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October Blog Spotlight: Concord Flower Shop

Blog October

Welcome to October’s Blog Spotlight!

This month we have a small blog from Concord, MA: The Concord Flower Shop Blog. This flower shop has been in business since 1898 and is in its 25th year under current owner, Helen Dearborn Halloran. They are a local, independent and green florist that carries a large selection of cut flowers from local sources and around the world. They offer both monthly specials and web specials, so if you’re in the Concord area, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their page. But what about the blog?

Concord Flower Shop Blog

Concord-Flower-Shop-Wicked-Local-Regional-Favorite--in-Acton-Chelmsford-Clinton-Concord-Littleton-Maynard-Stow-Westford-MA-4It’s always exciting to win and we couldn’t be happier to have been voted Favorite Florist in both Concord and the wider Region (Acton, Chelmsford, Clinton, Concord, Littleton, Maynard, Stow & Westford) by Wicked Local!

Each year the local Beacon Communications News runs this contest for their readers. We’ve won in each category before but not both at the same time. It’s great to know that our hard work and customer service doesn’t go un-noticed and we will continue to work hard to keep your business.

Right now we are offering local summer flowers from area farms. This means the flowers are picked daily and when you bring them home or send them to a friend, you can be certain they will be fresh and long lasting. Our summer specials are posted on the sandwich sign outside our shop in West Concord, on our Facebook page and the special’s page on our web site.  We hope you’ll visit  soon and see for yourself why we are the areas favorite florist!

Why It Works

The post is short and to the point, but that’s not a bad thing! It’s a public thank you to their customers, and they are using the blog as a way to communicate store news to their audience. Both excellent uses of the blog space!

Are you interested in having your blog featured in our next blog spotlight? Leave your shop name and blog link in the comments below. Thanks for reading and join us next month for another edition of the monthly Blog Spotlight!


September Blog Spotlight: Allioops! Flowers and Gifts


This month our blog spotlight is on Allioops! Flowers and Gifts in New London, NH. This shop is known for beautiful designs and amazing arrangements, but they are also known for their eye-catching window displays and fun atmosphere. And the value of that can’t be overstated. In today’s market, having a great environment and creating a reason for customers to enter your shop is key. There are so many ways that customers can interact with businesses and standing out is of utmost importance. See how this blog interacts with customers and promotes their brand.

The Allioops! Blog


Who’s not already hooked on Pinterest? We sure are! Head on over to view our latest Pinterest galleries! We’ve got pins of our work, plus lots of ideas we’re cooking in the shop.

Why It Works

Yes, it’s short. But then that’s the point. They have a singular purpose, directing their clients to their Pinterest page, and it’s brilliant. They did all their telling with the photo which highlights their boards and the impressive stuff you can find. There was no need to put together a long post when the graphic says everything that needs to be said. Well done.

If you have a blog and would like to be featured in our Blog Spotlight, leave a link in the comments section below. I’ll see you next month!

July Blog Spotlight: A Touch of Class Florist


We are joined this month by A Touch of Class Florist in Havana, FL, owned by Edna Hall. This blog is the most simple of all we’ve spotlighted before, but no less effective for all of that. So, without further gilding the lily, here’s the blog!

A Touch of Class Florist

May and Justin say, “I do” at Sweetwaterbranch Inn … Gainesville

Beautiful Bride

Beautiful Bride [Read more…]

June Blog Spotlight: Whistlestop Florist

Blog Header

This month’s blog spotlight comes to us from Whistlestop Florist in East Syracuse, NY. They are a long-established florist, and the landmark building in which they operate has been a florist shop since 1951. It was lovingly renovated in 1993, and over the years this little building has become a destination shop in the Syracuse area. So let’s check out an excerpt from their blog!

Whistlestop Florist Blog

Skaneateles Wedding of Allison and Kevan

Details, Details, Details. That is what I tell Brides. Pick a theme and stick with it. .And if you can’t stay on track, then hire someone to help you.

Allison and Kevan worked with Kate Brown of Lovewell Celebration Design and together they created a standout event.


0251-MAR-WED-5374-1-450x676 0257-MAR-WED-6410-1-450x677


Why It Works

There is quite a bit more to this post, and it is full of amazing photos. The post works beautifully because they introduce the event at the top, and then allow the pictures to tell the story for them. There’s no need to elaborate with words because nothing they could say would have more impact for the viewer than the gorgeous visuals. Then, at the end they list all the vendors who’s work appeared in the photos with links to their web pages. This allows their readers to not only know they are a quality florist, but also that these other companies do quality work as well.

Great job, Whistlestop Florist!

Be sure to come back next month and see who our next Blog Spotlight will feature!

Blog Spotlight: Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co.

Blog Spotlight Banner

Florists are the authority on all things floral. For most it is their passion as well as their job. These men and women overflow with knowledge about flowers and share that information on their websites every day. They describe events they’ve decorated, arrangements they’ve designed and even classes they offer. There’s no end to the information you can glean when reading blogs by local florists.

Because of that fact, the Bloomin’ Blog is choosing the blog of one florist each month to spotlight. If you need floral ideas for a wedding, a party or just for your home, there’s no better place to go than the source, your local florist!

For this month”s Blog Spotlight, we’re taking you all the way to Princeton, NJ to visit not one but two blogs by Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co!

Monday Morning Flowers

Our first example comes from the Monday Morning Flowers main site.

Floral Cake Making

“It’s not too late to sign up for our next in-store workshop! Join us in our Princeton location next Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 from 6-8PM for Floral Cake Making. Learn how to make your own cake made of flowers. Perfect for a gift, decoration or party piece. Let us teach you all the tricks to making these fun cakes while you enjoy wine and refreshments!

cake class picture

This class is only $55 per person and includes $10 of Monday Morning Money to spend however you like! Call our shop today at 609-520-2005, or sign up online at www.sendingsmiles.com.”

Weddings by Monday Morning WeddingsCranbury Inn Wedding

This piece is from Monday Morning’s wedding blog.

“We love doing themed weddings, especially a Christmas one.

Last weekend had us decorating the ceremony and reception area of the Cranbury Inn for bride Danielle and Groom Jason. There might not have been snow on the ground but the setting was warm and festive. My favorite part of the wedding was the place card table which was created using three very large vases filled with winter ilex berries, water and a floating candle. So dramatic!

The aisle was decorated with tall vases filled with water, floating cranberries and our hanging Juliette candle holders. So pretty! After the ceremony when the room was quickly changed over, these vases were then placed along the edge of the room to add a touch of warmth and a pop of color. The centerpieces were created with fresh cranberries, red roses, red berries, winter greens and fresh holy. A small but dramatic touch to the tables. Such elegant but simple wedding decor for the perfect Christmas Themed Wedding.”

As you can see from the examples above, Georgianne Vinicombe uses her blogs to not only promote her business, but also to reach out to her community by offering classes and educational tidbits. The blogs intrigue and educate her readers about flowers and how she uses them to best effect while also mixing in a little advertising. Great job!

Thanks to Monday Morning Flowers and come back next month for another Blog Spotlight!

Calling all florists! If you would like to see your site featured in our Blog Spotlight, leave your website information in the comments below! 

In Lieu Of Flowers Doesn’t Mean No Funeral Flowers

Back in December, Central Square News (the Central Square Florist blog) addressed the issue of “In Lieu of Flowers” concerning funeral flowers. It seems the question concerning the appropriateness of sending sympathy flowers surfaces over and over again. The 2003 Flower Shop Network newsletter – In Lieu of Flowers addressed the importance of flowers in the bereavement process. In fact, there have been many studies that prove the importance of flowers during times of emotional stress. But, I realized that the reason this question comes up, time and time again, is that people are uncomfortable with funerals and don’t want to make any mistake when it comes to showing their sympathy and support.

Funeral FlowersUnderstanding some of the terminology used in obituaries can help elevate some of the questions people have concerning funerals and what is appropriate. As Central Square Florist explains the term “in lieu of flowers” gives you the option of sending a donation instead of flowers – it is acceptable to give both, flowers and a donation. This phrase, however, does not state that the family does not want flowers. If flowers are not wanted at the service, the term “please omit” will be used.

Flowers are one of the most thought ways to express your sympathy, but ordering funeral flowers can be a frightening experience for some. Not all families deal with funerals the same way. When I was growing up, my parents didn’t believe that children should be exposed to funerals. As a result, I was unprepared the first time I needed to send flowers to a funeral. I was in college and a friend was killed in a car accident. I remember calling the local florist shop; I rambled on about needing flowers, not knowing what was appropriate or what information the florist needed; luckily the florist was very patient – walking me through all the steps and making suggestions. It would have been helpful to have some kind of guide.

As always, Flower Shop Network tries to give it’s reader pertained information about anything concerning flowers. In fact, the FSN Funeral Flower Etiquette newsletter discusses everything from the types of funeral flowers to the appropriateness of sympathy flowers based on culture. Although the newsletter is very helpful, I found that InLieuOfFlowers.info had a couple of really neat tribute guides. The Tribute Preference by State lists five types of floral sympathy categories (baskets – sprays – arrangements – wreaths, hearts & crosses – green and blooming plants) and then lists the categories in order of frequencies for each state. The Tribute Guide by Relationship lists the type of floral piece and which is appropriate to send by relationship.

So although “In Lieu of Flowers” is an option when you need to convey your sympathy remember it doesn’t mean no flowers. Flowers truly touch the heart and give comfort, so don’t be afraid to send flowers. If you are unsure of what kind of funeral flowers to send,

Talk to a local florist, read the FSN newsletters or check out the sympathy guides at InLieuOfFlower.info. If you have funeral flower questions, I’m always here to answer them. Remember, the funeral flowers you send will give convey a message of comfort and support in a difficult and emotional time.

Did you know, you can use FSNfuneralhomes.com to find a funeral home anywhere in the US and Canada.

Overcrowded Garden – World of Flowers

An interesting post on Dirt called My Overcrowded Garden caught my eye this morning. In this post Amy ponders the issue of a mature garden. Reminiscing the introduction of particular plants to the garden and the difficult decision of whether to eliminate some of the plants. What struck me were the memories and sentiments attached to those flowers.  She planted Shasta Daisies because they were her mother favorite. She described the excitement of purchasing new plants and the way a planted tree can mark the passage of time.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my family enjoying an abundance of food, laughter and conversation. We drug out the family photo albums; viewing pictures of my parent’s home and it’s landscaping (which changed several times over the years). Every pictured was accompanied by a memory of particular plant, flower or shrub. Memories like my sister crashing into the juniper at the end of the driveway or the arborvitae that was so big, we had to use a tractor to remove it. Plants and flowers have come and gone over the years but those memories will always be with us.

My garden is due for an over haul this spring. Of course there are memories galore related to this garden. But I have pictures to remind me. Whether from the garden or in a beautifully arranged in a vase plants and flowers seem to create strong emotions. That is why her post caught my eye. Amy doesn’t just enjoy plants and flowers; she lives for them. Yesterday and today made me think, “What would the world be like with out flowers?” I can’t imagine, nor do I want to, a world without flowers. I may rearrange my flower garden but I will always have a one.

Think about the way flowers have touched your life. Flowers remind me that the world is a good place. Certain flowers remind me of a particular place, person or time. How have flowers played a part in your life?