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Got the Father’s Day Blues?

Father’s Day is just around the corner; you have been diligently searching and constantly on the lookout as you quest for dear ole dad’s perfect gift. You’ve traveled all over town, explored store after store, but still can’t find anything original, something that you haven’t bought at least a hundred times before.

Is it time to just give up and buy another tie?

Of course not. This is the man who taught you how to ride a bike, bait a hook, throw a strike and score a touchdown. He paced the floor in worry when you were sick, cheered you on as you rounded the baseline, and consoled you after your first break-up. After all dad has done, and continues to do, doesn’t he deserve more than the same gift yet again?  Isn’t it time to think outside the box?

There’s still one store you have yet to visit, one place that didn’t immediately cross your mind. That’s right, I’m talking about your local florist!  I can hear you thinking, “Flowers? For MY dad?”  Sure!  Why not?  Your local florist isn’t just there for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and first dates; they work hard all year ’round to ensure that they have just what you need and want for any occasion. Father’s Day is no exception!

What’s Available For Dad at the Florist? 

Midsummer Heat   Variegated Dwarf Schefflera Salty Snacks Basket

Personalized Flowers

Most florists can create an arrangement of flowers with your dad’s favorite team’s colors as well as use themed accessories for any of the different major sports. Want a golf theme? They can do it! Football? You bet. Baseball, basketball, tennis, and hockey? Check, check, check, and check! A quick phone call should answer any questions you have and ensure that you get exactly what you want. [Read more…]

Father’s Day Game Plan

Every year, it’s easy to let Father’s Day sneak up on you. This year have a game plan! Think your mom is the only one in the house who would appreciate flowers? Guess again. While you might not think your dad would enjoy fresh-cut flowers, consider why he deserves a special gift from the heart. Flowers can express how you really feel.  We’ll help you select something that is perfect for dear old dad and show him that you don’t play favorites when it comes to your parents!

Pot o' SunflowersRubber PlantTropical TributeLilies and Reeds

Flower Suggestions For All Types of Dads

The Sports Fan
Does a limited edition jersey constitute dressing up for your dad? Ask your flower shop to represent his favorite team colors. Or start with some bright sunflowers and have the florist work in packaged sunflower seeds for a perfect pre-game snack. Don’t be surprised if he can’t stop singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

Great Outdoorsman
Whether it is fishing, hiking, or gardening, your father spends his time out in the elements. An arrangement that features some local flora is a great idea. Just ask your florist what is common in the area. Have earth-toned elements like tall cattails, marsh reeds, and unusual seed pods mixed in and this gift will have your dad dreaming of the sun, wind, and water he loves.

Mr. Golf
If “tee time” involves a bag of clubs for your pop, ask your florist if they have anything special for golf fanatics. Chances are they do. Golf inspired creations can be as simple as a design that works in some new tees to adding some fun color to a bucket of golf balls. This reminder at the office will immediately take dad right to that 18th hole. [Read more…]

FSN’s Favorite Arrangement for June

June's Father's Day Arrangement

If May is for Moms, then June is unmistakably for DAD! Not only is Father’s Day in June (16th), but so is the beginning of summer — the season where Dads shine! Cookouts, BBQs, fishing, camping, sports and all of the fun outdoor activities make summers perfect for dads everywhere. This month’s favorite arrangement is Flowers of Distinction, a perfect design for Father’s Day.

What better way to thank Dad for all the summer fun than with fresh flowers for Father’s Day?! I know what you’re thinking, “My dad doesn’t want flowers.” Your dad just might surprise you. If your dad is into fishing or other activities in nature, why not send something made of fresh wildflowers or something with branches and twigs. This could be especially good if your dad is no longer able to get out and enjoy the summers like he used to. Flowers never fail to put a smile on someone’s face, and Dad is no exception!

This June, when you’re sending flowers to your dad, remember to always, always, always send from a real local florist! (Need a card message? Visit our Father’s Day Card Messages page for ideas.)

This Father’s Day, I’m Sending Dad Flowers

Always A Daddy's GirlThe scent of roses at a fresh market or at the table of a nice restaurant sends me back to Valentine’s Day in third grade when I received my first bouquet of roses. Psychologists believe that specific words can evoke certain emotions in the reader. A simple word like “smile” can make one think of a sunny day in the park. I believe flowers can do the same. Red roses remind me of my first hand delivered bouquet of flowers.

Always Daddy’s Little Girl

The bouquet was given to me by the most important man in my life, my father. Dad was a pilot for Children’s Hospital when I was younger. His usual mornings started at 5:30am, when I was long asleep in my bed in the next room. On this particular morning I heard the blow dryer, part of my mom’s usual morning beauty routine, and the coffee maker’s sizzling drops. To my disappointment, I did not hear Dad come in and say goodbye.

Mom woke me up with her usual perky singing of the “Green Acres Theme Song.” I asked for my usual five more minutes, but that day Mom quickly flicked on the overhead light. She jumped out of the doorway to reveal my Daddy holding a bouquet of twelve beautiful roses. I can still feel my cheeks cramping from the delighted smile.

Roses for Father's Day“I will always be your Valentine…”

He knelt beside my bed and whispered in my ear, “I will always be your Valentine. No matter who walks into or out of your life; remember that.” After eleven years, Dad still sends me a bouquet of a dozen roses each year. The sight of a bouquet takes me back to that morning.

This Father’s Day, I’m sending Dad flowers.

It’s your turn to start a new tradition in your family. Deliver your next memory with the help of your local florist.

Celebrate Proud Papas With Father’s Day Flowers

Father's Day Flowers

Father’s Day is June 17th, the time to celebrate your proud papa.

Dad has been proud of you from the moment you were a glimmer in your mother’s eye. From the day you came into this world, your father has loved you with all of his heart. He might not be the type of papa to show it, but you know it’s there. He has supported you all along the way of your life. No matter where your journey has led you, your dad has kept a watchful eye.

Say “Thank You” this Father’s Day with a special gift. For the dad who has everything, flowers can be created to match any style dad: from the outdoor-lover to the all-business dad, your florist can create something truly personal. (Walk in dad’s shoes for Father’s Day

Flowers and gifts from your local flower shop are especially great for those living long-distances from their dads. You can arrange something perfectly fitting for your dad with the help of a local florist online. Use our handy local florist finder to find a shop near dad.

Don’t forget your Father’s Day Card Message.

A Walk In Dad’s Shoes For Father’s Day

Father's Day Flowers

Looking for a creative idea for dad this Father’s Day? Walk in his shoes with a personalized flower arrangement! No matter what your dad’s interests, there’s a flower arrangement for him!

Gifts for the Sporty Dad

  • Is your dad the type that can’t get enough golf? How about a custom flower arrangement inside a pair of his old golf shoes? You can use green and white flowers and pair it with a gift card to his favorite green.
  • Love football? Use one of the kid’s old cleats to create a unique floral design. Include a gift card to his favorite sports bar or even apparel from his favorite team.
  • Does dad love cycling or going to the gym? Why not build an arrangement in an old pair of sneakers? Or maybe a gym bag. Pair this will a gift card to the gym or a new pair of workout clothes.

Gifts for the Outdoorsy Dad

  • Cowboy up! If your dad is never seen without a pair of boots, this is the theme for you! (See picture above) Use an old pair of boots and rustic wildflowers. A gift that will make dad feel right at home. Include tickets to an upcoming rodeo or horseback riding.

[Read more…]

Think Flowers Aren’t For Dad? Think Again!

There seems to be a strange, unnecessary stigma floating around flowers for men. Why do you think that is? Do men not like flowers — of course they do! (No one grows more roses than my dad!) Maybe we think they’d be embarrassed receiving something so beautiful?  The trick is to find the RIGHT design to match your Pops!

Out of the Woods - Father's Day Flowers

Out of the Woods

This is the perfect choice for a nature-loving Dad. It uses sticks, twigs and moss to create a rustic feel any outdoorsman would appreciate. If you really want to man-it-up, as special instructions, ask your florist to use more or only green, brown and his favorite colored flowers.

Fisherman Flowers for Father's Day

Flowers of Distinction

There is something about this arrangement that reminds me of fishing. Perhaps it’s the unique leucadendron that looks like a plant you’d see swishing back and forth at the bottom of a lake. Imagine a few fishing lures dangling from the raffia, and you’ve got yourself a fisherman’s dream, if fishermen dreamed in flowers. (Who’s to say they dont?!)

High Style - Father's Day Flowers

High-Style Horsetail

This geometric wonder would be ideal for the stylish dad. Just think, if you’re dad is an architect, graphic designer or just likes style, this would be a perfect choice. I could see this design sitting on the desk of a doctor, lawyer or any sleek and sophisticated business owner.
[Read more…]

Ideas de Regalos Para El Dia de Los Padres

Cada  año hay varios días festivos que son muy especiales para mucha de la gente. Unos ejemplos son El Día de San Valentin para todos los enamorados, El Día de Las Madres para todas las madres, y finalmente El Día de Los Padres, un día muy especial para celebrar la existencia de los padres atravez del mundo. Aunque solo hay un Día de los Padres en el calendario, este día tan especial es celebrado en una manera diferente en cada país. Aunque muchas de las tradiciones sean diferentes, algo que sigue lo mismo es el día en que es celebrado. El Día de Los Padres caí el tercer domingo de Junio cada año.

Canasta Gourmet Para El Dia de Los Padres¿Sabe que va ser el regalo de su padre este año ? ¿No esta  seguro en que puede ser el mejor regalo para su padre? Bueno hay muchas ideas en lo que usted puede darle a su padre para este Día de Los Padres. Es una costumbre para mucha de la gente regalarle una corbata a su padre. Para mucho de los padres ese regalo es algo que se puede poner para salir y también es un regalo que les encantaría.  ¿Su padre no es el tipo que usa corbatas? Bueno eso es solo una de los miles de ideas que usted puede usar.

Canasta de Fruta Fresca Para El Dia de Los PadresEl regalo de fruta!

Todos saben que a los padres le encantan la comida. ¿Porque mejor no le envía usted un regalo de comida a su padre? Flower Shop Network ofrece canastas de regalo con comida diferente, que es seguro a encantarle a su padre. Tal vez a su padre le encanta los chocolates y dulces sabrosos. Una canasta gourmet seria perfecto! Lleno de chocolates de diferentes tipos y otros dulces sabrosos que le encantarían a tu padre! O tal vez su padre es el tipo de persona que le encanta la fruta fresca. Pues no hay de que preocuparse, aquí en FSN también ofrecen canastas de frutas frescas.
No importa si su padre prefiere naranjas, manzanas, plátanos o hasta piña, su florista local hace todo a su gusto.

No pierda mas tiempo! Mire por nuestras fotos de canastas de regalos para buscar la canasta mas perfecta para su padre! Hable con su florista local hoy para arreglar el regalo mas perfecto para su padre este Día de Los Padres.

FSN’s Favorite Flower Arrangement For June

June Flower Arrangement of the Month

June is a great month to be outdoors! That’s why this month’s favorite flower arrangement is Out of the Woods — the perfect choice for Father’s Day!

It’s rustic charm makes it ideal for Dad! I know what you’re thinking, flowers for dad? — yes! If your dad is anything like mine and loves the outdoors, Out of the Woods brings the beauty of nature inside to enjoy in his favorite place — the living room!

Any nature-lover would appreciate the unique style of the Out of the Woods arrangement. The dried lotus pods and twigs add so much character, which is brought out by the vivid flower colors.

If you are looking to send flowers this June, remember Out of the Woods — for Dad or anyone who enjoys summer fun outdoors!

**If you are sending flowers to dad, check out these Father’s Day card messages.**

Flowers used in this arrangement
Dark Brown Willow Basket With Handle And Liner, Foliage: Myrtle, Pittosporum, Stem Yellow Daisy Mums, Orange Carnations, Red Gerberas, Liatris, Stem Orange Spray Roses, Stem Purple Statice, Stem ‘Misty Blue’ Limonium, Lotus Pods, Twigs

Personalized Gift Baskets and Arrangements: the New Trend for Dad.

Think back to how much thought you put into finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Wouldn’t you like to make your dad feel just as special on Father’s Day? You may think to yourself “…men don’t want flowers…” but nothing could be further from the truth! The key to this success is personalization!

Giving a floral arrangement or gift basket that is personalized will undoubtedly make every father who receives one feel exceptionally special.  These personalized gifts create the opportunity for you to show your dad exactly how you feel about him! Following are a few ideas for themed baskets.

  • fathers-day-basketGadgets & Gizmos: for the dad who always has the “newest” and “hottest” items on the market!! If your florist does not carry these items in the store, bring something in for them to incorporate into the elaborate, futuristic arrangement. Let your florist be as creative as they like by coming up with something new and unique that isn’t available in an “ordinary” flower arrangement or gift basket!
  • Grillin’ It Up: most dads are known as “King of the Grill.” A basket filled with grilling essentials and recipes is perfect for this guy.
  • Sports Galore: what father doesn’t have at least one sport he follows with the utmost dedication? Your florist can create a beautiful arrangement with flowers matching the team’s colors. Include some memorabilia for that team/sport or take tickets to your florist and ask her to tuck them into the arrangement.
  • Food, Food, and More Food: for the dad who loves to indulge himself! They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; curb his appetite with a basket overflowing with gourmet foods. Your local florist may be willing to create a fruit/nut basket or even use chocolates and/or candy.
  • Popular Pasttimes: fishing, camping, golfing, running, bicycling, hiking… the list goes on! Dads find many ways to spend their spare time– what does your dad like to do? Most of these hobbies are nature related; ask the florist to create a rustic arrangement… perfect for dads that are on the go.
  • Play that Funky Music: music loving dads will go crazy for this theme! Choose a favorite artist, genre or decade to inspire the florist and let them voice their creative expression!  This fun theme could include tickets to a local concert or a CD tucked into the arrangement.
  • Cultural Buff: this guy is up to date on the latest and greatest movies, books, art and more. Since this dad has an appreciation for the finer things in life, find out if your florist carries any rare or unique flowers or plants. Tickets to an art exhibit or a new book are great pieces to include in this basket!

Personalized Food BasketTip: What ever basket you choose, discuss the options with your local florist to create the perfect custom gift basket or arrangement.  They may have their own creative ideas to carry on the theme with the container, basket and accent pieces. The colors of the arrangement are also vital in continuing the theme throughout the entire gift basket. Make sure you and your florist have the same vision for this creative gift.

Father’s Day is less than a week away, Find a local florist and ask them to work with you to create the perfect personalized gift basket and/or floral arrangement for your dad. You will be surprised at the amount of dedication and creativity your florist will put into this project. Don’t forget the card! An original and heartfelt message from you will send your dads emotions over the top. Your dad won’t forget the effort you (and your florist!) put forth to make this Father’s Day his best one yet!