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April Card Messages

If searching for the perfect arrangement and deciding on which one to send wasn’t hard enough, knowing what to write on the enclosure card can be difficult too! No worries! We can help you write a sweet message for April. [Read more…]

8 Easter Card Messages

You’ve picked out the perfect arrangement, but now you’re faced with a blank card to fill out. No need to fret, we’ve got you covered! Know exactly what to say with these 8 Easter card messages.

Springtime RewardBunny Bloom BasketEgg-cellent Easter Blooms

Funny Card Messages

  • A gift of flowers to show that some-bunny loves you. Happy Easter!
  • I heard you wanted flowers so I immediately hopped to it. Happy Easter!
  • Some beautiful blooms from your friend with the cute, furry bottom. No, I’m talking about the Easter Bunny!
  • I thought this arrangement was egg-cellent. Happy Easter!

Religious Card Messages

  • Because His sacrifice means our salvation. Happy Easter!
  • He is risen!
  • This lily means purity, hope, innocence and peace. A symbol of our risen Savior. Happy Easter!
  • These flowers serve as a reminder of the renewal of life after the cold death of winter. He is risen!

The right thing to say can be elusive, and everyone can use a little help now and again. And if you don’t see a message here that meets your needs, try out our previous Easter Card Messages post here. Feel free to use them as they are or allow them to inspire you to create your own!

Reverent or Whimsical, Easter Card Messages Say It All

Easter is one of those holidays that has become truly diverse in its celebration. Whether spending Easter Sunday in church or with friends and family, the message of love and new life remains the same. There is still an irresistible urge to tell our loved ones how we feel about them. That’s great for the wordsmiths, but for those less verbose people who want to send Easter flowers, the best message is the enclosure card message from the heart.

Whatever the choice of celebration, reverent or whimsical, there is a desire to share love through Easter gifts. Easter flowers bloom all around, inspiring friends and loved ones to send flowers. From bouquets of Easter lilies to flower baskets of daisies, the holiday is given so much more warmth through the gift of flowers.

Even during this joyous time many are confused as to which Easter card message is best for their loved one. This is where this list of the top Easter card messages comes in quite handy! Want something funny? Something clever? Something sincere and sweet? Local florists have spoken. This year there’s something for everyone to love in this list of the top 15 enclosure card messages to include when sending Easter flowers.

Florists Have Spoken:  Top 15 Easter Card Messages

1)       Alleluia! Christ is Risen! Sharing with you the miracles of new hope and new life. Have a Joyous Easter

2)       May the glory of our living Lord renew your hopes, your faith, your joy. Have a Blessed Easter Season

3)       An Easter Wish – On this day, may you experience a sweet renewal of faith, hope, and joy.

4)       Easter Greetings – Warmest wishes for a season of sweet discoveries.

5)       Easter Greetings – Wishing you all the good things that Easter time brings!

6)       Wishing you a delightful spring and a very happy Easter!

7)       Easter is a time of reflection and joy when we emerge from our cocoon of doubt to fly freely on the wings of faith. May you be renewed and strengthened in the promise of our Lord.

8)       Happy Easter – You’re wished a basketful of bright springtime smiles!

9)       Happy Easter to a good egg! A little cracked, maybe, but still a good egg.

10)     Remember, no matter how mature and sophisticated you may become, you never outgrow your need for chocolate bunnies! Happy Easter.

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