to have our outward affection.

Know someone like that? Whether sending a birthday gift to someone like my grandpa or to someone who requires fancy and unique gifts, chrysanthemum’s the word for November. Don’t forget to let us know how it turned out!

Want to send chrysanthemums this November? Flower Shop Network makes it easy to buy chrysanthemums from your local florist.

Check Out The Birth Month Flower of October

For someone with a birthday in October (like me) it’s important to feel special. I suppose that’s true of all birthday boys and girls but it’s especially true of Libras and as much so of Scorpios. Rather than focus on zodiac flowers–in case you did that last year–focus instead on the birth month flower of October when looking for a unique birthday gift.

The birth month flower of October is marigold (Calendula) which means that it’s super easy to find flowers to go with such a beautiful bloom. Fall flowers like chocolate cosmos, burgundy pincushion, dahlia, dark colored hydrangea, sunflowers, amaranthus and gloriosa are great with marigold. They give a festive feel to the arrangement and are a breath of fresh flowers…er…air.

If you haven’t already discovered the October birth month flower, talk with your local florist about how you can send arrangements containing marigold or inspired by the delightful colors and textures of it. This will be a unique birthday gift for a special someone and will give you a chance to flex your creative muscles. Go on! Be creative!

Just a side note, the flower meaning of marigold (Calendula) is “desire for riches” so you can also use this as part of the theme of your gift. It’s practically the same as wishing someone good fortune, plus you the golden opportunity to use the most beautiful brown, orange and yellow shades in your arrangement. If your birthday boy or girl isn’t a fan of these colors, play it down a little and add some of their favorites. Reds, greens, dark blues, purples and similar earth-toned hues are striking against other popular fall flowers.

Forgot What The September Birth Month Flower Is?

Fret not, dear blog reader. I have your answer.

The September birth month flowers are the aster and the morning glory. Oh yeah, beautiful and meaningful. Good stuff. If you were a reader last year you may remember “Mark September With An Aster-isk”, our friendly reminder blog about the birth month flower of September. You may also remember that September can be quite a headache for my family! With three birthdays on the same day stuff gets really crazy toward the middle of the month.

Mom is great. She’s one of my favorite people in the whole world and I’d be lost without her. That’s a great (and true) sentiment for the card, but you can’t really package that. Oh wait, yes you can! It may not come in a box but a birthday bouquet with aster is a package that she’ll be happy to receive! I’m thinking that showing it off to her friends at work will be fun for her given the type of women she works with. If I can make her day better, why not? So this year I’m sending Mom the gift that she loved last year — asters.

Ask Your Florist About Aster This September

Ask Your Florist About Aster This September

Now the other Virgo in my life is a bit harder. I tend to stop by game stores a lot when shopping for him but I’m pretty tired of staring at electronics. By the time I muster up the courage to go shopping, the last place I want to be is somewhere that will take a lot of time. Plus, I can never remember which games he has so I get a gift card. It’s a little impersonal (or so he said last year) so I don’t want to repeat that experience.

My Love may be brutally honest but he has a point so I’m sending him aster flowers instead. It’s kind of payback for the comment about the gift card. Plus, his daughter loves playing with flowers and dirt and bugs and grass so we’ll have a lot of fun planting morning glory in the backyard. This may not be the ideal way to send birth month flowers of September. Given that not everyone lives in a fairytale world of romance and lollipops, I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds this a funny alternative.

Regardless of your intent, you really can’t go wrong with birth month flowers. They’re just too cool! Plus they’re really unique so  you don’t have to worry about someone copying your idea. It’s all yours. Be your own with aster and morning glory this September.

Remember The Birth Month Flower of August?

People who received a birthday bouquet full of the birth month flower of August probably remember what it is. If you’ve read last year’s August birth month flower blog, “Glad To Have Gladiolus”, you probably remember also.

Ok. So I just gave you a huge hint. Don’t make me have to work here.

Red Gladiolus Are A Great August Birthday Gift!

Red Gladiolus Are A Great August Birthday Gift!

The birth month flower of August is the gladiola. Though poppy holds this title, you’re not going to find it in a birthday bouquet from your local florist. What you are likely to find in a birth month flower birthday bouquet is a wide range of flowers centered around (or at least including) gladiolus in orange or red. Why orange and red? Because orange, red and light green are the official birth month flower colors for August.

Ready for the flower meaning of gladiolus? “Strength of character; Sincerity; Generosity; Natural Grace” These together make a gladiolus birthday bouquet one of the most meaningful, sweet gifts that you can send! Florists use gladiolus often because it’s a fresh and beautiful flower with a lot of features that enhance each arrangement. Add in a dash of meaning and a hint of happy birthday wishes and you have a great birthday gift!

Summer flowers like the gladiolus are perfect for August birthdays. Orange and red are excellent colors to represent the full summer sun, the breezy sunsets of the summer, and the way the seasons are preparing to change. Just before the leaves begin to turn color, August birthdays are very special because they are shared by people who are always on the cusp of something great. Luckily for you, it’s easy to find a birthday gift for someone this fantastic. Just ask your local florist about August birth month flowers.

Did Donald Duck Send Daisy The April Birth Month Flower?

After reading about the birth month flower of April, I began to ponder that somewhat philosophical question. I suppose it’s possible that he did to be quirky. Good on him if he did. It’s a clever gift!

"Birthday Confetti" Arrangement With Pink Daisies

"Birthday Confetti" Arrangement With Pink Gerbera Daisies

Even if your girlfriend, daughter, mother, aunt, or other female friend carries another moniker, daisies are a great gift for people with an April birthday. Being the birth month flower of April, daisies are a very unique gift idea. It means a lot to have someone give you a gift that is very thought out, very detailed or significant in some manner. That’s exactly what sending birth month flowers represents.

I’m one of the lucky ones that gets to buy gifts for five birthdays in April. Buying birthday gifts can get monotonous unless I find something really clever. Thankfully, that’s where birth month flowers come into play. My sister Shannon turns 22 during the middle of April. My best friend shares her birthday but will be a year older. My grandmother celebrates her birthday late in the month. My pastor’s son will be 13 this year. To top it all off, my favorite coworker’s birthday is the day before Shannon’s. Wow!

Now that I have a list of people celebrating an April birthday, it seems only natural to try to find a similar gift for all of them and take the hassle out of the gift buying process. Much to my great pleasure, sending a bouquet of daisies to each is a unique gift that they will all remember. None will be offended by sending a similar arrangement to someone else. Plus, I can buy daisy flower arrangements from my local florist all at once. That’s a pretty big perk since I do not often venture into stores to shop.

Have a crazy month like mine? Keep April calm by sending birth month flower arrangements from a local florist.

Celebrating a birthday in April or enjoying this occasion with someone else who has an April birthday?? — Let us know what you think of this gift idea.