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Personalized Gift Baskets and Arrangements: the New Trend for Dad.

Think back to how much thought you put into finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Wouldn’t you like to make your dad feel just as special on Father’s Day? You may think to yourself “…men don’t want flowers…” but nothing could be further from the truth! The key to this success is personalization!

Giving a floral arrangement or gift basket that is personalized will undoubtedly make every father who receives one feel exceptionally special.  These personalized gifts create the opportunity for you to show your dad exactly how you feel about him! Following are a few ideas for themed baskets.

  • fathers-day-basketGadgets & Gizmos: for the dad who always has the “newest” and “hottest” items on the market!! If your florist does not carry these items in the store, bring something in for them to incorporate into the elaborate, futuristic arrangement. Let your florist be as creative as they like by coming up with something new and unique that isn’t available in an “ordinary” flower arrangement or gift basket!
  • Grillin’ It Up: most dads are known as “King of the Grill.” A basket filled with grilling essentials and recipes is perfect for this guy.
  • Sports Galore: what father doesn’t have at least one sport he follows with the utmost dedication? Your florist can create a beautiful arrangement with flowers matching the team’s colors. Include some memorabilia for that team/sport or take tickets to your florist and ask her to tuck them into the arrangement.
  • Food, Food, and More Food: for the dad who loves to indulge himself! They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; curb his appetite with a basket overflowing with gourmet foods. Your local florist may be willing to create a fruit/nut basket or even use chocolates and/or candy.
  • Popular Pasttimes: fishing, camping, golfing, running, bicycling, hiking… the list goes on! Dads find many ways to spend their spare time– what does your dad like to do? Most of these hobbies are nature related; ask the florist to create a rustic arrangement… perfect for dads that are on the go.
  • Play that Funky Music: music loving dads will go crazy for this theme! Choose a favorite artist, genre or decade to inspire the florist and let them voice their creative expression!  This fun theme could include tickets to a local concert or a CD tucked into the arrangement.
  • Cultural Buff: this guy is up to date on the latest and greatest movies, books, art and more. Since this dad has an appreciation for the finer things in life, find out if your florist carries any rare or unique flowers or plants. Tickets to an art exhibit or a new book are great pieces to include in this basket!

Personalized Food BasketTip: What ever basket you choose, discuss the options with your local florist to create the perfect custom gift basket or arrangement.  They may have their own creative ideas to carry on the theme with the container, basket and accent pieces. The colors of the arrangement are also vital in continuing the theme throughout the entire gift basket. Make sure you and your florist have the same vision for this creative gift.

Father’s Day is less than a week away, Find a local florist and ask them to work with you to create the perfect personalized gift basket and/or floral arrangement for your dad. You will be surprised at the amount of dedication and creativity your florist will put into this project. Don’t forget the card! An original and heartfelt message from you will send your dads emotions over the top. Your dad won’t forget the effort you (and your florist!) put forth to make this Father’s Day his best one yet!

3 Fabulous Fathers Day Arrangements

Yeah, there pretty much isn’t a less-than-fabulous Fathers Day arrangement in Flower Shop Network’s photo gallery. With that in mind, we racked our brains and came up with what we think are the three MOST fabulous Father’s Day flower arrangements ever. Lucky for your dad, all of these flowers are available from your local florist.

"You're The Greatest" Fathers Day Flowers

It’s really easy to tell Dad how much he means to you with an arrangement like the “You’re The Greatest” Father’s Day flowers. Fans of Babe Ruth may find this especially significant. Fathers day flowers like these are a real treat because they are brightly colored, full, contemporary and just masculine enough to make Dad feel joyful about receiving flowers.

"Artistic Tribute" Fathers Day Flowers

Father’s Day flowers don’t get much more in line with what Dad wants than the “Artistic Tribute” contemporary flower arrangement. This arrangement just screams “buy me for Dad!” The high-style “Artistic Tribute” Fathers Day flowers are nothing short of architecturally amazing, visually stimulating, and emotionally satisfying for the father whose child is you.

"Fiery Red Topiary" Fathers Day Flowers

Dad a sports fan? Then he’ll love the “Fiery Red Topiary” for Father’s Day! Flowers like these create a stylish display for every sporty dad. The fiery red color is right in line with the St.  Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves and other teams (it is baseball season after all.) Ask for a black ribbon or raffia instead and it’s the colors of the Atlanta Falcons! Whatever his team, whatever his sport, your local florist can create a beautiful topiary like this for your dad. Just ask if a color substitution is possible.

Love Your Dad? Send Him This Artistic Tribute

Corny lines aside, this is an awesome flower arrangement. I took one glimpse at the “Artistic Tribute” flower arrangement for Fathers Day and was taken back to memories of Daddy and me. You don’t have to twist my arm. I’ll share them with you. *smile*

"Artistic Tribute" Fathers Day Flowers

My dad is a big fan of architecture. Aside from military aircraft and Sherlock Holmes, it’s the only discussable thing we really have in common. Frank Lloyd Wright has been the subject of many conversations between us. We’ve often planned a trip to Falling Water. Pennsylvania is quite out of the way this year but I still want to let Dad know that we have a mutual interest. I want him to know that I love architecture the same way that he does and look forward to celebrating amazing pieces with him during a daddy-daughter road trip.

So why the blather about architecture? Take a look at the “Artistic Tribute” arrangement and you’re hooked. It is loaded with beauty. Its form stands out, grabs attention, and loudly portrays the best things about clean lines and linear form. This is not your average flower arrangement. This is a man’s flower arrangement. My dad being the John Wayne type anyway, I know he’ll appreciate this Fathers Day gift from his little girl.

Now what to put on the card?

Speaking of card messages, Fathers Day is June 21st. View several Fathers Day enclosure card messages to send with your gifts.

What A Guy Wants – Flowers Of Course!

Flowers For HimYou know there is song about what a girl wants, how about what a guy wants? Most men and women all want one thing – appreciation. Yes, it is that simple. Everyone wants to be appreciated.  But, how do we show appreciation to the men in our lives? With flowers of course! Think about how you love to receive flowers, the way they make you feel appreciated and loved.  Not to mention, research has demonstrated the mood boosting power of flowers for both men and women.  So, a bouquet of flowers will give him the same wonderful feeling you get from a special flower delivery.

How To Find The Right Gifts For Men

Finding the right gift for your guy doesn’t have to be difficult. It just takes a bit of thought as to what he might enjoy and an element of surprise. An unexpected gift such as flowers will surprise him and keep him thinking of you all day. As you know, flowers come in a plethora of varieties, colors, textures and fragrances. So, when deciding what to send, think about his favorite color, scent, hobby and other personality defining things. Then call your local florist and describe your guy and the flower ideas that you think he will like.  Not sure about what type of flowers to send? Don’t worry, your florist has a million ideas and they will be happy to create something perfect for your guy. In fact, florists have containers, colors and textures that have a masculine appeal.

Special Occasion Gifts For Men With A Twist

Looking for a gift for a special occasion such as Valentines Day or your anniversary? Send him a dozen roses in his favorite color.  If roses aren’t available in his favorite color, have the florist wrap them in paper or ribbons in that color.  For a special twist add an element of anticipation when sending flowers.  Before delivery remove three or four roses from the dozen with a note on the enclosure card that says “To my love, this is really a dozen, the ones missing are with a special surprise that will be waiting for you at home tonight.” The surprise at home is up to you; let your imagination go wild. I guarantee your man will feel very loved and appreciated as he anxiously awaits his evening surprise.

Flowers For Dad

Flowers For Dad

Gifts For Dad That Say “I Love You”

When distance keeps you from celebrating with dad in person, a special gift is needed to show him how much you love and miss him.  Sending dad flowers is great way to say “I love you” and “I’m thinking of you.”  Flowers will brighten his day adding to the special memories he has of you. Every time your dad walks by or looks at the flowers, he will be reminded that you are always thinking of him. Nothing is better than that feeling. It’s as near to a hug as you can give.

Gifts That Boost Morale

Is the man in your life having a work problem? One that a boost in problem solving energy might fix? A 2003 Texas A&M study found that flowers in the work place boosted a man’s creative problem solving skill (reading productivity) by 15%.  This is only one of the morale boosting benefits of flowers.

According to the Society of American Florist 60% of men surveyed said they enjoyed receiving flowers. Think about it 60% of men want you to send flowers to them. That means if you know 10 men, 6 of them want flowers. Maybe your boss,  your husband or boyfriend is one of the six.  It could even be your co-worker who covered for you during that long lunch break. I suspect the other 4 guys simply don’t know how good it feels to receive flowers or are afraid to admit they want flowers. So boost some morale and send flowers today to a guy you know.

Really? Send Him Flowers

Still apprehensive about sending a man flowers. There is no need to be. Sure it’s out of the ordinary and not at all expected. Those are the very reasons why you should send flowers. Giving flowers to men is great way to say “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” “Thanks,” as well as any other reason you can think including “just because”. Remember flowers will let him know that you are thinking of him.

Father Day FlowersFor the first timers, here are a few guidelines to follow. Men tend to like less elaborate flower arrangements. Stay more in line with linear arrangements and  nothing too “frilly” or delicate. Roses are an excellent choice, as well as carnations and daisies. Men enjoy tropical flowers like Bird of Paradise or flower arrangements with an outdoorsy feel.

This type of arrangement is a man pleaser with its a rectangular glass vases strong foliage (pittosporum and hosta leaves), peach lilies, bi-colored rust peach roses, gerberas and fantastic texture with blades of lily grass and dried lotus pods. This rich and intense arrangement speaks to men.

Still a bit shy about sending men flowers? Don’t be. However, you can always test the waters by sending a blooming plant. The most important thing to remember is that men, just like women, want that feeling of appreciation, love and that feel good feeling that somebody was thinking of them.

With the many types of flowers that a florist can use to make a fun, flirty or even a friendly arrangement for a man, you have a multitude of gift giving options and opportunities. There are so many reasons to send a man flowers: for his birthday, for fathers day or “just because.”  My personal favorite is the “just because.”  Why? Because it lets my husband know I’m thinking of him and it gets me something in return – an extra special hug and kiss from a very appreciative husband.  Remember flowers are a way to send a hug. So, contact your local florist and send flowers to your guy today.