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Easter Gift Guide

Easter will be here before you know it! Celebrate the holiday and add a pop of color to all the festivities with an arrangement of fresh flowers! We’ve got the perfect ones below. [Read more…]

Fresh & Fragrant Easter Flowers

Easter is almost here! Add some gorgeous fresh flowers to your decor this Easter season! Fresh and fragrant, these bouquets are sure to stun and brighten your holiday festivities. [Read more…]

Celebrate Easter with Flowers

Easter is full of traditions for many families. Whether you’re attending an Easter service, hunting eggs with your kids, or just spending time with your family, flowers can be a beautiful accent to your celebration. Commemorate Easter this year with some traditional flowers associated with the holiday.

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April Card Messages ’17

April showers may bring May flowers, but this April also brings Easter, Passover, and Administrative Professionals Day! Not sure what message to send with your flowers? Look no further! [Read more…]

Top 5 Easter Flower Arrangements

Each year Easter ushers in springtime and bring families together. With Easter being a sign of all things spring, everyone is heading to their local florists to take care of their flower needs. Whether it’s purchasing a beautiful table centerpiece, ordering a fun Easter basket for children, or purchasing an arrangement to send to a loved one, you don’t want to miss out on the beauty that flowers can bring to your holiday celebrations.

Here are the top five Easter Flower Arrangements for 2016.

1. Easter Parade Bouquet
This fun bouquet is perfect for a table centerpiece. It is arranged with beautiful daffodils, lavender carnations, and pink spray roses. Easter eggs fill the vase of this bouquet with purple and white striped ribbon bringing it all together.

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Card Messages March 2016

Another round of messages is here for the month of March! Along with flowers, these card messages are sure to make the recipient extra happy!

International Women’s Day

For all your hard work and unconditional love, I’ll forever be grateful. Enjoy your day!

Unbreakable and strong, yet delicate and gentle as a rose.
Wonder Woman is nothing next to you!!!

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Hurry and Order Those Easter Flowers Today!

Easter is almost upon us, and if you’re wanting to get that corsage for your mom or wife or that beautiful Easter arrangement for your Significant Other, time is running out. Most florists won’t be open on Easter Sunday, so you’ll want to get those orders in as soon as possible.

Quintessential SpringLavender GardenSpring is in the Air

Easter Flowers

And don’t forget your Easter lilies! There’s nothing better as a centerpiece for that Easter dinner than a lovely arrangement with an Easter lily as its focal point. But the lily isn’t the only flower you want this time of year. There are a plethora of gorgeous flowers to help celebrate the rebirth of spring, and most of them should be available to purchase from your local florist either individually or as part of an arrangement. Here are a few of those options:

  1. Daisy
  2. Azalea
  3. Daffodil
  4. Chrysanthemum
  5. Tulip
  6. Hyacinth

The Beauty of Local

You can pick up what you need, even at this late date, because you use your local florist. And that’s only one of the fantastic reasons to buy local! With a local florist, you also get fresh flowers arranged by a local artist, and you know what you’re getting when you pick it up. So pick up the phone and give your local florist a call!

Easter Flower Traditions

Easter is on the way, and there are several holiday traditions of which you need to be aware. Some are religious, some are family-oriented but all of them are centered around flowers. And why not? Easter is a spring holiday and spring is all about nature coming back to life after a long, cold winter. What better way to celebrate a return to life than with flowers?

Walking on SunshineTranquil LightDel Sol

Flower Traditions

  • The Corsage – The Easter corsage is an older tradition, but it is an important one for those who still honor it. The corsage is most often worn to church services and are given as a sign of love, most often given to a wife by her husband or a mother by her children. The flower used is not important unlike Mother’s Day corsages which have different meanings assigned to different flowers and colors.
  • The Lily – Or, as it is more commonly known, the Easter Lily. This white flower is considered a symbol of purity and goodness and can be gifted either singly or as part of a larger arrangement.
  • Passion Flower – These flowers are full of symbolism for the Christian faith. The three stamens represent the Holy Trinity or the three nail wounds of Christ. The circle of petals is said to represent the crown of thorns that Christ wore, and the pointed leaves are supposed to represent the spear that went into Christ’s side as he hung on the cross.
  • Flower Festivals – Churches all across the world hold flower festivals on Easter. The entire church is filled with spring flowers in a celebration of the renewal of life that spring brings as a symbolic testament to Christ’s resurrection.

Flowers are an important part of most holidays, but never more than Easter. The return of beauty, warmth and life to the world are perfectly captured in the fragile beauty of spring flowers. Don’t miss your chance to celebrate Easter the right way this year. Celebrate with flowers!

Don’t Wait to Order Your Easter Flowers

Easter is the perfect time to send beautiful flowers! Spring has finally arrived, flowers are blooming, and well, both sunshine and rain are abundant. Don’t wait until the last minute to place your flower order! You want to make sure they get to your loved one’s hands on time.

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Time to get EGG-cited!

Easter garden arrangement by Crossroads Florist, Mahwah NJ

People everywhere are starting to put more creativity into holiday celebrations that ever before. (I blame Pinterest.) Easter is no exception. Growing up, I think I looked forward to wearing a hat to church more than anything. Now kids practically celebrate the entire month with Easter bunny pictures, school activities, extreme egg dying, hiding chocolate coins for the Easter bunny and even more activities I have never heard of before, plus candy candy candy!

With all the Easter chaos, having your family gathered together for group activities might make it worth it after all. Dying eggs for Easter is a long-standing tradition that is fun for family members of all ages.

Every year, Americans dye and decorate more than 180 million eggs during the Easter season.

History of Dying Eggs

The Easter egg tradition started by merging with the celebration of the final provisions of Lent. Historically, eggs were forbidden during Lent, but chickens continued to lay eggs. Eggs would have been hard-boiled so they wouldn’t go to waste. This began the tradition of decorating eggs and feasting on egg-filled meals during the time of Easter. Symbolically, the hard shell of the egg represented the sealed Tomb of Christ — the cracking of which symbolized his resurrection from the dead.

Egg Dying & Decorating Ideas

Like I said earlier, with the rise of Pinterest, there are more ideas out there for dying and decorating eggs than ever before.

  • 1. Wrap eggs in rubber bands to create stripes of white or colors (fully dye the egg first, then rubber band and dye again).
  • 2. Simply use markers to decorate. (Great for small kids who might not be ready for the ‘mess’.) [Read more…]