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Celebrating 70 Years

We are excited to celebrate with Buckhead Wright’s Florist for their 70 years of superior service in Atlanta, GA. This family-operated business opened in 1946 and continues to be the premier shop for flowers and gifts. 

Sherry Moon is the current owner and is an expert in the floral industry. She is an American Institute of Floral Designers Certified Florist and Georgia Master Florist. She also won “Designer of the Year” for the City of Atlanta and State of Georgia. She was also recently added to the National Board of Directors for AIFD, being named National Director at Large. Sherry shares her passion by giving classes for garden clubs, churches and other organizations.

Buckhead Wright’s Florist focuses on its customers by giving individualized creative suggestions and services. This shop has earned a reputation for going the extra mile, creating beautiful floral designs, providing value and affordability, and having professional service.

One satisfied customer stated, “I have been using Buckhead Wright’s for Atlanta flower deliveries for 7 years. Without exception every business and person has called to tell me how impressive the arrangement was and many comment on the driver’s professionalism. Dozens of orders and not one disappointment.”

Flower Shop Network would like to congratulate Buckhead Wright’s Florist on their 70 years of business and excellent service.

For a quality florist who has a passion for sophisticated design visit Buckhead Wright’s Florist today.

MFA and WUMFA Winners 2015

The Michigan Floral Association and the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Florists Association has announced the winners of the 2015 awards. From various areas in the floral industry, these winners have excelled in talent and leadership. We wanted to offer a congratulations to all the winners.

We wanted to especially congratulate two of our members. First, congrats to Pamela Prough of My Lady’s Florist in Westland, Michigan who received the MFA Retail Employee of the Year Award at the 2015 Great Lakes Floral Expo held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Second, congrats to Smith Floral and Greenhouses of Lansing, Michigan who received the MFA Retailer of the Year 2015 Award.


Here are the other winners:

Michigan Floral Association (MFA)

Past President’s Floriology Scholarship
Shelley Adair

Certified Florist of the Year
Arlon Slagn

National Service Award
Jack Howard

Lifetime Award
Bob Friese

Special Recognition Award
James Lutke

MFA Supplier of the Year
Kennicott Brothers

Young Person of the Year
Angela Christi

2015 MFA Wholesale Employee of the Year Award
Ric Gaunt

Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Florist Association (WUMFA)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dan Grogan

WUMFA National Service Award
Lee Sorenson

WUMFA Special Services Award
Kathleen Johnson

WUMFA Wholesaler of the Year
Rojahn and Malaney

WUMFA Young Person of the Year
Melissa Maas

It’s always a great day to celebrate the floral industry! Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more floral industry news!

Photos courtesy of MFA and WUMFA.

Green Box Floral Visits FSN

Luke and Nathan Harwell, the owners of Greenbox Floral, paid a visit to Flower Shop Network headquarters this week. While they were here, we took the opportunity to learn about their upcoming product release.

Lauren, Brock, and the Brothers

From left to right: Loranne, Brock, Luke and Nathan.

Experience Before Technology

Luke Harwell chose to follow his father in the floral industry in 2002, attending the Benz School of Floral Design at Texas A&M and becoming a Texas Master Florist. He assumed the role of President of Baack’s Florists and Greenhouses in January of 2008. There is no doubt that he understands the floral industry and the challenges that retail florists face.

Greenbox floral believes in the local florist. They believe each local flower shop is unique and their success should be driven by their own creativity and quality. And they believe one of the key elements needed to grow an inarguably shrinking industry is an opportunity for each shop’s artists to showcase their impressive talents to the customer.

The Value of the Cooler

The Greenbox solution begins with your unique designs.

Luke and Nathan believe the cooler is prime marketing real-estate. It showcases your work, giving the customer who walks in your door the opportunity to see current examples of your unique designs. It also allows for immediate upselling.

A customer sees that perfect item in your cooler and knows she wants to make a purchase. And because she’s already seen it, she doesn’t have to wonder if the finished product will live up to her expectations.

Or perhaps she sees multiple examples of talent and creativity expressed in your unique designs. She is impressed, and now when she has need of a talented florist, she knows to come to you.

Making Online In-Person

They place cameras in your store which broadcast an ultra-low frame rate live stream. Using Greenbox’s proprietary software, the live stream is uploaded directly to your website. The result is a live feed, allowing customers who come to your site an opportunity to click on the designs in your live stream and purchase the exact item in real time, already made and ready to go.

With the proprietary software Greenbox has developed, you are able to price each item so customers can mouse over the arrangement and see a price pop up directly on their screen. Each individual arrangement is clickable so that customers can go straight to a purchasing screen for any floral arrangement they want.

Because online shopping is becoming more and more popular, many of your customers will never have a chance to see the inside of your shop. But due to the live, interactive display designed by Greenbox, the value of your cooler is translated to an online medium. The customer can see your creative designs, can be impressed with your individual work and can see exactly what she is purchasing when she purchases it. Brilliant!

We greatly enjoyed having Luke and Nathan stop by our offices this week. They not only gave us an opportunity to learn more about their product, they showed us the passion for the floral industry that fueled them to develop it. Click here if you would like more information on Greenbox Floral, or if you’d like to see the Greenbox Floral solution in action, visit Baack’s Florists and Greenhouses here.

Valuable Lessons In Time For Mother’s Day

It’s no secret, flowers are big business during Valentine’s Day. It and Mother’s Day are two of the biggest floral holidays florists look forward to every year. Except..

… things are changing in the floral industry: The price of roses practically doubles during major holidays, cutting into profits. There are groups that advertise heavily for $19.99 flowers, which are drop-shipped in a box. There are even those out there that have stooped low enough to buy fake Google Ads in a local florists’ name saying ‘Sold Out For Valentines Day’ without the florist being aware of it.

And then we have the big floral networks who say they support local florists, but instead advertise exceedingly low prices and take a large cut for each arrangement passed to florists, on top of large annual membership fees.

Mothers Day FlowersCan you imagine owning your own business only to have someone else dictate what your prices and overhead must be?

Shops do have the option to reject orders and ask for more money, but often they are penalized with fees that range from $10-$100, in addition to time busy florists do not have to spare.

Why do shops participate in these draining networks?

Many multi-generational florists see these big, e-commerce groups as something they cannot survive without (before the internet, this was probably true). Some see it as a way to reach customers they might not be able to on their own.

From the article, Why florists now dread Valentine’s Day (CNNMoney):

“Half the florists don’t realize they’re losing money with this stuff,” said Steve Juiffre, a florist in South Burlington, Vt. who is part of Florists for Change, a group formed to educate fellow shop owners about the potential pitfalls.

“I was able to get new customers. But you can’t make any money. They make all the money,” said David Rohr, a florist in Cathedral City, CA. He quit Teleflora after Valentine’s Day in 2002, when he lost more than $2,000 that day as business costs and network fees overtook his revenue from delivery orders.

What’s most bothersome to Betsy Hall, a florist just outside Atlanta, Ga., is what happens to customers. “[Wire services] take such a huge cut. The money you spend isn’t in flowers,” she said. “You spend $70 on a $26 bouquet.” She also said customers who use e-commerce sites pay more and receive less than if they’d simply contact the local florist in the city where they’d want the flowers delivered.

[Read more…]

Flower Shop Network’s Best of the Best 2010

Best of the Best 2010

We post a TON of great articles here on the Bloomin’ Blog, and we realize it might be a little hard to keep up. That is why we’ve created this post — the Best of the Best articles from 2010! (Just in case you missed one!) And if you’re not one of our great subscribers, then do it now! You won’t be sorry!


Matching Corsage To Prom Dress
(April) The hottest trend in prom fashion, wild and crazy corsages that show off the teen’s fun and funky dresses. Check out great prom corsage pics along with the dress they go with from a REAL high school prom. (Good ideas for next year moms & teens!) Probably my favorite post of last year, definitely a must see!

Matching Your Prom Dress To Your Corsage

Design Inspiration Challenge
(September) We had SO MUCH FUN this summer with our Design Inspiration Challenge. How it worked: we selected an ‘inspiration’ or brilliant photo of art, architecture, butterflies… all sorts of things, and florists created an amazing flower arrangement ‘inspired’ by each photo. We got some very interesting submissions! Check them ALL out in this post, including our winner!

Floral Pocket Squares Trend
(October) This was a fun post because many people have never heard of a floral pocket square or how they are used. We made several designs in our studio to share with you. Floral pocket squares make perfect accessories to grooms who just can’t do boutonnieres.

Trend Alert: Sushi Flowers
(September) For those who know me, know I had to choose this as a favorite. I love sushi! When I saw the sushi designs from this summer’s floral conventions, I couldn’t help but create this post!


The Romance of Flowers (Valentines Day)
(February) Sure, the title may sound a little cheesy, but this loaded with GREAT info on romantic flowers.. and not just roses! This article will guide you through selecting flowers for your honey based on [Read more…]

What Makes Someone Buy Flowers?

According to a recent survey, there are three basic choices that drive consumers to buy flowers. Good news for those of us who are always looking for new ways to reinvent the wheel, this survey gives us reason to go back to the basics for a bit.

To summarize the survey, 677 participants were surveyed. They were classified as either “users” or “nonusers” of flowers and then further classified into “heavy users” or “light users.”

What the survey found was that the overall priorities of the entire group of flower buyers ranked in this order from most to least:

  • Showing care to others
  • To evoke an emotional response
  • Curiosity fulfillment

Unique Flower ArrangementHowever, “heavy users” of flowers ranked their priorities slightly different than the average. They ranked “curiosity fulfillment” and “emotional response” high on their reasons for purchasing flowers. This implies that “heavy users” are more apt to buying more novelty and variety when purchasing flowers.

People who buy flowers and use flowers all of the time are in-tune with flowers. They see them all of the time. Therefore, they are more likely to buy unique flower arrangements that pique their interest or incite a particular emotional response. Conversely, people who aren’t often surrounded by flowers buy flowers as a unique way to show caring and affection for others. Light users also want the flowers to invoke a certain emotional response, particularly in the recipient. These are also the people who adjust their conception of the value of flowers based on sight, touch, and smell.

So what can local florists learn from this news? Take this to the bank:  you have two distinct groups to target. With many generations passing through the flower shop, you are likely to encounter both groups several times per day. Target BOTH. Based in part on this distinction of consumers, here are marketing tips for florists.

How To Woo The World Of Flower Buyers

Heavy Users: These are the consumers that are more likely to be intrigued by advertising. Special deals and unique features will attract the attention of heavy flower buyers because their desire is to be surrounded by beautiful flowers. Making that easy for them will take a florist far.

For heavy flower buyers — Offer varying price points and unique flower arrangements. Specifically target this group in advertising. Creativity and availability are of particular importance as well.

Classic Dozen RosesLight or Nonusers: Since the need for curiosity fulfillment is decreased in this segment, these users are not as likely to be influenced by advertising. These consumers tend to value need/emotional fulfillment. They are more likely to send flowers based on the desire to show affection for someone or as a “traditional” gift rather than for corporate accounts, dinner parties, et al.

For light users — Do not reinvent the wheel. Creativity will woo many of these consumers to your door, but addressing them in the same manner as heavy flower buyers could scare them away. Instead, offer a variety of price points. Flower arrangements that invoke a particular emotional response, such as love and sentimental happiness, are what these consumers desire.

Regarding the 80/20 rule, this group constitutes the 20% of consumers that need you less frequently but do need you. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel and drive these consumers into becoming heavy users. These are also very loyal buyers because they do not buy the product frequently. Therefore, they find a source that they like and stick with it. Be consistent with your offerings to this group and their loyalty will not waiver.

What Makes Someone Buy Flowers is brought to you by Local Pennsylvania Florists.

What Peaks Your Interest About Flowers?

I tend to talk a lot about what I like and what works for me and mine. However, I’m much more concerned with what you like and what works for you and yours. This month I would like to see what really tickles you about flowers. If you are a florist, please share what you like about or what made you choose the floral industry.

I want to know what moves you, what drives you, what about your area drew you to flowers, what makes your local flower shop stand out, what makes your area stand out in the floral industry, and what makes your heart skip a beat when you see or hear it.

Though these are not the boundaries by any means, here are some examples:

  • Funny/sentimental card messages
  • (Florists) Stories about sweet customer interactions
  • Design techniques that catch your eye
  • Something nice that you did to counteract the effects of a natural disaster
  • Anything happy that makes you feel good.

It’s not just the opportunity to put words on a page. It’s not an attempt to fill space on the Internet. It’s a chance for you to BRAG about yourself. Keep points! Take score. You’re at the top of your game or climbing there fast for a reason. Want to share a great idea with others? Find something that you like and you’re sure someone else will love it? Share it with us. You may even see a whole blog or Networker article about what peaks your interest.

Let the world know what moves you. Log in to comment below or email me at bjackson@flowershopnetwork.com

Set Your TiVo:For The Balancing Act and Flower Shop Network on Lifetime Television

Flower Shop Network Appearing on Lifetime Television to promote Real Local Florists on October 9th at 7:00am (6:00am cst).

Flower Shop Network will be featured on the Lifetime Television series, The Balancing Act on Thursday October 9th at 7:00am (6:00am cst). The Balancing Act is a half-hour, magazine-formatted television series that empowers women seeking personal and professional growth while maintaining a career, family and home on a daily basis.

Flower Shop Network president Brock Atwill will sit down with Danielle Knox, The Balancing Act host, to inform consumers of the advantages of sending flowers online through a real local florist. During the interview Brock will outline ways consumers can verify that an online florist is a real local flower shop and not an order-gather.

This is just one more way FlowerShopNetwork.com is ensuring that our retail florist members have the best visibilty possible on the Internet and offline as well.  It is, also, one more way we give consumers the floral information they need to make their lives easier.