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Send an Arrangement Your Mom Will Remember Using Birth Month Flowers!

Mothers love anything that reminds them of their children–including flowers! Harness the deep meaning of flowers this year to create a personalized Mothers Day Bouquet with a bloom to represent each of her children. Similar to the popular mother’s ring, these gorgeous bouquets are a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift that hold special meaning and brighten Mom’s day!


Sweet Pea Represents April Birthdays!

Work with your local florist to choose blooms that represent the birth month of each of your siblings and design a bouquet to send on Mother’s Day. These creative, colorful bouquets will touch Mom’s heart and include all of your siblings in showing her how much you care. Here’s a quick guide to finding your birth month flower:

  • January – Carnations or snowdrops (Colors:  black, dark blue or red)
  • February – Violet or primrose (Colors:  violet, sky blue or yellow)
  • March – Daffodil or jonquil (Colors:  white or light blue)
  • April – Daisy or sweet pea (Colors:  yellow, red and colorless)
  • May -Lily of the Valley or hawthorn (Colors:  yellow, red and green)
  • June – Rose or honeysuckle (Colors:  light blue, white and cream)
  • July – Larkspur or water lily (Colors: green, russet and red)
  • August – Gladiolas or poppy (Colors: orange, red and light green)
  • September – Aster or morning glory (Colors: brown, deep blue)
  • October – Calendula or cosmos (Colors: white, yellow and varied)
  • November -Chrysanthemum (Colors: dark blue, red and yellow)
  • December –  Narcissus or holly (Colors: indigo, green, greenish blue)

As you can see, there are few options per month, making it easy to create a beautiful Mother’s Day Bouquet! It’s that simple! Call your florist, tell her your chosen flowers and let her work her magic!

This is also perfect for Moms who live far away. Locate a local florist near you mother and tell her your brilliant idea! Your mom will appreciate the extra effort making her Mother’s Day one to remember!

Forget The October Birth Month Flower?

The merry marigold (Calendula) is the birth month flower for October, my favorite month of the year. October birthdays mean a little more to me because my birthday falls in late October on the cusp of the Libra-Scorpio zodiac signs. A fall birthday can be tons of fun especially with so many wonderful holidays just a few weeks away. I don’t give myself gifts for my birthday but I have been known to post pseudo-selfless blogs entailing the wish list that I’ve been too fearful to display. This will not be one of those birthday gift idea blogs.

So I believe that I speak for every October birthday owner, especially those claiming October 23rd as their special day, when I say that unique birthday gift ideas are surprisingly easy to come by this year. Think birth month flowers for an awesomely creative birthday gift for your October friend. Whether falling under Scorpio or Libra in the zodiac signs, and I’ve been placed under both, the decorative and beautiful appearance of flowers will lighten up our smiles and put a springy little step in our feisty autumn feet.

The Calendula (Marigold) is quite the bold little flower. The bright oranges and yellows certainly draw attention. Most Calendula designs resemble daisies and give a lovely “look at me!” appearance to flower arrangements. The petals can also be layered to give the flowers a bushy or full appearance. This quality lends a lot of body and mass to flower bouquets, arrangements and gardens. Anyone that sees the marigold falls in love with this flower as a part of their fall decorations. Why not celebrate a fall birthday with it also? Contact your local florist to surprise your beloved with an arrangement of the October birth month flower—the merry marigold (Calendula).