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Florists: The Media’s Next Golden Child?

For years I have known about the fun, energetic and interesting people that exist in the floral industry. I’m sure that all of you know a little something about the personalities at your local florist. In fact flower shops are often the nucleus of event planning and celebrations for a town. The importance of flower shops to a town and the personalities that reside within have been a well kept secret until now. It looks like Hollywood has realized that doctors, lawyers and housewives aren’t the only exciting people. And of course our friend Kate Collins has known the power of flower shop personalities for a while.

Kate Collins, friend of Flower Shop Network and author of The Flower Shop Mysteries, recently released a new book entitled “Shoots To Kill”. Kate’s book brings the light and love of flower shops to the surface of popular recognition with its engaging plot line, clever twists and turns, and positive tales of the joys of surrounding oneself with flowers. Though she could’ve chosen any other profession for her main character, Kate keeps us on the edge of our seat with her tale of a young flower shop owner. Doctors and lawyers are overdone. It’s refreshing to see a spunky young woman taking charge of her own life and business. Kate has also shared her creative talent and floral insight with us as she taught us a little about the Language of Flowers.

Books aren’t the only creative medium that is putting florists on show—literally. The CBS television network is set to premier a new romantic comedy series about a flower shop owner who learns that her soulmate is one of her former flames. What a funny twist considering that florists are always the go-to people for romantic Valentines Day gifts—not the chasers! We all know about the exciting drama that happens in a flower shop. Instead of the same old boring cop shows and medical dramas, now we get to watch what happens during the crazy days blooming at her local flower shop.

In my professional opinion (as a professional television junkie and book-aholic), it’s about time that the floral industry and the entertainment industry join forces. And why not? It’s hard not to respond to the call to beautify our lives with so much interest in the wonderful world of flowers being brought to our attention.