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A Look Into the Life of a Florist

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a florist looks like? Sometimes it’s not as glamorous as you may think. Step into the life of Keira Lennox, a florist who shares what it is really like to run a flower shop.

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FSN November Newsletter: Many Thanks!

Many Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

November brings beautiful fall colors, a return to cooler temperatures and the one holiday set aside solely for giving thanks and expressing gratitude. And is there a better way to offer a heartfelt ‘thank you’ than with an elegant floral arrangement? We certainly don’t think so.

So get on the phone, hop on over to our website or just walk down to the shop on the corner, but however you do it, make sure you contact your local florist for amazing Thanksgiving florals!

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September Blog Spotlight: Allioops! Flowers and Gifts


This month our blog spotlight is on Allioops! Flowers and Gifts in New London, NH. This shop is known for beautiful designs and amazing arrangements, but they are also known for their eye-catching window displays and fun atmosphere. And the value of that can’t be overstated. In today’s market, having a great environment and creating a reason for customers to enter your shop is key. There are so many ways that customers can interact with businesses and standing out is of utmost importance. See how this blog interacts with customers and promotes their brand.

The Allioops! Blog


Who’s not already hooked on Pinterest? We sure are! Head on over to view our latest Pinterest galleries! We’ve got pins of our work, plus lots of ideas we’re cooking in the shop.

Why It Works

Yes, it’s short. But then that’s the point. They have a singular purpose, directing their clients to their Pinterest page, and it’s brilliant. They did all their telling with the photo which highlights their boards and the impressive stuff you can find. There was no need to put together a long post when the graphic says everything that needs to be said. Well done.

If you have a blog and would like to be featured in our Blog Spotlight, leave a link in the comments section below. I’ll see you next month!

July Blog Spotlight: A Touch of Class Florist


We are joined this month by A Touch of Class Florist in Havana, FL, owned by Edna Hall. This blog is the most simple of all we’ve spotlighted before, but no less effective for all of that. So, without further gilding the lily, here’s the blog!

A Touch of Class Florist

May and Justin say, “I do” at Sweetwaterbranch Inn … Gainesville

Beautiful Bride

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June Blog Spotlight: Whistlestop Florist

Blog Header

This month’s blog spotlight comes to us from Whistlestop Florist in East Syracuse, NY. They are a long-established florist, and the landmark building in which they operate has been a florist shop since 1951. It was lovingly renovated in 1993, and over the years this little building has become a destination shop in the Syracuse area. So let’s check out an excerpt from their blog!

Whistlestop Florist Blog

Skaneateles Wedding of Allison and Kevan

Details, Details, Details. That is what I tell Brides. Pick a theme and stick with it. .And if you can’t stay on track, then hire someone to help you.

Allison and Kevan worked with Kate Brown of Lovewell Celebration Design and together they created a standout event.


0251-MAR-WED-5374-1-450x676 0257-MAR-WED-6410-1-450x677


Why It Works

There is quite a bit more to this post, and it is full of amazing photos. The post works beautifully because they introduce the event at the top, and then allow the pictures to tell the story for them. There’s no need to elaborate with words because nothing they could say would have more impact for the viewer than the gorgeous visuals. Then, at the end they list all the vendors who’s work appeared in the photos with links to their web pages. This allows their readers to not only know they are a quality florist, but also that these other companies do quality work as well.

Great job, Whistlestop Florist!

Be sure to come back next month and see who our next Blog Spotlight will feature!

May Blog Spotlight: North Raleigh Florist

For May, we are highlighting North Raleigh Florist in Raleigh, NC. From looking through the history, this florist does a great job of updating their blog regularly, and this is important because it keeps readers engaged. They do a mix of informative and promotional posts, ensuring that their reader gets value from reading.

The post we’re looking at today is talking about the different arrangement done for the Palahmuk Wedding. This particular post relies more on photos to do the talking, and it works well for a florist blog. Without further ado, North Raleigh Florist!

Palahmuk Wedding

Summer Weddings Are Filled With Bright Colors. Check Out These Beautiful Bouquets In Hot Pink From Amanda Palahmuk’s Wedding at Bedford Club House.


Groom and Groomsmen Boutonnieres

A full size rose for the groom and spray roses for the groomsmen are great choices. They are similar but they still have a different look.


Bridal Bouquet

Different Shades of Pink Accent this bouquet that have the gerbers and lilies as its focal point and roses and greens to accent.


Bridesmaid Bouquets

A base of green hydrangea is accented with gerbers and spray roses and is very affordable if you have a lot of bridesmaids.


Bridesmaid Bouquet

Another View of the Bridesmaid Bouquets.



Full view of Bridal Bouquet.

The Power of the Photo

The gorgeous bouquets and boutonnieres portrayed here do plenty to capture the eye and keep the reader interested. The floral industry is very much a visual industry and this blog post works well in making that evident. It also chooses to use original designs and not stock photos. Stock photos are nice, but original designs show off the florist’s talent and lets their readers know exactly what they are capable of achieving.

Come back next month and see who we spotlight next!

April Blog Spotlight: Lavender Hill Florals

This month we are showcasing a wonderful and classic take on the florist blog. The comments under the photos are mine, and I’m only going to use some of the photos here. If you’d like to see the entire post, click here!

Lavender Hill Florals

We just finished setting up Abby and Ted’s wedding at the Galt House hotel in downtown Louisville. She picked some beautiful spring colors, and she couldn’t have had better spring weather for the big day! Check out some of the photos below.

Lavender Hill9

I love how they use the camera to give a beautiful scene an artistic flair.

Lavender Hill4

Doing good work is paramount, but it is of penultimate importance to take good photos of that work. This bouquet is gorgeous and the high quality photo allows us to see that perfectly.

Lavender Hill6

This is a gorgeous centerpiece. Elegant and simple yet arresting.

Lavender Hill5

Again, they use the camera to excellent effect here. The boutonnieres are beautiful as well.

Lavender Hill8

More centerpieces, and here they are allowing the work to speak for itself. Perfect.

A Visual Emphasis

A florist creates visually stimulating pieces, and as such their work is best appreciated through a visual medium. Lavender Hill Florals uses their blog to showcase the work they’ve done for weddings and other special events through expert photography and beautiful HD photos. This works because they can update the blog each time they have a new project. It guarantees their newest work is always on display.

This also allows visitors to see examples of the florist’s actual work and not obviously canned images. This window into the florist’s talent is beneficial to the customer, allowing them to see exactly what florist and staff can accomplish. The transparency is also beneficial to the florist. Showcasing work as impressive as this is never a bad idea!

Blog Spotlight: Enchanted Florist


The Enchanted Florist

Welcome to the March edition of the blog spotlight. Our first two spotlights came from the northeast so this month we are featuring a blog from the southwest area of the country. Located in Pasadena, TX, the Enchanted Florist is a full-service florist who has been in business for over 25 years. They offer all the services you might expect: weddings, birthdays, sympathy pieces, corporate functions, etc., and they are more than happy to work with you if you have a project that’s a little off the beaten path.

The blog for this florist is written by Tarrah Wright, daughter of shop owner Debbie Wright, AAF, TMFA. Tarrah grew up in the florist business doing every job in the shop from bucket scrubber to flower designer. After attending college to get her degree in marketing, she has once again returned to the flower shop to fulfill her role in the family business. So, without further ado, here is an excerpt from the blog!

10 Weeks of Spray Roses Delivered


10 Weeks of Spray Roses Delivered

Posted on March 1, 2014 by enchantedflo

10 Weeks of Spray Roses Delivered to Your Home or Office

100 stems of spray roses, you know, the cute little ones with a bunch of blooms on each stem. Let us bring you to your favorite location, 1 bunch of spray roses every Monday for 10 weeks this summer. You can keep fresh roses in your home or office all summer long.

Makes a great gift because it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Weekly flowers have a positive influence on productivity in the work place and at home create a happy peaceful environment. (Real research from Rutgers University)

Program Details:

*1 Bunch (10 stems) of spray roses every Monday afternoon

*1 vase of appropriate size delivered Monday June 23, 2014

*Price includes 10 bunches of spray roses, 1 vase, and delivery each week

*Program runs Monday June 23, 2014 thru Monday August 25, 2014

*Spray roses will be delivered to your home or office, must be in our delivery area

*All spray rose bunches must be delivered to the same address

*Save over 20% by paying in full up front

pink spray roses in vase

Payment Options:

OPTION 1- (Save 20%) Billed in full on your June 2014 Enchanted Florist statement – $150

OPTION 2 – (Save 20%) Pay by check, cash, or credit card in full by June 23, 2014 – $150

OPTION 3- Billed in 3 installments to your Enchanted Florist statement in June, July, and August 2014 – $190

OPTION 4- Billed to your credit card in 3 installments June 23, July 23, and August 23, 2014 – $190

Roses and spray roses are some of our most popular flowers in the store. So this program is perfect for those rose lovers as well as flower lovers in general. Click here to order online, or call us at (713) 944-4303


Enchanted Florist

Marketing Focus

Tarrah’s marketing background shines through in her posts, but that is not a bad thing. Her blog offers value to Enchanted Florist customers and potential customers because she uses it to provide special offers and discounted rates. I want to thank Tarrah for giving us the opportunity to show off her blog, and I’ll see you all next month for April’s Blog Spotlight!