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Why Isn’t My Anthurium Blooming?

Ask The Plant Expert: I have had my Anthurium plant two years now. When I got it, it had lovely dark-orange flowers; now it has none. The stem that had the flowers has turned brown and there is only a few small leaves, I have it in the kitchen work top near the window. I water it only when the soil gets a bit dry, I have pebbles in the bottom of the pot and also on the top covering the soil, what could the problem be? – Caroline

Small Anthurium Wont Bloom

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How To Care For A Crinum Lily in Germany

Ask the Expert: What sort of crinum is it on the photograph?

I found in 2008 in Daytona, FL a seed in the shape of a potato under plants with long sword-shaped leafs and flowers like the photograph shows. Put into earth, a plant grew for now 2 years without showing blossoms. A specialist of the Tuebingen University told me, it should be some sort of crinum. Can you give me the name of it and hints how to care it, so it will bloom? We live in Germany and have winters with frost onto – 20°C.
So it must be kept in the house during winter – but where there? Thank you for answering – Joerg Ekert in Kusterdingen, Germany

Crinum augustum (commonly known as Queen Emma crinum)

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Help! Why Isn’t My Anthurium Blooming?

Ask The Plant Expert:

I inherited 2 anthuriums (one pink & one red) about a year ago. both had “blooms” at the time.  Since then nothing. I’ve been wiping the leaves off and don’t think I am over watering, although I think may need to change the soil medium because it appears to be just regular potting soil. As you will see in the pictures attached they are in bright but not direct light. (The large windows are to the right of the bookcase but face due south.)  There are brownish flake-like spots on them; which tend to come off when I wipe the leaves/stems off.  Also, they seem to let off a sticky substance that doesn’t seem to be hurting anything really; just need to keep shelf & floor below clean.  Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong? – Tammie

Anthurium Houseplants

Anthurium Leaf Anthurium Leaf

Possible Anthurium Infestation

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Help! Why Is My Peace Lily Green, Not White?

Ask The Plant Expert:

Peace Lily CareMy Peace plant flower is green, it should be white. What does it need?

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

Could be a variety of things. What most people call the the bloom is actually called a spathe. This is sort of like a leaf and surrounds the spadix, which supports the actual flowers of the plant. The Spathes can range in color from a pure white to a pale whitish green.

Factors you can work with to achieve better blooms: humidity, water light and fertilizer. Giving the plant the proper humidity and water will help make the formation of leaves, spathes and flowers stronger. The right fertilizer and light will help with strength the color and structure of the plant. So, follow the care instructions for Peace Lilies (at the bottom). Hopefully this will change future spathes from green to white.

Hope this is helpful!

Help! Why Won’t My Christmas Cactus Bloom?

Ask The Expert:

“I have had this Christmas cactus for 15 years, it’s bloomed once. What am I doing wrong?” – Elizabeth

Christmas CactusFlower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:


While you may think that temperature is a factor in blooming, daylight length is actually the key. Christmas cacti are triggered to bloom during short days. This can be achieved by placing the plant in a dark bedroom or by covering the plant for 15 or more hours a day. It may take up to a month to trigger the plant to produce bloom buds, but once the buds appear the plant can be returned to its usual viewing location. Remember to avoid extreme temperatures that would hinder bud release.

Click for more information on the Christmas Cactus.

Help! My Anthurium’s Red Blooms Are Now Small & White

AnthuriumAsk the Plant Expert:

Hi, I have an Anthurium for approx. two years. When i got it, it had one bright red flower. Since then the flower developed, suffering at times, due to my poor care. After learning how to properly care for it, it started to grow ( lots of healthy, big  leaves) and then it flowered. Right now it has three whitish flowers, smaller than the initial one. Is it possible to revert  the plant to the red  color flowers? – Corina

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

When you say white, do you mean the blooms are faded or are truly white in color.  High temperatures (90°) can cause the bloom color to fade or wash out.  Although it doesn’t occur often, if the pH of the soil is high, the bloom color can become lighter.  Anthuriums are best when the soil pH is 5.5 and a well-balanced fertilizer with Ca, Mg and other trace elements that are used during the non-flowering cycle.  During the flowering cycle, you should use a fertilizer with a slightly higher phosphate content like a 20:30:20 or 6:14:7 blend.

As for the smallness of the blooms, your plant may be getting too much light.  High light concentration can cause the blooms to be smaller in size. Hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Help! My Christmas Cactus Has Not Bloomed In 2 Years

Ask The Plant Expert:

My Christmas cactus has not bloomed the last 2 years. I love my cactus and have not had the problem before. I get new growth, but no blooms. -Loree

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

Get Your Own Pink Christmas CactusLike poinsettias, daylight length is a major blooming factor for Christmas Cactus. Blooming is triggered by short days. If the cactus doesn’t receive the right short-day light exposure, the plant will not bloom.

To force your Christmas cactus to bloom place the plant in a dark bedroom, or cover for 15 hours a day. Do this for up to 30 days. Once the bloom buds appear the plant can be returned to its usual viewing location.

Be careful not to exposure the plant to extreme temperatures since this will cause pre-mature bud drop/loss.

Hope this information was helpful. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Watering Bromeliads and Forcing Them To Bloom

Bromeliad HouseplantAsk The Plant Expert: Hi, I’m new to blogging and to my bromeliad.  I’ve tried to look up exactly what type of bromeliad I have, and it comes up with “Bromeliad”.  Here is my question: I’ve live in NY and I have a beautiful bromeliad which I have outdoors right now.  I have noticed that the leaves are starting to turn brown and curl under as if burned.  I have it next to my table under an umbrella so no direct light it hitting it.  What am I doing wrong?

Also, I have searched for a diagram of the bromeliad so that I could understand the central cup so that I don’t add water to it.  Then I come across other websites that say add water to the central cup.  Not sure where to add water.  So, my questions are:  leaves and central cup. – Jacquie

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

The central cup of the bromeliad is the center of the rosette where the leaves are formed.

BROMELIAD Care Instructions:

WHEN FLOWERING – Feed with a 20-20-20 fertilizer once a month. Do not let the soil dry out; evenly moist is the ideal state. Water the soil only. If you fill the cup and let it flow over into the soil, this water must be changed every 2 days. Conditions vary in each household or office, check by lifting the plant daily. The pot should feel heavy versus the rest of the plant. Water should not be dripping from the bottom, nor should it be sitting in an enclosed container holding water. The holes in the bottom of the pot are for good drainage. If the plant seems to lose its luster, you can always mist it with the same rate of fertilizer (only the plant – not the flower).

WHEN FINISHED FLOWERING – Cut the stem off inside the cup. Bromeliads flower once in a lifetime. After the blooming cycle, the mother plant will have offspring sprouting from the base which, at the proper time, will bloom. The feeding in this period is stronger. Use the same fertilizer at the same strength but with every watering. If you lose roots, turn to misting daily for two weeks.

FORCED FLOWERING – Bromeliads can be forced to flower after one year of growth. Drop a small slice of tomato, apple, or any fruit into the cup. The decomposition of this fruit will release ethylene gas and induce the flowering. If the plant is older it will flower with the change of seasons. Feeding in this period is stronger. Use the same fertilizer at the same strength but with every watering. If you lose roots, turn to misting daily for two weeks.

Help! Why Is My Dracaena Just Now Blooming After 10 YEARS?!

Red Striped Dracaena (Dracaena Marginata)Ask The Plant Expert: My Dracaena flowered with very fragrant (like lilac) white flowers. What does that mean? I’ve had the plant over 10 years and this has never happened before.

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Sandy,

Dracaena often take several years to produce a bloom. Although 10 years seems like a really long time, it isn’t for a Dracaena. This should not cause a problem with the continuing health of the plant. When the blooms are past their prime, simply deadhead the plant and continue with the same care you have given the plant for the past 10 years. It may be another 10 years before it blooms again, or it could be a year. Dracaena blooming is hard to predict. Enjoy the blooms while you have them.

Also check out: Proper Care for Dracaena Houseplants

Hope this information was helpful.



Can I Save My Bromeliad?

Ask The Plant Expert: Hi, I have had my bromeliad plant for about a year now. I have an office with no direct windows so the plant receives light from the office lights (fluorescent) and from the lamp I have near the plant on my credenza. The red flower in the middle has turned dull and brown. Do I need to remove the flower? If so, how to I do that – just pull it out, cut it out? Thanks – Michael

Dead Bromeliad Bloom

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:
You will be able to cut the dead bloom out, and the plant should produce babies. Please read this post on removing Bromeliad blooms, and if you have any questions let me know.