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4 Plant Decorating Tips

If you are tired of the crisp winter weather and are looking forward to brighter sunny days, we have a suggestion for you! Spring is right around the corner but why should you wait for it? Transform your home today into a blossoming space full of life and energy by simply adding some plants. Choose some of these low-maintenance plants to brighten up your home and create your very own natural haven.

1. Add Color
Instead of repainting the walls, give your living areas a face-lift by adding some beautiful flowering plants. We suggest trying a Phalaenopsis Orchid. This long-lasting flower blooms perfectly for up to three months and comes in a variety of colors. Choose a color that will not only compliment your home but also your mood!  Showcase your orchid on a windowsill or kitchen table where it can be admired by everyone. 

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What Happen To My Bird Nest Fern?!?!

This is the second bird nest fern that has been purchased and the same with the other two, the leaves yellow and start to die… could this have something to do with that air inside my house and the heating? I sent a picture. What’s wrong? Can you help me, I love these plants but not how to look after.
Thanks -Elisa

Birds Nest Fern Birds Nest Fern

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: After looking at the photos, it appears that 3 things are not suitable for this plant. The soil is a poor quality mix for fern, it is extremely dry, and the pot doesn’t appear to have drainage.

If trying another fern.  Use a good quality potting mix such as Baccto, or Ferti-Lome complete mix, these are peat based soils which are much better suited for ferns.  Use a pot that has drain holes in the bottom with a saucer underneath. Water once to saturate then let dry for 5-7 days, then water again.  The soil shouldn’t get to the point it’s dry to touch on top.

Try to keep the plant out of the direct path of blowing heat. In addition to watering, mist daily if the room is excessively warm and dry (70° or hotter).  Place in a bathroom while showering the steam from the shower will help.

Florida Ferns Take A Blow, But A-Okay For V-Day

Florida Fern CropWith record lows in December and over 18 days of subfreezing temperatures, it’s no wonder Florida’s fern crop has taken a blow. The cold temperatures have also devastated 9,000 acres of vegetable crops (squash, peppers, cucumber, and others) causing an estimated $273 million in damage, according to Florida’s Agricultural Department.

However, Jana Register of FernTrust, a cooperative of Florida fern growers, says the Valentines Day crop is A-Okay! The growers used a process called icing to keep the ferns alive. They coat the ferns in water to build up a layer of ice around them. This will keep the plants at freezing temperatures and shield them from the extreme cold outside. The problem is the weight of the ice and the harsh winds. It has been reported that an estimated 50-70% of the young fern crop was damaged. Leatherleaf ferns take to the icing very well, but you may see shortages of Asparagus plumosa and Ssprengeri.

Luckily, the Valentines Day fern crop was mature enough to handle the rough conditions and will be just fine come February. It’s the period just after Valentines Day you might see some shortages. Easter falls late this year, but it’s less than 3 weeks away from Mother’s Day. It will be a hectic early year, but FernTrust is optimistic.

Consumers: Order Valentines Day flowers early to ensure you get the best and freshest foliage available. If ferns are unavailable to your local florist, there are tons of other great filler foliages they will use to keep your Valentines Day flowers looking fantastic!

Valentines Day Tulips With Ferns Valentines Day Rose Bud Vase With Ferns Classic Red Roses Arrangement For Valentines Day

Original story via GrowerTalks’ magazine.

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Removing Spores From Leather Leaf Fern

Ask the Expert: I have problem with the Spores on Leather Leaf .
The spores are popping and leaving a mess in fresh flower arrangement’s, What can I do to stop this, The wholesaler says its normal for this time of year but I cant send out flowers with fern spores leaving a mess everywhere. Vonda

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:
The wholesaler is correct about this being the time of year (June-July) that ferns release their spores. However, that knowledge doesn’t solve your problem. You may need to remove the spores just like you have to remove pollen in lilies.

I personally haven’t removed ferns spores before, but I researched spore removal. When fern growers need spores to create new plants, they take the fronds with ripe sori (the part of the leaf containing the spores) and fold a piece of paper over them. In a day or two, the spores drop on to the paper.

In the flower shop, I would recommend wiping the back side of the frond with a soft paper towel. Any ripe spores should detach from the leaf. If the spores won’t release, gently taps the frond.

Hopefully, this will be a solution to your problem. Please let us know if this solves your problem.

What Is This – A Fern?


Ask the Expert: What kind of plant is this and how can I save it?

Do you know what kind of plant this is? It has flat ‘catus-shaped’ leaves.

Do you know how I can save it? It’s losing a lot of leaves . . .

Please help!

Thanks,  Jen

Plant Expert Reply:

This has been a hard one for me.  It kind of looks like a fern but not exactly like a staghorn fern.  My guess would be either a Phlebodium aureum ‘Mandaianum”  (Rabbit Foot Fern) or a Polypodium californiucum.

To make a better identification I would need photos of the back side of the leaves and the area where the leaves are coming from.

From what I can tell, the plant probably has a water stress issue.  Is the soil dry?  Is any excess water draining from the container?  If the soil is dry water it and keep it moist.  If the plant is sitting in water re-pot it into a container that has drain holes.  Then keep the soil moist but not soggy.  I also suggest exposing it to more light.

Sending Message With Fern and Lilac

Ask the Expert: What does the fern and lilac mean spiritually
Received these plant and flower from someone  Crystal



Many plants and flowers have symbolic meanings, in this case when someone sends a fern the following meanings that can be implied are magic, fascination, confidence and/or shelter.  The meaning for lilac, the plant (Syringa) not the color, symbolizes youthful or innocence.  Keep in mind that not everyone knows the symbolic meanings that are associated with plants.  So, you might need to ask.  DO they mean to say, they had confidence that these items would give magical shelter to your youthful innocense.  Just my interpretation.  They could just mean that they are facinated with your innocense.  Of course, you can probably tell from the meanings what the send was trying to say.

Suzi Wong Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) heading for problems.

Ask the Expert: about Suzi Wong ferns

My Suzy Wong fern is getting brown and dry around the edges and bottom. It hasn’t had any new growth in quite a while and I really think it’s just slowly dying. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but it seems some fruit flies, or tiny little flies of some sort have taken up residence in the soil. Also, I keep the soil moist, and it sits in indirect light. Can you help? THANK YOU!