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Christmas in July

I know, summer began just a few weeks ago and here we are talking about Christmas. But, honestly, who doesn’t look forward to this season? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! On a serious note though, this year’s trends are definitely something to look out for! Here’s a little bit of what you can expect to see this Christmas season!

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5 Reasons to Send Flowers December ’17

The holiday season is in full swing and many of us are busy preparing for family visits or travel. If you can’t be home during the holidays, flowers are a wonderful way to let your family know you are there in heart, if not in person.  [Read more…]

5 Romantic Christmas Card Messages

Jingle Blooms

Buying flowers for Christmas is always the right choice. It’s a personalized gift (You did buy them at your local florist … didn’t you?) that injects a bit of happiness into anyone’s day. The challenge with any floral gift lies in the card. What are you going to say? Here are five options to help give you the right words.

December DreamsGreen MystiquePeppermint Pleasures

5 Heartfelt Card Messages

  1. Because you are the joy and good tidings in my life. Merry Christmas!
  2. ‘Tis the season for romance. Merry Christmas!
  3. Our first Merry Christmas. Here’s to many more in the future!
  4. Even when it’s cold outside you keep my heart warm. Merry Christmas!
  5. I wouldn’t want to snuggle by the fire with anyone else. Merry Christmas!

Did you enjoy these Christmas card messages? Find a variety of card messages for any occasion here!

Have some ideas of your own? Write them in the comments below or put them on our Facebook page.

5 Best Reasons To Send Flowers in December

A Beautiful SightDecember is a great month for holidays, and anytime there’s a reason to celebrate, there’s a reason to buy flowers! So look below for all the great opportunities you’ll have this month to visit your local florist.

  #1. Hanukkah – December 16th – 24th

Happy Hanukkah! Hanukkah is the first of this month’s holiday goodness, and it lasts a whopping eight days! That’s eight opportunities to bring the gift of flowers to those you love and cherish. And for personalized gifts, there’s no better place in town than your local flower shop!

#2. Winter Solstice – December 21st

Silver BellsOooh … “The Longest Night”. Sounds ominous, but in reality it merely reflects the change of the seasons. This night is not only the beginning of winter, but it is also the turning point where the hours of darkness stop growing longer and begin their drop back toward the longer days of spring and summer.

#3. Christmas – December 25th

Merry Christmas! This is easily the most celebrated holiday in the US, and it is the perfect time to buy flowers. You can give flowers as gifts, use them to decorate your home for the season or just buy a magnificent arrangement to set in the middle of your feast table. However you use them, the best flowers can be found with your local florist.

#4. Kwanzaa – December 26th – January 1st

Let it SnowJoyous Kwanzaa! Kwanzaa is seven days of colorful decorations and time spent with family and community. It involves the sharing of food, ritual and performance, and is the perfect time to buy flowers. They go beautifully with the colorful decorations of the holiday, and they will make any Kwanzaa feast one to remember!

#5. New Year’s Eve – December 31st

This is the party night of the year, and no party is complete with some floral decoration. But flowers also make excellent personal decoration. A gentleman with a flower in his lapel or a lady with a crown of beautiful blooms will stand out at any New Year’s Eve bash!

What are your favorite reasons to send flowers this month?
Let us know in the comments!

Merry Christmas 2012 from FSN!

Happy Holidays from FSN!

Happy Holidays from FSN!

Today was our annual Christmas celebration and our first ever Ugly Festive Sweater Day! We had everything from jingle bells, to ornaments to even lights! It was so much fun seeing everyone with so much holiday spirit!

Wedding & Party Network Christmas Tree Sales/Customer Service Dept's Christmas Tree The Front Office's Christmas Tree

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Celebrating the Holidays At FSN

It’s no secret, Christmas is our favorite holiday here at Flower Shop Network. We can hardly wait to take down our Thanksgiving decor and trade it in for Christmas trees and holiday lights. It could be because we are spoiled with a delicious, catered lunch, or the dozens of presents (mostly ridiculously silly, gag gifts, but those are the best, hah!) under the 5 trees! So, here’s a little tour of what we’ve got going on this year:

Christmas Card From Kinley

Christmas isn’t complete without our annual Christmas card from Kinley!

Christmas Cards

Here are a few of the Christmas cards we’ve gotten at FSN! Thank you guys! [Read more…]

At Christmas, All Roads Lead Home — Don’t Forget To Bring Flowers!

Fun Christmas Flower Arrangement

Seasonal Style – Fun Christmas Floral Design

This Christmas, take home a gorgeous flower arrangement, in a style everyone will love! Whether it’s for mom, the wife, girlfriend, family or friends — everyone is sure to love Seasonal Style. This is our hands-down favorite for this month! It’s unique colors and shiny Christmas ornaments make this a holiday flower arrangement you won’t soon forget!

If you can’t make it home for Christmas, flowers make the perfect gift! Simply call up your hometown, local florist, or use Flower Shop Network’s handy local florist directory to find a local florist. They will create a spectacular design, (this one’s great, but pick your favorite!) and deliver it right on time to the one you love!

This post is brought to you by local Charleston SC florists.
Not in South Carolina? No worries, use Flower Shop Network to find your real, local florist!

A Very Merry FSN Christmas!


If you’ve followed FSN on Twitter or Facebook you should know one thing – the people of Flower Shop Network like to PARTY!

Maybe it’s one of our 5 trees, and 40 different stockings? Or it could just be the giant disco ball we have over all the offices? Whatever it is, I am glad this is my work home. It really feels like a family here and I think that’s why I love it so much! The Christmas lights all throughout the building give the entire atmosphere a festive glow you can only find during the holidays, and if I can’t be at home I am really glad I am here. I’m sure you will see it to when you take a look at these photos!

Find more FSN Christmas pictures in our Facebook Album.

Procrastinators Take Heed: A Last Minute Christmas Decorating Tip

"Holiday Happiness" Christmas Flowers

"Holiday Happiness" Christmas Flowers

Christmas is barely three days away. Many are already coming together for family and friend celebrations. Despite the ticking clock, I’ve decided to help out the procrastinators who are choosing the last minute to start prepping for Christmas.

Tip #1 and Only:  Don’t forget the flowers!

Just in case you missed that last one, here it is again. Don’t Forget The Flowers! Christmas flowers are a large part of the holiday celebration. They bring a festive air to the home and office. They bring joy to the face of someone receiving a Christmas bouquet from their local florist. Flowers are an unforgettable part of Christmas, so whatever you do–don’t forget the flowers!

Here are some ideas for adding floral pep to your holiday celebration:

  • Mistletoe will never go out of style. Hang it freely and proudly. It WILL earn a grin, guaranteed.
  • Decorate the table with a festive Christmas flowers centerpiece using red, green and white flowers. Florists often sell flowers by the stem so you can test your creativity at home. As the day approaches faster, your florist will be your favorite holiday helper. Even Santa has a few of those.
  • If you’re entertaining children, use fun animals and kiddie Christmas images in your arrangements. Rudolph Christmas arrangements are fun treats that your local florist can help you obtain.
  • When sending flowers for Christmas, include a festive holiday enclosure card message. These will light up the face of the recipient like a strand of Christmas tree bulbs at midnight.

Just remember to have fun. Merry Christmas from Flower Shop Network!

Where To Find Plant Wholesalers In California

Ask The Expert: Can anyone suggest plant wholesalers in CA? I have a gift shop in a small community and cannot buy 1000’s of plants, but I am the sole provider to my community. At present, I am looking for Christmas plants such as poinsettias, zygos and amaryllis.

Thank you Deborah