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Zodiac Signs and Flowers: Capricorn

Zodiac Signs and Flowers

Capricorn season is all about determination. As we enter the new year, most people take on a few traits of the Goats (as they are referred to), hustling to kick off the new year with focused intention. To motivate your Capricorn friends, we’ve got a few ideas of flowers that best fit their personalities!

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Capricorn Inspired Birthday Flowers Warm Wintry Hearts

It may seem to most Capricorns that having a birthday between December 22nd and January 19th is a really bad idea. Christmas and birthday presents get combined while the after-glow of holiday gatherings is short lived and tends to bring celebrations during January to a dreary halt. Capricorns and their beloved can rest at ease because the search for a clever and unique gift is over! Presenting a zodiac inspired flower arrangement to the Capricorn in your life is a fantastic way to show off your creativity while showing that special someone that they mean more to you than shared ceremonies.

Capricorns are the hard workers of the zodiac signs. They deserve special recognition for the 364 days of the year that they spend focusing on other people. Beautiful arrangements containing statice, holly, snowdrops, chrysanthemums and jasmine are ideal choices for Capricorns. African violets are also excellent gifts for the winter birthdays as they add a touch of color and bloom to the long-lasting characteristic of a plant. Capricorns are usually practical and will appreciate the endurance of a hardy plant.

When blooms are the only things that will cut it for your beloved choose a beautiful ruby color for her arrangement. Not only does this color match the ruby and onyx colors of the Capricorn sign but also represents deep and true love. If your honey prefers another shade, look for more color meanings associated with flowers. When the message counts the most, find the right flower meaning for your sweetheart’s arrangement. Whatever her preference, you know it best so contact your local florist to help you design the perfect zodiac flower arrangement for your Capricorn.

Africanviolets.jpg African Violets are a beautiful addition to a Capricorn home.

Flowers That Represent A Zodiac Sign

Ask the Expert: What flower represents the zodiac sign capricorn?
I’m trying to find out if there’s specific flowers that represent each zodiac sign.  For example, there’s flowers that represent each birth month, so I’m trying to figure out if there’s specific flowers for the astrology signs.  Jenn