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Why Is My Schefflera Losing Leaves

Ask the Expert: re ny brassia actinophylla
have had indoors for the winter season and it has nearly lost all its leaves. what am i doing wrong. do not want to loose this lovely plant . have had almost five years. help me. Debbie


Let’s examine the reasons that a green schefflera (Brassia actinophylla) loses leaves.

Extreme temperature changes. If the plant is used to one temperature an there is a sudden shift in temperature, it will lose its leaves. Is the plant in the path of an air vent? If so, move it where it will stay warm but not exposed to hot or cold air.

Insufficient light. If the plant isn’t getting enough light the leaves will turn yellow and drop off. Make sure the plant is in bright light. However, directly in front of a window can cause a burning issue with the leaves.

Water issues. If the plant is too wet or too dry the leaves will drop off. Does the soil feel dry or have you let it get dry? If this is the case, water the plant and make sure you keep it moderately moist. If it is too wet, make should it has proper drainage and don’t water till it is slightly dry.

Pathogens. If the plant has an issue with insects the leaves could drop off. Check the fallen leaves for signs of insects or sticky substances. You might need a magnifying glass to see the insects. If this is the problem you will need an insecticide.

Once you determine what is wrong, you can easily correct it. I have seen these plants drop all of their leaves and make a full recovery. The most important thing is to watch for new growth. If the plant is forming new growth, you should be ok.

We have a plant care page for Schefflera. It might have some information that will be helpful. You will have to scroll down the page to see the care information.

Good luck and please keep me posted.

How Green Schefflera Houseplants Beautify Your World

I get lazy around the holidays and very much enjoy the chance to relax with my family and friends. This is probably the biggest reason why I chose to highlight the Green Schefflera plant this month. Schefflera plants (Schefflera actinophylla or Brassia actinophylla) are easy to care for and easy to love. Ask almost anyone and you’ll hear the same resounding praises about buying Schefflera houseplants for beginners or sending Schefflera as gifts.

The world is such a green place to live right now with a rise in eco-friendly activism. Certain members of my family have bounced onto the environmentally friendly bandwagon. It’s very hard to shop for someone who is so particular. The great thing about houseplants is that you cannot find a more green gift—literally! Beginners or seasoned houseplant experts love Green Schefflera plants and can always find fun new ways to decorate their homes with the wonderful houseplant.

Though I prefer a different kind of green gift, there is one thing that strikes my fancy about my Schefflera plants. They flourish in my home with little effort from me. I’ll put that in a way that deserves more fanfare. Green Schefflera plant care is simple enough for everyone. Schefflera plants require only very basic attention. Water occasionally, make sure it receives adequate light, repot in the spring and you’re done!

Green Schefflera plants add an unparalleled ambiance to any room. Going to work is just a bit more fun when you are able to look forward to gazing at Schefflera plant all day. The rich green color of Schefflera houseplants adds pep to boring rainy days. It’s almost a certainty that whatever your mood, Schefflera plants make it better. Easy care and a more fulfilling environment. What more can you want from a houseplant?

Green Schefflera Houseplant Green Schefflera plants make great gift ideas!