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Floral Environments For Your Flower Shop

Floral Environments

Are you a local florist with big ideas but never feel you get to do anything ‘creative’? The hum drum of daily floral work can get a little tedious.. Now is the time to change all of that! Creating floral environments in your shop is a great way to show off your talents and well as what is available through your store. Plus when your customers or Facebook friends see them, it’s a great incentive to have a fun-themed party with fantastic floral decor!

First, divide your shop into sections or environments. Depending on space you may just want one or two environments.

Creating a backdrop for your environment is key. You could set up a table with floral designs and the works.. OR, and probably the easiest way, set up intricately created backdrops to really make your theme POP! Check out the backdrop above from the 2010 AIFD Southern Chapter conference back in March. This would be a great floral backdrop to an environment for all things garden! If your shop does more work with ‘go green’ causes, this would be a great accent to your recyclables.

Creating a frame that is reusable and restockable is a way to make sure your floral environment will last. The display above is made with sturdy elements that will last. The fresh flowers are resting in tubes that are attached to the frame.. this way when your flowers get a little droopy, they are easily replaced.

The photo to the left is from the 2010 AIFD National Symposium from just a few weeks ago. This is a great backdrop by European designer Emilio Oliveria. The frame of this is simple wire grids from any hardware store. (think small fencing) The wire frame makes it a breeze to attach things to. Here she has used wool strands, rolled leaves, cork squares and lots of small accents. (This is it hanging in the hall, it’s not supposed to be touching the ground.. just imagine it’s straight, haha)

These are so easy to make, they last forever, and with the addition of fresh flowers and foliage you can change the looks of them in a flash! This is a quick and easy, yet dramatic way to decorate for a party, corporate event, or even a wedding.

These floral backdrops are a great way to accent your environments. By advertising themes in your shop with environments and photos posted to Facebook, it encourages new ideas in your customers. Setting up these great party environments you can show many different ways of decorating with floral design. Whenever you think of a new party theme, change your environment.. This really shows you’re creativity and puts people in the party mood!