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Propagating Golden Pothos

Ask the Expert: Golden Pothos propagation question
I would like to propagate my Golden Photos and I have found a lot of instructions and advice on the web. But my question is:
My plant hasn’t branched yet, it’s just one long plant, probably almost three feet if you would unfold it. So there isn’t a side branch to cut of.

Is it advisable to simply cut of the top of the plant – three or four top leaves (this would leave 13 or 12 leaves on the mother plant)? Would the mother plant automaticly start growing one or more branches afterwards if i did it?

I’m surprised it hasn’t branched yet. I got the plant from a friend half a year ago – he had had it in his bathroom and it had only about five sorry looking leaves on it. Now it look really healthy and perky, but it anoys me a bit that it’s just one long snake – that it doesn’t split itself.

I’ve been redirecting it towards the soil surface, so that it could re-root itself ith every new length (because it looked like it needed it). I’m wondering if doing his could have caused it to not branch – the fact that it never grew more than five new leaves away from the latest firmly rooted root. Shold i stop doing this in that



Plant Expert Reply:

Redirecting the plant as you say is one form of propagation.  Once those section have a strong root system you can cut them off the mother plant and you have a new plant.  When you cut it off the mother plant both plants will start to form new leaves.   You can also propagate a new plant by taking a leaf with a node and stick the node in the soil.  You can do this multply times from one long runner.  By doing this you will encourage more growth from the mother plant and often lateral grow as well.  Many times the plant will begin to form roots at the nodes on their own.  This makes it easy to propagate golden pothos. 

The nice thing about pothos is the tolerance of this plant.  You can cut, abuse it or ignore it and it will still live.  I personally find that trimming my pothos makes it healthier and thicker.  Sometimes I will start new plants from my cuttings and other times I don’t bother with it.  The one thing I do when propagating these plants it to keep the soil moist when the roots are forming.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.