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Photo Pocket Square Trend: Keep Her Next To Your Heart

You might have caught our post on trendy Pocket Squares a while back. Well, Libby’s Flowers, Gifts & More in Elberton, GA has taken it to a whole new level. We love this idea and had to share with you all!

Photo Pocket Square For Wedding

As you can see, the florist carefully attached a photo of the groom’s sweetheart to the pocket square insert. This would then be placed in the tuxedo pocket, and although you cannot see the picture when it is in place, the groom will always remember he has her next to his heart.

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More Than Just a Boutonniere: Trends For Fall

Natural Boutonniere InspirationBoutonnieres are a long-standing tradition; generally simple, delicate, and reflective of the partners wrist corsage or bouquet. But who says a boutonniere can’t make a statement with a hint of flair, all on its own?

2011 fall boutonniere trends are leaning toward a more natural, earthy style than the average carnation or red rose.  Twigs, rope, feathers, berries, shells, stones, and thick textures turn what could be an ordinary boutonniere into something outstanding!

Natural Boutonniere Ideas:

  • Imagine a sunflower donning driftwood and/or feathers
  • Fun-textured greens nesting upon the lapel of a dark brown tuxedo.
  • Green button poms with red berries, rope, and festive greens will POP against the back drop of a black lapel.
  • Twigs wrapped together in raffia with a pheasant feather 

Natural and floral pocket squares are also very trendy this year.

No matter the color of the tuxedo or suit, these earth-inspired boutonnieres are sure to make a statement at any wedding or event.

Thinking outside the box!

Using your imagination as you get back to your roots with nature inspired boutonnieres will inspire you to create  a piece of wearable art that will stand out amongst the others!

Check out the galleries our sister site, Wedding And Party Network, for more wedding flower inspiration.

How To: 2 Great Floral Pocket Square Designs

Just a few weeks ago, we featured a story about the new trend, floral pocket squares. Many wedding florists are offering the floral pocket squares as an alternative to boutonnieres. Floral pocket squares are a great look for weddings, proms, and special events. Here are two great styles to try today!

How To Make A Floral Pocket Square

Floral Pocket SquareTo make your pocket square, you will need:

  • Craft Foam
  • Scissors
  • Floral Glue
  • Floral Design Elements (flowers, leaves, whatever you would like to use to design your pocket square)

To make the pocket square:

  1. Cut your craft foam length way to fit into your pocket. This should leave about 3 inches for designing.
  2. Next, plan your design by laying your floral design elements in the places you are planning to put them. This way Floral Pocket Squareyou can judge if you need more flowers, foliage, etc.
  3. Begin to slowly glue down your design elements making sure to cover all the way to the edges of your craft foam.
  4. Once you are finished with your design, insert the newly-made pocket square into the suit jacket pocket and determine how much you need to trim off the bottom.
  5. Trim the bottom of your pocket square to fit inside the pocket.
  6. Watch my video above for detailed instruction!

Thanks for checking out this design technique video, find more design videos on our YouTube channel, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Trend Alert: Pocket Squares Taking The Place of Boutonnieres?

The boutonniere and the pocket square have long been part of a gentleman’s formal attire. Creative florists have recently began to combine the fresh-flower look of the boutonniere and the placement of the pocket squares for something new and festive!

But Honey…. do I *have* to wear a boutonniere??

The biggest complaint we hear from guys about boutonnieres is that they don’t want to wear flowers that close to their face. Most men are just picky, but some have allergies that genuinely prevent them from wearing a bout’. Having flowers farther down in the pocket can be a big relief for men with this problem.

Often times the groom’s boutonniere gets practically destroyed during the activities of your wedding reception. Pocket squares tend to be a little more sturdy than boutonnieres because they aren’t pinned to your tuxedo. The bride is able to comfortably wrap her arms around the grooms neck without fear of crushing flowers or getting pin stuck.

Floral Pocket Squares — Boutonniere Alternative For Proms & Homecomings

Not only will the pocket square stand up to all of the festivities of a wedding reception — just think how perfect this trend is for teens going to homecoming or prom! I don’t know what it is about boys, but they love to take things apart. By the end of prom night, a guys boutonniere is often in 5 different pieces and the pin is stuck in his buddy’s arm. (Hopefully not, but you get the idea.)

With the floral pocket square, there are no pins. The design is attached, usually with glue, to a long insert that fills the pocket. Prom-going teens tend to leave them alone because they are further down on their chest — out of side, out of mind. The pocket square is a great boutonniere alternative, especially for prom, homecoming and other teen events.

Replacing Boutonnieres?

A boutonniere has long been part of the fashion-forward gentlemens fashion. Although the floral pocket square is a trendy up-and-comer, you will never replace a good, old-fashion boutonniere. The key is to find the style that is right for your look and your attire. Consult with your local florist, they are the BEST place to turn when it comes to this decision.

If you are looking for pocket squares, boutonnieres or corsages, contact your town’s local florists. She will help you choose the right floral accessories to fit your event!

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The Perfect Wedding Flower Details

It has often been said that “the glory is in the details”, and this statement is perhaps never more true than it is when planning the floral designs for a wedding. The flowers provide the perfect opportunity for a bride to express her personal style and taste, and with the help of a professional florist, the wedding designs can be endowed with creative, memorable details that will delight her guests. Creative flourishes and finishing touches truly do set the tone for the wedding decor.

Personal Flower Details

Personal Flowers - Vintage-style Floral HatThe personal flowers — designed to be worn or carried — are seen at close range and present many possibilities for exquisite detailing. The flower girl, for example, is the member of the wedding party who stands out as a darling little accent among the others. Instead of the traditional basket of petals to toss, she might carry a delicate garland of smilax, rose petals, and ribbons, with a circlet in her hair to match. Or a dangling pomander of sweetheart roses; a tulle and lace- covered ring accented with ivy and stephanotis blooms; or even a tiny pocketbook, covered in moss and embellished with spring blossoms.

Ring Bearer Details

Accessories for the ring bearer, himself another special highlight among the wedding party, could include an ivy or moss-covered pillow upon which a bird’s nest cradles the rings; or a satin pillow, densely bordered with heather or statice embedded with small jewels to reflect light. Rather than an ordinary rose bud, his boutonniere (as well as those of the other gentlemen) could consist of a miniature cluster of tiny flowers such as muscari, sweet william, brodiea, and narcissus florets. Or replace the boutonniere with a floral pocket square actually an index card edged with small blossoms that extend above the lip of the jacket pocket.

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