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Designing With Mannequin Madness

As visual designers, it’s no surprise that we want our shops to draw the eye. Mos of us depend on our visually appealing store front window displays and the pictures of our designs that show off our skills on social media.

Customers are instantly invited in by design, and what better way to showcase your floral abilities than with unique displays from Mannequin Madness.

Recycled Art
Judi Henderson, owner of Mannequin Madness, turned an idea into a business when she found mannequins on Craigslist.

Quickly, her business of selling, renting and repurposing used mannequins turned from an inventory of 50 to 500. What’s unique about Henderson’s business is her use of mannequins as decorative pieces in floral arrangements and even as Christmas trees.

Design Madness
The company’s Pinterest has many floral ideas using mannequins and offers inspiration for customers in the floral industry.

“Many florists use my products for floral centerpieces, holiday arrangements, and fashion forward flower displays,” Henderson said.

Henderson believes that a shop’s display is an important aspect of a flower shop in order to draw customers into a sale.

“Displays catch attention which then turn to high impulse purchases,” she said. “Florists are competing with online all the time, this makes them unique. Your window is a 24-hour ad.”

From heads to torsos to full forms, Mannequin Madness has everything a florist needs to create a truly original work of art for their storefront.

Whether it’s a holiday tree dress display or an arrangement on a mannequin for a modern affair, look no further than Mannequin Madness!

Help! Where Can A UK Florist Find Floral Easels?

Sympathy Wreath On EaselAsk The Expert:

Does anyone know were I can get the green wire easels shipped to the UK? None of the florist suppliers in the UK stock them and I’ve been asked a few times for tribute flowers on them lately. I can get them shipped from China, but minimum order is 4000 I don’t think I will need that many.


Flower Shop Network Reply:

One of the best places to turn when looking for any type of floral supply is our sister site, FGmarket. It is an invaluable resource to find trusted vendors for florists all over the US. (Some ship internationally, for our UK and other far-away friends.) Each company provides great resources just for florists and gift shops.

I have called the wholesalers who ship easels and Johnsen Wholesale Florist was willing to ship to the UK. They have a large selection on easels and hopefully you won’t have to buy 4,000 of them! Good luck!
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Who Else Has Never Heard Of A Flower Frog?

Recently, while visiting a family friend, I discovered a new love for Flower Frogs. As an avid thrift store enthusiast, I had seen a ton of these little things before, but never put 2 and 2 together to realize they go with flowers! (doh!) Nor had I ever heard them called flower frogs.. I took as many pictures as I could to share with you guys, hope you enjoy..

Early Metal Versions

Vintage Flower Frogs

What is a Flower Frog?

A flower frog is simply something to hold flowers up, either with holes, a grid or a comb of metal. Some were intended to be placed in the bottom of a container to hold tricky stems, others were incredibly ornate vases themselves with holes to insert stems. Flower frogs were made of metal, ceramic, glass, and plastic.

How To Use Flower Frogs

Most people keep different varieties on hand. The spiky ones are good for thin, flimsy stems; ones with holes are suited to the thicker stems of tulips and lilies; and hairpin frogs with wire loops are best for stiff stems and branches.

This is a very decorative ceramic flower frog:

Decorative Flower Frog Decorative Ceramic Flower Frog With Bird
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What Is Deco Flex Tubing and Deco Poly Mesh Ribbon?

Ask the Expert: What is Deco Flex tubing?

Rec’d a call from one of my wholesalers and they have Deco Flex Tubing that is bright in color and is flexible…I searched the net with no success..Also what is Deco Polymesh Ribbon…and how do you use it?? Gayla

Design Expert Reply:

Deco Flex Tubing (a Craig Bachman product), is a well keep secret of top floral designers.  This poly tubing comes in bright colors and is available in an 8mm or 4mm size.  The size and color variations allow designers the ability to use it in a variety of applications including underwater and outdoors.

Deco Poly Mesh WreathFrom corsages to bridal bouquets, Deco Flex tubing adds a uniquely luxurious quality to wedding work.  Tied to a Valentines Day arrangement, it adds a special touch.  When swirled on the inside of a vase, an everyday arrangement becomes extra ordinary.  Once designers work with the flexibility of this product, they discover interesting ways to use it.

Deco Poly Mesh Ribbon is another highly versatile product. If your store does alot of Christmas work, you’ll find this ribbon invaluable.  The width of the ribbon along with just the right flexibility and stiffness gives you the ability to create bows with a big impact and a minimal need for material.

In fact, you can even make an outdoor Christmas wreath for customers who want more color and less greenery. From tree decorating to flower arrangements or gift baskets, Deco Poly Mesh Ribbon makes a great foundation for most of your Christmas work.  It can be used in a multitude of applications for any holiday.

Deco Poly Mesh Ribbon Easter Basket

In this Easter basket, Deco Poly Mesh Ribbon was used in the bottom of the basket, over the basket and as the bow supporting the eggs.  So as you can see the ways you can use this product are only limited to your creativity.

Your wholesaler should be able to give you more information about the colors and availability of this product.  For anyone else interested in this product contact your local wholesaler and ask them about these products or go to craigbachman.com and they will help you find a distributor near you.

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Floral Cooler Versus

Ask the Expert: Difference between Floral and Commercial fridge
I’m in the process of starting a floral business and was wondering if you can tell me if there is a difference between a floral refrigerator and a commercial refrigerator made for food/beverage. Does the floral fridge come with something that the commercial fridge doesn’t have? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Where to Find Suppliers of Wholesale Wreaths and Swags


Hi Lauren:
Here is where I would start: FGmarket is a directory for wholesalers who supply florists and gift retailers. They have a several natural, dried and preserved wreath suppliers and several garland suppliers as well as fresh wreath and swag wholesalers. From the FGmarket site you will be able to link to many of their sites and view their wholesale products. You will, also, be able to contact the suppliers directly to discuss pricing and to get their catalogs. Several of the wholesalers have specials and promotions shown only on FGmarket – an added benefit to using FGmarket. I know several people who have found Fgmarket to be extremely helpful in finding sources for the products they need. I have review many of the products carried by these wholesalers; finding interesting and quality products. I think you will be able to find just what you are needing. Good luck.