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Florist Spotlight: Flowerama, Ft. Collins CO

The Creative Process Of Local Florist – Blossom Shop

Blossom Shop, Strasburg COTake a peek inside the creative mind of a florist as they design something truly unique for a special someone. This is a story shared with us by Blossom Shop in Strasburg CO.

I got a wire order over the phone from another flower shop. I was pleasantly surprised to get a very good budget for a sympathy arrangement and no specifics other than they would like a nice fall arrangement if you can do that otherwise…

So I got to thinking, I wanted to do several matching pieces, something really large in a basket. I just knew I wanted it to be creative, but not something they might dislike being too interesting.

Getting Inspiration

Squre wreath example from Blossom ShopSo I took a tour of my shop a few times, front and back, to see what sizes and different containers that I might want to use.¬† Some of my best-liked arrangements come from me finding something I can’t seem to get rid of (container wise) and making it beautiful with flowers. So I found these square wreath forms that I’ve yet to sell; one, because they have structure in the middle for placing a picture or something of the like, and two, they are a big size. I have yet to convince anyone to let me customize the center or pay enough so I could do something “interesting”.

So I grabbed one on those bad boys and got the wheels spinning. I used the leaf-looking ribbon to cover the back. To make that interesting I wove 10 lengths of that ribbon and covered all that maché and the center structure. After soaking it I laid it flat to start my designing.

Bringing It All Together

I covered the center structure with fall-colored, preserved leaves. Then I did the four corners, each with a different type of green to add interest, and then filled in with beautiful fall flowers. [Read more…]

The Set-Apart Qualities of The Colorado State Flower

The Rocky Mountain Columbine (Aquilegia caerules) is easily the most enchanting state flower. Colorado welcomes this fragile flower every year; enjoying lavender and white fusion among the rest of Colorado’s natural wonders.

The petals of this flower, often called the white and lavender Columbine, are what so quickly catches the eye. The peduncles and sepals are lavender while the petals are a soft white with lavender edges. This kind of blending is often seen in forced variegated flowers but infrequently in naturally growing wildflowers. It is a truly unique fusion of two gentle, lovely colors. It catches the eye and holds attention firmly but in a rapturous way.

Colorado florists aren’t the only lucky ones who can draw inspiration from the bi-colored Rocky Mountain Columbine. Floral designers across the country can take one look at the soft color palette and be instantly taken with ideas. Though it has long been known that lavender and white flower arrangements are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other occasions, the Rocky Mountain Columbine represents many ways for florists to use these colors together. A shake of yellow or a splash of green and the arrangement is ready to go!

Colorado law prevents anyone from picking, digging, or uprooting these flowers on public land. It is also illegal to pick these flowers from private land without the owner’s consent. Bud and petal collection is also limited to a certain amount within a given day. Though this prevents the use of Rocky Mountain Columbine in arrangements from a local florist, it does not prevent the constant flow of inspiration that is inspired by a single glance at the flower. It’s amazing beauty, shape, form and color are just four more reasons why other state flowers should (if they could) be jealous of the set-apart qualities of the Colorado State Flower.

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