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How To Care For A Crinum Lily in Germany

Ask the Expert: What sort of crinum is it on the photograph?

I found in 2008 in Daytona, FL a seed in the shape of a potato under plants with long sword-shaped leafs and flowers like the photograph shows. Put into earth, a plant grew for now 2 years without showing blossoms. A specialist of the Tuebingen University told me, it should be some sort of crinum. Can you give me the name of it and hints how to care it, so it will bloom? We live in Germany and have winters with frost onto – 20°C.
So it must be kept in the house during winter – but where there? Thank you for answering – Joerg Ekert in Kusterdingen, Germany

Crinum augustum (commonly known as Queen Emma crinum)

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What Is This Pink Lily From Generations Past

Ask The Plant Expert: Can you ID this lily? It may be old plant – passed down thru several human generations. Plant is blooming now – three beautiful flowers in a pot here in Kentucky! Has abundant narrow leaves 1/4 inch wide. -DH

Pink Crinum Lily

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: I believe this may be a type of pink Crinum lily.

Looks Like A Purple Crinum Lily

Crinum Lily

Crinum Lily

Ask the Expert: id a mexican flowering plant
If found this flowering plant in Matzaclan, Mexico. It maybe from a buld.  There was no one to ask what it was, so I took a picture of it. Maybe you can id it or let me know where I can go to get identified.

Plant Expert Reply:

It looks like a Crinum Lily – maybe a Crinum strictum or Crinum americanum.  Crinum strictum are native to Mexico and is sometimes referred to as Texas Swamplily.   It is a bulb which reproduces very slowly.  If left undisturbed will bloom with out fail for many years.