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Help! What Is This Red Fruit Vine From Fort Worth?

Ask the Expert: What is this vine?

I live in the Fort Worth TX area in the country. For the past 3 summers this vine has been growing along the fence near my entrance gate. It has been so dry here this year the leaves are yellow and turning brown instead of green as in previous years. But you can easily see the shape in these pics. And the fruit of course. It withers and dies before August. Each “fruit” contains many I-2mm seeds. Any idea what this is? –Ginny

Lindheimer's globeberry, Balsam gourd, Globe berry, Snake apple

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Help! What Is This Plant & How Do I Care For It?

Ask The Plant Expert:

What kind of plants are these? My neighbor gave me these plants and I have no idea what they are or how to care for them. Help please? -Aubrey

Thunbergia Alata - Black Eyed Susan

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:


I believe what you have is a Thunbergia vine.  It is sometimes called Black-eyed Susan vine. As for care, they are real easy.  Thunbergia alata likes full sun and a well-drained but moist soil.  It is considered an annual except in tropical areas.  The best place for it is in an area that gets a little shade in the late afternoon, but full sun otherwise.  It will grow rapidly and bloom all summer through the fall.

Help! What Is This Pink-Blooming Vine In My Garden?

Ask The Expert: Hi; I need help identifying a beautiful plant that I have in my garden. It is  a beautiful Ivy given to me by a friend and I have reproduced it because it is great filler for arrangements and not too common. I have no idea of it’s real name. I was told that the name here in the Dominican Republic is Bride’s Crown but I don’t really know to what type of family belongs or the real name. It has flowers almost all year round, and it does very well in partially sunny areas. I will really appreciate any information about this plant.
Thanks for your help; Rosa Blanco

Clerodendrum thomsoniae - Bleeding Heart Clerodendrum thomsoniae - Bleeding Heart

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Rosa,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I was consulting with an expert ( Regina Berryman)  who had more knowledge about this plant. The plant is a Clerodendrum thomsoniae. In the United States, it is sometimes referred to as a gloryblower or a bleeding heart vine.

This tropical plant is native to West Africa, but has been introduced to many countries. It prefers partial shade. In fact, it does best when planted in an area that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Because it it a tropical plant, it must be protected when the temperatures go below 45°. Although it likes a humid environment and moist soil, it doesn’t like soggy soil. It can be pruned to keep it shapely. Pruning should be done after the plant has ceased flowering.

I hope this information has been helpful. Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else.

What Is This Vine With White Flowers & Cactus-like Seed Pod

Ask the Expert: What is it?
we have a crawling vine on our fence that looks like a maple leaf but has little white flowers and it has little cactus looking plums on it? grows really quickly. Deline

California Vine With Small White Flowers

Coast Wild Cucumber

Vine and prickly seed pod

Marah fabaceus Seed Pod

Flower Shop Network‘s Plant Expert:
It looks like a member of the wild cucumber family which is the Marah genus.

I think this particular plant is a Marah fabaceus. It is commonly called California manroot, Coast wild cucumber, Manroot, wild cucumber and bigroot. The plant is found throughout California. Although the Marah genus can be found in various parts of the country, the Marah fabaceus is endemic (limited) to California alone.

It is consider a perennial vine and a herb.  The prickly fruit may resemble cucumbers, but is not edible. It has a very bitter taste.

Native Californians used this fruit medicinally. The Kumeyaay people use the crushed tubers of this plant to aid in fishing. They throw the crushed tubers in the water to immobilize the fish.

This plant identification was brought to you by the local florists in San Francisco.

Vine With Purple Flower: A Morning Glory

Morning Glory VIne

Morning Glory VIne

Ask the Expert: what type of vine is this that has a purple flower I’m doing a project and I’m having a hard time identifying this vine. Tabetha

Plant Expert Reply:
I believe what you have is a type of morning glory. The funny thing about the morning glory is there are 1000 plants in the morning glory family – Convolvulaceae. Some look very similar and some don’t. Yet, commonly they are all called morning glory even if they are also called by other names. There are 10 genus associated with this family – Calystegia (island morning glory), Convolvulus (bindweed – bush morning glory), Ipomoea (orn sweet potato, moon vine, morning glory), Merremia (Spanish morning glory), Rivea, Astripomoea, Operculina, Stictocardia, Argyreia and Lepistemon.

So long answer short, I believe it is a Ipomoea tricolor.

What Is This Delicate Vine With Small Pinkish-Purple Bloom?

Ask the Expert: Can you identify this blooming vine?

Beggers Lice

Beggers Lice

I saw this vine a few days ago in wooded area next to gravel road.



Vine seems to be at least 4 feet tall, blooms are sparse, blooms late July-early August. Leaves are 3 in cluster. Thanks. Debbie

Plant Expert Reply:

It looks similar to a sweet pea but I don’t think it is. I am investigating
a few possiblities. Is this plant crawling on the ground or more up right.
What state did you find it in – this will help me narrow down the choices.

Identification of Blooming Vine

I have a vining house plant that I have had for at least 7 1/2 years. This spring it just so happened to bloom with this rubber like light colored pink bouquets with a deep red center. The flowers put off a beautiful scent of between a lilac and peony. I have attached a couple of pictures if you could take a look. Thanks for you help. Kim Silver

Blooming Rubber Like Vine Photo Picture of Blooming VineFlowering Vine Picture