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A Look Into the Life of a Florist

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a florist looks like? Sometimes it’s not as glamorous as you may think. Step into the life of Keira Lennox, a florist who shares what it is really like to run a flower shop.

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More Than Just Members

Laughter and smiles filled the Flower Shop Network order transfer room Friday afternoon when a dozen delicious cupcakes, a large box of cookies and candies, and a mouth-watering cake was delivered. The unexpected afternoon treats touched hearts and showed our FSN family once again how amazing our local florists are.

 Skip and Esther Vergers are the proud owners of Lighthouse Point Flowers in Florida. Their flower shop has been in business for decades and they have been a part of the Flower Shop Network family for seven years.

Our FSN Order Transfer Department and Sales Representatives have helped Skip and Esther over the years and have developed strong relationships with the couple. A few weeks ago during a phone conversation, they learned that Skip was finishing his chemotherapy treatments in two weeks and was preparing for surgery. The department sent Skip and Esther a card along with an email to let them know that they are loved and cared for by their FSN family.

A Sweet Surprise

Much to everyone’s surprise, the next week a huge delivery of sweets arrived at the office. A note was taped to the top of the box that said, “Special thanks for all of your concern and best wishes! It means so much to us! Love y’all! – Skip and Esther.”

The entire office was absolutely blown away by the Vergers’ kindness and generosity. It is a day at the office that won’t be forgotten. To everyone that has spoken to this sweet couple, they are more than just members of FSN. They are dear friends, and one simple card of well wishes touched their hearts.

This type of relationship is what we are striving for at Flower Shop Network. Our goal is to be a true partner for local florists. Helping florists across the country with their needs and providing solutions to their problems without taking over their business.

Our vision is to see local flower shops across the country thriving. Stories like this encourage us and give us the motivation to continue making strides towards our goal.

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Frey Florist and Greenhouse

This month we are excited to congratulate Frey Florist and Greenhouse on 105 years in business, making it the longest continuous running business in Providence, RI. Frey Florist opened in the early 1900s and continues to be a leader in the community. This shop has decided to celebrate their milestone anniversary in a very unique way.

Richard Espeut opened Frey Florist’s recent location in 1973 and it has become a local landmark in Providence. Every floral arrangement is created by professional floral designers with over 20 years of experience.

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Zombie Wedding Bouquet

Zombie Wedding Bouquet

This unique wedding story was shared with us by local flower shop, Mullica Hill Floral Co. in Mullica Hill NJ.

“Last week we received a call from our friend Jill at Jillian Kathryn Photography. She had entered a zombie-themed photography contest and decided to create a zombie wedding. In need of a bridal bouquet, she called on us, and we were more than happy to help!”

How The Zombie Bouquet Was Made

“The bouquet consists of dried celosia, yarrow, cockscomb and straw flowers, which were sprayed black to achieve a moldy look. Also included are red spray roses, which were left out of water so they could wilt. The bouquet is framed with dying ginger leaves. I used white tool to wrap the bouquet, then used a light coating of black spray paint to make it appear dirty. As a final touch, I took a knife and shredded the tool ribbon to further keep with the theme.”

“I had a lot of fun creating this bouquet and I can’t wait for future challenges!”

Anything zombie-themed is so trendy right now. With all of the popular movies and TV shows out. it’s easy to see why. This story just goes to show you that you’re local florist is there to help you make your wedding dreams come true.. No matter how far towards the nightmare side your dream might be. Has any other florist-readers out there had a similar challenge? Don’t forget to share your story!

How would you create your zombie bouquet? Tell us in the comments below!

The Creative Process Of Local Florist – Blossom Shop

Blossom Shop, Strasburg COTake a peek inside the creative mind of a florist as they design something truly unique for a special someone. This is a story shared with us by Blossom Shop in Strasburg CO.

I got a wire order over the phone from another flower shop. I was pleasantly surprised to get a very good budget for a sympathy arrangement and no specifics other than they would like a nice fall arrangement if you can do that otherwise…

So I got to thinking, I wanted to do several matching pieces, something really large in a basket. I just knew I wanted it to be creative, but not something they might dislike being too interesting.

Getting Inspiration

Squre wreath example from Blossom ShopSo I took a tour of my shop a few times, front and back, to see what sizes and different containers that I might want to use.  Some of my best-liked arrangements come from me finding something I can’t seem to get rid of (container wise) and making it beautiful with flowers. So I found these square wreath forms that I’ve yet to sell; one, because they have structure in the middle for placing a picture or something of the like, and two, they are a big size. I have yet to convince anyone to let me customize the center or pay enough so I could do something “interesting”.

So I grabbed one on those bad boys and got the wheels spinning. I used the leaf-looking ribbon to cover the back. To make that interesting I wove 10 lengths of that ribbon and covered all that maché and the center structure. After soaking it I laid it flat to start my designing.

Bringing It All Together

I covered the center structure with fall-colored, preserved leaves. Then I did the four corners, each with a different type of green to add interest, and then filled in with beautiful fall flowers. [Read more…]

Florist Helps Couple Celebrate 65th Anniversary

This incredibly sweet story was shared with us by Maryjane’s Flowers & Gifts, Berlin NJ.

65th Wedding Anniversary Dance

Being a florist is a very fulfilling job because you get to help people celebrate the most important and special occasions in their life. That was just the case for Sandra Hooper of Maryjane’s Flowers & Gifts in Berlin NJ. She was asked to help a couple at an assisted living center celebrate their 65th (no, not a typo!) wedding anniversary.

Original Wedding Photo Wedding Portrait

Sandra was given a copy of their wedding portrait and was able to copy the original wedding bouquet almost exactly. What memories that must have stirred up!

Wedding Bouquet Remake Beautiful Bride With Vintage Replica Bouquet

Here you can see the beautiful bride and her wedding bouquet remake of the original. “She said it couldn’t have matched it better!!!”
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Kids Are Customers Too! (Or Will Be Soon)

Young Girl Holding Flowers

This is a guest post written by Aut Fuller at Floral Expressions in Owings MD.

In my 35 years around this industry, it never ceases to amaze me how many business owners don’t like it when young kids visit. As a parent of 3 kids myself, there have been many times when visiting a store you get the evil eye for bringing the young ones.

Cater To The Kids

I  know, I know, all the breakable stuff, and the sticky fingers touching everything, but at our store we talk to the little ones and cater to them. We give them a flower (even when they say they don’t really like them, LOL) and tell them to just surprise someone with it. Once they see the joy of giving, they learn a valuable life lesson.

To keep their interest, we have a toy section to keep them busy while mom shops and we are constantly looking for cool, new things just for the kids.

Hard Work Pays Off

We have been located in the same store for 25 years now, and we are now doing proms, weddings and birthdays of the kids whose parents were kids 25 years ago. It is very exciting when the next generation of customers come in with Grandma to see their friend the florist. How cool is that?

What other business can say that anymore? I refuse to believe that customer service is dead. IT’S ALIVE AND WELL HERE!


Florist Stories: First Day, 100 Roses & The Rolling Stones

This Florist Story was shared with us by Angelique, The FlowerGurl of Cottage Flowers & Gifts in Pasadena TX.

Red Roses

“It all started when I was a sophomore in high school. My Aunt used to run a floral shop in town. Back in the day, the shops use to close at 10:00 pm. My Parents use to make me go after school to the floral shop to keep my Aunt company so that she would not be there by herself. I would walk to the floral shop after school and listen to the radio and or TV, while at the same time doing my homework, and spending time with my Aunt. I would finish my homework and sit there just watching my Aunt do these amazing things with flowers. I would ask her, how in the heck can you come out with something like that from all that? I was intrigued by it all.

Puttin’ On The Ritz

I knew nothing about flowers. I liked them, I loved receiving them, but what she could do out of nothing at all was beyond me. So needless to say I spent a lot of time with my Aunt and watched her do all these beautiful designs that I just had to try it one day. Well from just watching and observing all that time, I surprised myself. I could not believe, nor did my Aunt, I could actually wrap some flowers in pretty paper and make them look so pretty. Well from there I moved on to bigger things like dressing plants and greening her vases. I figured if having the concept of greening a vase was so easy, then I can take the next step of puttin on the ritz.

Well she walked me through it, and to my amazement, I did it again. I could actually design flowers in a manner that it sold within an hour. I was so pleased that it just made me want to try harder. My Aunt said that I had it in me all the time. Who knows, maybe I did? Her Boss liked what I did and hired me to start work the next day.

The First Day & All of It’s Surprises

I was so excited cause I got to run the shop all by myself. I had an interesting visitor that night. This hippie-looking guy walks in and wants to buy all the red roses we had on-hand. I called my Aunt right away and told her what the guy wanted. She told me to go ahead and give him a good price and let him buy what he wanted. He bought all 4 bunches (100) we had on hand. Before he left he handed me two tickets to the Rolling Stones concert that was taking place that same night. Oh to my surprise, he was one of the members of the band!

Memories I’ll Never Forget

So sad I was unable to attend the concert, but I still have the tickets as a souvenir. My Aunt has moved on, and so have I. She is and will always be my mentor. I am the owner/designer of my own Floral Shop and I have my Aunt to thank for showing me the knowledge. She is now retired and we call her the Retired Floral Critic. That she is, because every time I send her flowers through a wire service (she lives out of town) yep, she sure does call me, to let me know, yea or nea.

I have been in business for over 15 years, and still love it like I did the first time I laid my eyes on those beautiful blooms.”

– Angelique The FlowerGurl

Whether you are a florist or someone who just loves flowers, we want to hear your story. Use our Share Your Story page to submit yours today!

Florist Stories: Memories From Design Competitions

We are excited to share with you our very first Florist Story submitted by Lori Mudge of De’Vine Floral Design & Gifts in Granville, IL.

For the past 3 years, Lori and her team at De’Vine Floral Design & Gifts have taken the floral design contest at Bonnett’s Wholesale’s by storm.

Lori tells us all about it here:

“Floral supplier, Bonnett’s Wholesale in Milan, IL always has there annual open house in August. They host a big design contest for all of their mid-west customers, guest designers and floral professionals, which we enter every year.

Bonnett’s Design Contest has three design categories to enter:

  • Anything Goes (anything you want in fresh, silk or whatever, with a wholesale price of $50.00)
  • Corsage + Boutonniere
  • Surprise Box

Florists are able to enter all three categories. The winner of the competition is determined by votes from Bonnett’s staff, as well as florists and industry professionals from all across the mid-west. I feel it is more of an honor to win here because it is judged by florists from Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa.”

Lori shared these photos with us of her winning entries for the past 3 years in a row:

The first year, Lori received two 1st place awards in the Anything Goes and Corsage + Boutonniere categories. Her out-of-the-box designs set her apart from her competition.

Bonnett's Flower Competition

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