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5 Floral Gift Ideas for 5 Different Boss Types

Boss's Day - Send Flowers

Boss’s Day has really gained traction in recent years. If there was ever a time when this holiday could be ignored or set aside in favor of more important things, that time is long passed. So if you have a boss, and let’s be honest most of us have a boss, here are a few floral gift ideas to make your boss’s Boss’s Day a roaring success!

The Sports Fan

If you’ve ever seen your boss sporting their favorite football team’s mascot on his tie, he may be a sports fan. Your local florist is more than aware of any local or regional sports teams and probably carries a plethora of items they could use to put together a wonderful sports-themed arrangement. If nothing else, an arrangement using flowers in your boss’s favorite team’s colors can provide that “Wow” factor! If your boss loves golf, a sport where there are no teams, or is a fan of a team across the country, do not fret! Your local florist will have what they need to put together something impressive!

The Workaholic

Does your boss spend long hours at the office? Is she there when you arrive and there when you leave? Then she may be a workaholic. The best gift for these dedicated employers is a potted plant! The plant will inject some much-needed nature into their world while offering fresh oxygen that hasn’t been run through the building’s filters and HVAC unit. A plant is also very low maintenance. It will be a benefit without distracting this hard worker from her daily duties.

European Dish GardenChocolate Lovers BasketYou're The Best Sister

The Free Spirit [Read more…]

Celebrating Sweetest Day

What Is Sweetest Day?

Looking for a reason to send a gift? How about Sweetest Day!  Never heard of it?  Well, it is the holiday that celebrates kindness and appreciation.  Sweetest Day is a fantastic way to show your appreciation for a special person, to remember those who are alone, or give back to the unsung heroes of your community.

Chocolate Hearts & CandyGifts are extra special when unexpected and given as a form of appreciation or simply just because. Those receiving a Sweetest Day gift are usually caught completely by surprise.  After all, no one expects a gift/treat on Sweetest Day like they do on Halloween, Christmas or even Valentine’s Day.  The element of surprise and sheer kindness in these gifts is what makes Sweetest Day so awesome.

The History Of Sweetest Day!

Celebrated on the third Saturday in October, Sweetest Day is a tradition that is often forgotten, but has a deep and chocolaty rich history.  The concept of this tradition began with a philanthropist and candy employee named Herbert Birch Kingston. Feeling the weight of  his good fortune and seeing the plight and misfortune of others, Mr. Kingston saw the need to brighten the lives of others.  Understanding the need all people have to feel appreciated, he wanted a day that recognized people simply for being people.  So drawing from his candy background, Mr. Kingston conceived the idea of a holiday that would give candy and small gifts to the underprivileged, shut-ins and [Read more…]

Fruit, Gourmet & Custom Gift Baskets

Fruit BasketThe popularity of fruit and gourmet gift baskets has increased substantially over the past several years, and more and more full-service florists are offering wide selections of gifts to complement their fresh flowers. It used to be that a simple basket full of apples, oranges, grapes and the like was the most interesting fruit basket choice available. But supply and variety have happily increased to meet demand such that, today, gift baskets can be custom-created in any theme you can imagine…..and these gourmet baskets deliver so much more than just fruit.

Choosing The Right Gift Basket

  • Coffee-lovers

For the caffeine-lover in your life, send a coffee gift basket, brimming with interesting and exotic coffees and condiments, aromatic whole beans and an electric grinder, a pair of special mugs, fancy napkins, some delicate cookies, and a CD featuring music of the coffee-growing regions of the world.

  • Day At The Spa

Pamper someone who is in need of a little luxury with an at-home “Day at the Spa” collection of bath and body products. These gift baskets can include scented bath oils or bubble bath, handmade soaps, skin lotions, a loofah sponge and body sprays. Add an aromatherapy candle to heighten the sense of relaxation.

  • New Baby Gift Basket

For the parents of a newborn child, send a bassinet basket of baby gifts. Tuck in a rattle, some tiny socks or booties, a spoon and a bib, a miniature T-shirt, baby powder and lotion, a bottle of aspirin for Mom, and for Dad, some bubble-gum cigars. Don’t forget a cuddly, plush teddy bear for the newborn. Have a congratulatory balloon tied on to add buoyancy to the celebration.

  • Dog Lovers

Is one of your canine friends feeling blue? Send a dog-themed gift basket of yummy treats, a new collar and leash, a cute squeaky-toy and a chew bone, all wrapped up in a big, new dog food dish. Trends forecasters say that, with declining birth rates in the U.S. and the increase of single-person households, pets are the “new children.” (I wonder what happened to the old ones.) Surely, you know someone who is especially fond of their pet.

  • Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet assortments of imported jams and jellies, pungent cheeses and creamy pates have become almost commonplace. But not every fruit or food basket needs to be filled with gourmet items. Surprise your favorite sports fanatic with a gift basket overflowing with junk food snacks like potato chips, pork rinds and pretzels. Toss in some bite-size Snickers bars, a can of squeeze cheese and saltine crackers, and let the snack-fest and games begin! Don’t forget to include the antacid tablets!

  • Seasonal Gift Baskets

Seasonal gift baskets are always popular choices, with selections tailored for a specific time of year or upcoming holiday. A gardener‘s trug containing gardening hand tools, gloves, seeds, knee pads and sunscreen makes a useful and thoughtful gift in spring. Summer might suggest a day at the beach, with a collection of beach toys, a beach towel, a bottle of sun tan lotion, and a couple of pulpy paperback books all delivered in a large plastic pail. Autumn evokes the gustatory pleasures of the harvest season…..grapes, apples and other fruits, nuts, cider mixes, a fresh-baked pie or loaf of herb bread. A Christmas-time basket could include a special Christmas tree ornament, candy canes, a tin of holiday cookies, a scented candle or potpourri, a CD of carols….even a pair of festive mittens!

  • Graduation Celebration

Now is the perfect time to honor a recent graduate with a ‘Congrats #1 Grad’ gift basket! A professional florist can help you create a customized array of unique and practical gifts that a high school or college grad will enjoy. Fill a ‘Class of 2004’ keepsake mug with Jolly Rancher candies or bubble gum and nestle it in a basket loaded with munchies like microwave popcorn, sunflower seeds and Pop-Tarts. Personalize your congratulations basket even further by adding a prepaid phone or gasoline card, book of stamps or pens and pencils. Just right for memorable snapshots with class buddies in caps and gowns or ‘best summer ever’ photos are disposable cameras, mini photo albums or mini picture frames. Have your local florist assemble the gifts into a re-usable basket, all tied up with ribbon in school/college colors, and deliver it to a graduate that’s in a class all of their own!

You are sure to get rave reviews for creativity when you surprise a friend or loved one with a brightly-packaged basket chock-full of all his/her favorites! Remember, next time an occasion arises call your professional full-service florist for an extra-special delivery of fresh flowers, along with a fruit or gourmet gift basket.