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February Birth Flower: Violet

Flowers are always a great idea to send someone on their birthday to let them know they’re on your mind! February’s birth month flower is the violet. While not typically used in flower arrangements, they are often available as potted plants! Learn more about what makes violets so special: [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Send in February

Of course you’ll want to send flowers for Valentine’s Day, but why limit the flowers to just one day? There are lots of other reasons you could give flowers this month. Here are a few of our favorites: [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Send Flowers February ’18

This is the perfect month to send flowers. Almost nothing is in bloom outside, and the days end early. Let’s celebrate how short this month is while brightening the day with thoughtful bouquets. Here are other reasons to love sending flowers in the month of February! [Read more…]

Card Messages February 2016

February, the month of love, gives us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the way we feel about the people in our lives. Below are some ideas you can use as messages when sending flowers. Be inspired by these card messages or use them to surprise the ones you love!

I Love You
No one can escape time, not you, not me.
But I don’t mind aging if it’s with you,
always by my side,
forever my beloved wife.

I liked you yesterday,
adore you today,
love you…forever.

Thank You
Friendship is easily said, not easily found.
Thank you for being my friend!

You do more than I ever I ask for. Thank you for being a huge part of my life!

Be Happy
Happiness is a choice that must be made a soon as you wake.
My wish is that when you look at these flowers, the choice to be happy comes easy and effortless.

These flowers are a reflection of your stunning beauty.
Smile when you see them, because I know I did.

Need more inspiration? Head to our Bloomin’ Blog for other card message ideas and more.

5 Reasons To Send Flowers February ’16

There are many holidays to celebrate each month, some of which are very…different. If you want to surprise a lover, family or friend, keep on reading. February is packed with reasons for you to send flowers!

1. Send A Card To A Friend Day – Feb. 7th
This day is perfect for getting in touch with long lost friends. Write a heartfelt message on a card and along with that message send a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Everyone likes the delicate aroma and sight of beautiful blooms. A single rose is perfect for this occasion, it is not about quantity but quality.

2. Madly In Love With Me Day  – Feb. 13th
In order to love others we must first learn to love ourselves. Treat yourself with chocolates and, why not, flowers! Colorful blooms are great stress relievers and boost our mood, making us feel happy and energized. Take it easy, relax, take this as an opportunity for getting to know yourself better. Loving yourself unconditionally is the key to true happiness.

3. Valentine’s Day/World Marriage Day – Feb. 14th
Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day and  World Marriage Day! It is a time to celebrate love and for all those married couples, a day to celebrate the beautiful bond that comes with marriage. Flowers and chocolates are today’s most popular gifts! Flowers in shades of pink or red are perfect for this occasion.

4. Do A Grouch A Favor – Feb. 16th
This is definitely a very unique holiday! Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in a position that puts us in a grouchy mood. What usually makes us feel better is other people’s attention, we like the reason for our grouchiness to be understood. If you know someone that is not looking too happy, send them flowers! Flowers are extremely therapeutic, specially bright and colorful blooms.

5. Floral Design Day – Feb. 28th
This is a great day to let your imagination loose! Maybe you missed Valentine’s Day and want to make it up to your lover, friend, relative. Head to your local florist and have them bring your imagination to life! Be creative or let the floral designer showcase his/her creativity!

Celebrate the “month of love” with all those who matter most! Visit our Bloomin’ Blog for ideas and tips to help with all your floral needs.


5 Reasons To Send Flowers: February ’15

February is the month of love–which means it is the best time to send flowers! From roses to tulips, nothing says “I love you” more than a bouquet of beautiful blooms. Here are 5 reasons you should be sending flowers this month!

1. Send A Card To A Friend Day (and follow it with flowers) – Feb. 7th

On February 7th, make it about friendship! Send your friends a card along with a beautiful arrangement to let them know how important they are. Yellow roses are always a great option because the yellow rose is known as the “Flower of Friendship.”

2. Make A Friend Day – Feb. 11th

There’s nothing better than making new friends! On this day, send flowers to someone you wish to get to know better. You never know what the future holds!

3. Valentine’s Day – Feb. 14th

This is by far the most important day in February and flowers will certainly make your sweetheart’s day. Send an arrangement or a bouquet of red roses to that special someone. A red rose represents true love, but if you are a secret admirer send them red mums or gardenias as a surprise. This will put a huge smile on their face.

4. Random Acts of Kindness Day – Feb. 17th

Everyone needs a bit of kindness. Follow the mantra, “give and you shall receive” on this special day. Bring happiness in the form of flowers to those around you and do t just because you can!

5. Floral Design Day – Feb 28th

February is almost gone and you haven’t sent flowers? Well, this is the perfect day to do so! Head out to your local florist and have them design a beautiful flower arrangement. A custom floral design will sure make that special friend, relative or partner very happy.

Flowers are always great gifts for those whom you love most. It doesn’t need to be February– the month of love– to send a beautiful floral arrangement. This is something that can be done all year long. Head to your local florist and make someone feel special today!