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FSN at the Society of American Florists Convention 2013!

If you didn’t make it to Phoenix, AZ this September, you missed out on an amazing, informative weekend full of conferences, fun and some serious floral beauty! Flower Shop Network was there in force and we’ve got some excellent photos to show you. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

The Booth

Here is a photo of the FSN booth. As usual, our setup crew did a great job! But enough with the same old, same old. Let’s take a look at some of the cool stuff!

Outstanding Varieties Exhibition

Take a look at these excellent varieties from the Outstanding Varieties Exhibition! That is some fantastic work!

Outstanding Varieties Exhibition2

Here’s a close-up of a gorgeous variety. I can definitely see why it’s a blue ribbon winner!

Outstanding Varieties Exhibition1

Another blue ribbon winner. Just gorgeous. But wait, where are the people?

Brock and Loranne at SAF

It’s Brock and Loranne, the owners of FSN! They look very happy attending the Stars of the Industry Awards Reception & Dinner. Judging from the food on those plates, I think I see where all the good cheer is originating! That looks delicious!

Cindy and Bobby at SAF

This is Cindy, our VP of Sales and her husband Bobby. The dinner is making smiles all around!

SAF Awards Dinner

Here’s a nice overview of the room. It should come as no surprise, but there are some lovely florals adorning this banquet! I love seeing florists putting their decorating skills to use! Speaking of florists and skills, I saw a few items that gave floral dresses a WHOLE new meaning!

Floral Dress

A gorgeous interpretation. These dress/flower mixes are amazing!

Floral Dress4

This one is so elegant. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel this is reminiscent of the recent movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman?

Floral Dress1

It looks like the forest draped itself around this mannequin! I can’t help but think of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Floral Dress3

What is this, Hawaii? Let’s go to a Luau!! Fun and beautiful all at once! Speaking of Hawaii, what does that state and Phoenix, AZ have in common? Beautiful weather and golf courses!

SAF Convention 006

Here’s Brock standing beside the hole sponsored by FSN! Looking good!

SAF Convention 012


Golf Ball

Umm … looks like someone’s in the rough. Oops. We here at Flower Shop Network accept no responsibility for the user’s ability to play the game. We just think our logo makes a snappy decoration.

I hope you enjoyed this photo recap of the SAF convention for 2013! There was a lot happening and a lot worth seeing. If you didn’t make it to this year’s convention, don’t fret. There’s always next year! And believe me, you don’t want to miss next year. SAF is going to be held at the Marriott Marco Island Resort in Marco Island, FL, August 13th-16th! Don’t miss your opportunity for fun in the Florida sun!

TNSFA Tabletop Competition

Oh wow, there was a lot going on at the Tennessee State Floral Association Convention this year! We’ve already brought you a recap of the Iris Cup and vendor booths, we’ve revisited the Regina Berryman presentation, and now we’re going to show you some photos of candidates for this year’s Tabletop Competition! One thing’s for sure, people at the convention were never bored!

TNSFA Convention Tabletop Competition

This was a nature-focused display that really works! Excellent job!

TNSFA Convention Tabletop Competition

An elegant display using the natural beauty of red roses and the visual texture of silk. Fantastic!

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Regina Berryman at TNSFA Convention (Photo Follow Up)

We recently posted an article introducing Regina Berryman and her upcoming presentation on the Fibonacci method of Floral Design at the Tennessee State Floral Association convention. I bet you’re wondering just how it went? Well, it should come as no surprise that Regina presented an abundance of valuable information as well as displayed some breathtaking arrangements!

As usual, FSN was there to snap some photos and is excited to pass them on to you!

Regina On Stage

Regina Berryman and the stage before the arrangements are brought out.

Regina On Stage

A couple of the first arrangements are visible in this photo.

Gorgeous Arrangement

A gorgeous arrangement using bamboo as a backdrop.

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FSN at the 2012 Alabama State Florist Association Convention

The Wizard of ASFA

Off to see the wizard… the wonderful wizard of ASFA!

Our team had the fabulous opportunity to attend the Alabama State Florist Association‘s 2012 Annual Convention this past weekend in Montgomery. How fun is a Wizard of Oz themed event, especially for florists? Just imagine all you can do with ruby slippers, Emerald City and yellow brick road inspiration!

Flower Shop Network was off to see the Wizard with our very interesting booth arrangement for this show.

FSN Booth at the Alabama Florist Association Convention

Can you see our Mr. Wizards?

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FSN at the 2012 Tennessee State Florist Association Convention

Flower Shop Network Booth at the Tennessee State Florist Convention

We spent our weekend at the Tennessee State Florist Association Convention in Franklin TN. What a show it was this year! So many unique designs to recharge florists with all the creativity to last all year!

Tennessee State Florist Association Convention Banquet Centerpiece

How often do you get to be surrounded by as much world-class floral design as you can handle for multiple days?! Not only the presentations, workshops and competitions, but even the dinners are full of eye candy! Every where you look, no two centerpieces are the same!

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FSN at the 2012 Oklahoma State Florist Convention

Flower Shop Network had the fantastic opportunity to attend the 2012 Oklahoma State Florist Association‘s Convention July 28 – 29th! A convention filled with beautiful flowers, great workshops and top-notch competitions, including the Oklahoma Cup Competition!

Flowers in the Flower Shop Network Booth

Gorgeous flower arrangements in the Flower Shop Network booth. These were created by the talented Tammy Martens, designer at Generations Flowers & Gifts, Broken Arrow OK.

Tammy Martens, Oklahoma Cup Winner

Here is Tammy Martens with her award from the Oklahoma State Florist Association. Way to go Tammy! (The biggest arrangement in the photo above was created specifically for the FSN booth [and we loved it!], the others were used in the competition.)

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South Carolina Florist Association Convention 2012

We had such a blast at the South Carolina Florist Association‘s annual convention this past weekend! The show was themed “Inspiration for Innovation” and it was just that. With great presentations, competitions and opportunities for networking, this was the place to be for florists.

Bernard of Rosewood Florist, Columbia SC Flower Shop Network Trade Show Booth

Check out the amazing floral design in the Flower Shop Network Booth! It was created by Bernard (pictured left) from Rosewood Florist in Columbia, SC. It was filled with lush hydrangeas, gorgeous gladiolus, bells of Ireland, roses and much more!

FSN Booth Arrangement

Here is a closer view of the FSN booth arrangement before it was put into the booth.

Streetlight Flowers For Competition Streetlight Flowers For Competition

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2012 Texas State Florist Convention: Recap & Photos

Texas State Florist Association's Annual Convention

Over the weekend, part of the FSN Team traveled down to the Lone Star State for the Texas State Florist Association‘s Annual Convention. This year’s theme was, “Floral Paradise” which is exactly what they created. In their unusual location, The Hanger Hotel (an actual airplane hanger!) they brought paradise to life with only the flair florists can bring.

TSFA Vintage Car With Flowers

Metro retro. The old hanger definitely had a retro vibe. Love the way these creative Texas florists work it into their show. Looks like something you’d see in a old war-time postcard or something. [Read more…]

Upcoming Florist Shows & Conventions

Floral conventions and flower shows are excellent ways to boost your creativity! No matter if you’re a florist or just someone who enjoys the beauty of flowers, these shows are just for you. Bring a notepad; you’ll be busy!

There’s nothing like a flower show to a florist. Not only will you find so much inspiration and new techniques, but you will meet fellow florists and form life-time friendships in this industry. Grab your bags and get going; maybe we’ll see you there! (*** Indicates Flower Shop Network will be there!)

JULY 2012 — Floral Conventions and Flower Shows

Photo from Texas Florist Convention 2011***July 20 – 22, 2012: The annual Texas State Florists Association will be held at the Hangar Hotel in Fredericksburg, TX. Florists who are members, as well as non-member florists may attend.

***July 27 – 29, 2012: The annual South Carolina Florists Association Convention will be held at the Marriott Hotel, downtown in on Columbia, SC. Florists who are members, as well as non-member florists may attend.

***July 28 – 29, 2012: The annual Oklahoma State Florists Association Convention will be held at the Doubletree Waren Place Tulsa, OK. Florists who are members, as well as non-member florists may attend.

AUGUST 2012 — Floral Conventions and Flower Shows

***August 3 – 5, 2012: The annual West-Texas New Mexico Florist Association will be held at the The Midland Center in Midland, TX. Florists who are members, as well as non-member florists may attend. [Read more…]

Photos From The Great Lakes Floral Expo

Rose & Tulip Arrangement - Great Lakes Floral Expo Photos

Recently, part of the FSN team visited Michigan for the 2012 Great Lakes Floral Expo! It is one of our favorite floral conventions and we look forward to going ever year. The over-all theme of the show this year was Sell-O-Bration and discussed how florists everywhere can rise to the top through Outperforming, Outmaneuvering, and Outselling their competition.

In the animal kingdom, survival of the fittest is the rule. Survival is good – no doubt about it – but thriving is better. The challenge for many floral professionals is going from surviving the current competitive business environment to thriving in it. – Dick Gleason, CF, Conference Vice Chairman.

There were several hands-on sessions, including presentations on wedding design, body flowers, flower photography and much more. Florists also attended presentations on marketing and online resources, and of course – everyone’s favorites – the floral competitions.

I could talk all day about the Great Lakes Floral Expo, but I know you’re here to see the pictures!! Without further adieu…

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