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Our Get Well Flowers Have Healing Powers

For those of you who think there’s no point in sending Get Well flowers — think again! Their beauty alone can uplift us, but it’s the unique energy of each flower that holds the power to truly heal.

What exactly is this flower energy?

Light is a nutrient to living things, just like food. Our bodies need light (the sunshine vitamin), just like plants need sunshine to grow. Well, we all know light is energy, but did you know color is light? That’s right! Color is simply light vibrating at different frequencies. So, if light is energy, and color is light, than that means color = energy!

There is growing evidence that humans respond, both physiologically, mentally and emotionally to different colors. Simply seeing these different colors can be therapeutic, also known as chromotherapy.

Colorful Roses

Color & Energy

Red – feelings of energy and excitement. Raises blood pressure and heart rate, pumps up adrenaline, encourages action and gives a sense of protection. Send Classic Red Roses

Orange – feelings of energy, eagerness and happiness. Energizes nerves, stimulates appetite, and encourages socialization.

Yellow – feelings of warmth. Uplifting, re-activator, activates memory, purifies the body. Send Sunny Yellow Flowers

Green – feelings of harmony, self-control, and relaxation. Relieves tension, lowers blood pressure, helps with nervous conditions, helps alleviate depression.

Blue – feelings of security, calm, soothing. Relaxing, slows respiration and heart rate.

Purple – feelings of spirituality, luxury. Encourages creativity, uplifting, calms the mind and nerves.

Brown – feelings of wholesomeness, dependability. Earthy, invokes sense of order.

White – feelings of purity, peace. Encourages mental clarity and enables fresh beginnings. Send White Tulips

Black – feelings of power, elegance and mystery. Invokes a sense of potential.

Next time you’re sending Get Well flowers, or any kind of flowers, think about this interesting list before making your choice! And make sure you’re florist is a LOCAL florist!

Listen To What These Tulips Are Saying

Tulips are one of those classic flowers that you just must receive at least once in your life. If your sweetheart hasn’t received an arrangement of tulips before, get cracking!

Most people hear of tulips and immediately picture fields of Dutch tulips, windmills and tiny wooden shoes. However, tulips represent so much more than just Holland. The flower meanings of tulips are also some of the most powerful expressions of love and adoration that can be expressed with flowers. Arrangements of tulips represent the perfect lover and frame. But just wait. The flower color meanings associated with tulips make them even more special. Red tulips express extreme sincerity and are a declaration of love.Do you love to make your sweetheart smile? Send an arrangement of yellow tulips which says “There’s sunshine in your smile.”

It’s hard not to adore the sender of gorgeous and colorful flowers, especially one who invested so much extra effort in giving a meaningful gift. Tulips are beautiful, colorful and meaningful—just what she’s always wanted in a birthday or anniversary gift.

Tulips Spring Flowers Arrangement Cheer up someone with Sunny Tulips from your local florist!

Speak Softly And Carry Gerbera Daisies

When you work with flowers everyday you are bound to hear the phrase “my favorite flower is” at least one hundred times per month. It was what seemed like the 78th time that I heard “my favorite flower is the gerbera daisy” that inspired me to learn more about gerbera daisies. Flower meanings are quite interesting things. I learned that the flower meanings of gerbera daisies are purity and strength. These are two of the most admirable qualities in any person. To send a bouquet of gerbera daisies is not only a beautiful gesture but also expresses an appreciation for the purity and strength of the recipient. How sweet!

Women who know the flower meanings of gerbera daisies are bound to sweetly exclaim “awww” after receiving an arrangement of the popular flower. Color meanings are also very important to a lot of women. Red gerbera daisies not only speak volumes of purity and strength but also express deep and committed love. Orange gerbera daisies celebrate warmth and confidence. There is a flower color meaning for many other colors. Your sweetheart will love the extra thought that you put into this gift.

Is your sweetie unfamiliar with flower color meanings? That’s what makes card messages so great! Sending flowers to the office? Make every coworker in the room jealous with a sweet card message about how you picked the gerbera daisies arrangement and colors specifically as a way to say “I love you” to the strong, pure, beautiful person in your life. You can’t go wrong.

Daisy’s Delight Flower Arrangement Use gerbera daisies bouquets to tell her how you feel!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow of Blooms Lies Your Next Gift Idea

I won’t deny it. I’m a huge fan of color in the things that surround me. Deep reds, bright blues, the shades of green that inspire me to shout, “Catch me lucky charms!” and nearly every vivid color in the rainbow thrills me to the core. Upon reflection, it’s probably this giddy effect that makes me love the “Rainbow of Blooms” arrangement almost to animated glee. Almost.

Rainbow of Blooms Arrangement Dance it up with the “Rainbow of Blooms” vase arrangement!

I seem to recall merrily making my way down the hallway after seeing the colorful way that delphinium, carnations, lilies, roses, and alstroemeria were designed together in the arrangement. It’s amazing! My love of carnations is by no means a secret but watch the hot pink carnations pop next to the striking blue delphinium or the yellow gerbera and roses. You’re very likely to do a dance yourself or give some lucky recipient a reason to cha-cha in their living room over your tender expression of affection.

It’s no surprise that someone familiar with the meanings of flower colors may become quite animated over the messages inside the “Rainbow of Blooms” arrangement. The yellow gerbera and roses express friendship and celebrate brilliance. The blue delphinium express peace, trust, and tranquility. Who wouldn’t want to know how comfortable you feel around them? The pink carnations are fun as they represent romance, sweetness and sincerity. Give her these and you won’t have to say “I love you and I mean it” because you are already saying it with flowers. The greatest of these is love. Sending flowers says, “I love you.” Sending flowers says, “I need you.” Sending flowers says it all.

Flower Color Meanings: The Colors of Our Lives

Flowers come in a plethora of colors and meanings. With so many colors representing a variety of emotions and feelings, it is often difficult to remember the different meanings associated with special flower colors. Breathe easy now! This handy guide to flower meanings by color will help send the right message for every occasion!

Red – Love, power, desire, seduction

Red has long represented true love, a thirst for power, intensity and desire, and passionate seduction. In nature, red is associated with heat, fire, and strength. Red catches the eye, grabs attention, and stimulates the mind. A dozen red roses arrangement is a typical gift between lovers. The “bloodthirsty” intensity and drive of a powerful executive makes a red flower arrangement the perfect gift.

**Red, pink, and white are common colors selected for Valentine’s Day arrangements.**

**Red and green are common colors used during the celebration of Christmas.**

Orange – Enthusiasm, energy, warmth, harvest, confidence

Orange is a very brazen color in nature. It is often associated with the fall harvest celebrations, warmth and energy of a fire, and chipper enthusiasm. Orange flowers make a bold statement and draw a large amount of attention.

Yellow – Friendship, joy, natural energy, brilliance, warmth

Yellow is the color most commonly associated with friendship. Yellow flowers may be used to celebrate a new friendship or to slow the development of a romantic relationship. Yellow is a vibrant color whose brilliance is often associated with natural energy and warmth like that of the sun. Yellow flowers stimulate feelings of joy and make excellent gifts for cheering up someone who is down or brightening the day of a loved one.

Green – Fertility, wealth, health, youth

Green these days can mean anything from environmentally friendly to financially wealthy. Green flowers represent all of these feelings from the fertility and fresh green sprouts of nature to the vitality and spritely youth of someone.

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