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November Flower Spotlight: The Dahlia

Flowers are beautiful at any time of year, and they will be blooming somewhere no matter how cold the temperature gets. With fall weather here in earnest, let’s look at a flower to remind us of warmer climes, the beautiful Dahlia!


Some dinner plate dahlias from Oak Bay Flower Shop in Victoria, BCThe Dahlia is native to Mexico but is also grown throughout Central America. Its roots were used by the Aztecs as a food source, but though European explorers took the dish home, it didn’t catch on. Instead, the beautiful flowers became the only reason European horticulturists had any interest. The tuberous roots are rarely eaten anymore, but the blooms have never lost their luster.

Flower Symbolism

There is no one meaning that encompasses all the dahlia is, and that more than anything else may embody its symbolism. For some, the dahlia expresses dignity and elegance. It can also mean commitment and everlasting bonds, but that’s not all. To others, the dahlia means change, travel or even a warning of impending danger. It is also seen as meaning inner strength, creativity and standing up for what you believe.

The Perfect Gift

Dahlias in the Flower Shop Network Booth at the Tennessee State Florist Convention Trade ShowSo with all those different meanings, when is a good time to gift someone with a dahlia?

It’s perfect for that friend with a bit of a wild side, someone who tempers their adventures with a good heart and good intentions. It can also be given for any of the meanings listed above, it may just be a good idea to verbally express what your intentions were at the outset.


The dahlia is normally available from most flower shops, but as with any specific flower request it’s always a good idea to give the florist time to order some if they don’t carry them in stock. After all, flowers are highly perishable items. But don’t fret. That ordering process normally only takes a couple of days.

So contact your local florist and order a gorgeous arrangement with the always elegant dahlia!

FSN September Newsletter: Last Chance for Summer Sun!

Summer Sunshine

September means the end of summer, and yet there is still time before temperatures fall into the cool days of autumn. For a few weeks more, summer sunshine will grace us with warm days and cool nights. Before you turn the page to the new season, engage in some fun summer activities. Go camping, play a neighborhood game of kickball and buy yourself or a loved one another arrangement of fabulous summer flowers.

Because that’s how you celebrate the last days of summer, by enjoying the warmth of the summer sun outside and the beauty of summer inside.

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September Flower Spotlight: Aster

September’s birth flower is the Aster, and that makes it the perfect choice for our September Flower Spotlight. A gorgeous bloom that looks like a star burst and whose name means star, it makes the perfect gift for any September event!


Garden AsterAs usual with Greek mythology, there is more than one tale that explains the presence of these beautiful flowers. The first says that the goddess Virgo spread star dust upon the earth and it took root to eventually become the Aster. Another says that the goddess Asterea began to cry when she looked upon the earth and saw no stars there. Her tears became the lovely Aster.

Another legend comes from the Cherokee Indian tribe. They believed that two warring tribes destroyed a village, leaving only two sisters as survivors. The two women wore doe skin dresses, one dyed lavender blue with fringe and the other bright yellow. They took refuge with an old herb woman who saw into the future and realized they would be hunted down and killed by their enemies. To help them avoid this fate, she turned them into flowers. The first sister became the blue aster and the second was the yellow goldenrod.

Uses of the Past

New England Aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae)Ancient peoples believed that the smell of burning aster leaves would drive away serpents. The French would place them on the graves of fallen soldiers to symbolize the wish that things had turned out differently.


The aster means patience, love, daintiness and good-luck. When given as a gift it means admiration and love, and can also mean elegance. It is often seen as a talisman of love, and in China they are a symbol of fidelity.

The aster is a magnificent flower with a rich history and a beautiful mythology. It’s the perfect gift for a September birthday, a welcome surprise for your heart’s true love or just because you like to give gorgeous blooms! As always, remember to buy local!

August Newsletter: Keeping It Classy


The kids put on their backpacks. Mom and Dad give them a lift or make sure they get on the bus without incident. Teachers stare across their classrooms at a sea of new faces, excited to educate fresh, young minds. What’s missing from these images? Flowers! In a stressful first few weeks, a beautiful bouquet or magnificent arrangement can do wonders, and every person in this scenario is deserving.

So whether you’re a student, a parent, a teacher or just friends with some, give the gift of flowers and keep school classy!

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August Flower Spotlight: Gladiolus

The Gladiolus is native to sub-Saharan Africa and has over over 260 species. It is a beautiful flower that has found popularity in the states and is almost always available at your local flower shop. But why should you request one be used in your next arrangement?

Flower Meaning

june-gladiolusIf you’re looking for a flower that really gets to the heart of your relationship, the Gladiolus is perfect. Why? Because the name of this flower comes from the latin word gladioli which means sword. It was so named and is sometimes referred to as the “Sword Lily” due to it’s long flower spikes. It’s meanings include strength and moral integrity, but because of it’s unique sword shape, it is also known for infatuation, letting the recipient know that they’ve pierced the giver’s heart with passion. It’s an excellent flower for all stages of love.

Occasions For Use

It’s also the birth flower for August! If you’re giving away any birthday arrangements, the Gladiolus should be included in your floral mix. And all of you wonderful couples celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary, the Gladiolus is this momentous event’s designated flower as well!

The Gladiolus is a gorgeous flower with gorgeous meaning. Your local florist should have them in stock, but if not, they can be on her next shipment!



July Newsletter: Pick Up Some Summer Sunshine


Summer is a beautiful time of year, and that makes it the perfect time for flowers!

As the temperature heats up and Mother Nature spreads her wings, florist shops are filled to bursting with beautiful summer blooms. It’s the perfect time to stop by and pick up a creative arrangement for your significant other or even for yourself. After all, there’s nothing like fresh cut flowers adorning your breakfast table or sitting by your bedside when you wake. So head on out to your local florist shop and pick up some summer sunshine!

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Make Summer Sizzle with Flowers


Perhaps you’re looking to start a new relationship, or you’re just trying to kindle the flames on an existing one. Maybe things are wonderful and you’re just looking for a way to keep the home fires burning. No matter your relationship status or its current state, flowers are always the best way to heat things up. 

The Power of the Flower

They say that love is the universal language, but I say that language is most easily communicated in flowers. Want to express your passion? A few red blooms will send an unmistakable message. Do you want to exhibit a more chaste expression of love? White flowers represent honesty, innocence and purity. What if you are looking to show happiness and joy? Orange flowers are the choice for you.

Pink expresses innocence, playfulness, and sensitivity while yellow exudes trust, compassion and respect. Blues speak to serenity and intimacy, perfect for the long-standing couple wishing to express their mature love.

Summer SongBright Before Your EyesSun-Drenched Color

The Lure of Local

If the goal is gorgeous flowers that will take his or her breath away, you want to contact your local florist. She will not only provide you with amazing, fresh cut flowers, but she can produce a heart-stopping arrangement sure to raise the temperature a few degrees. These local flower artists are exactly what you need to make the perfect gift for the one you love.

Don’t be satisfied with lukewarm. Make your summer sizzle!

June Flower Spotlight: Hydrangea

The hydrangea is a beautiful flower that can be found all over the US during the spring and summer months. It is native to eastern Asian countries such as China and Japan, but it grows well throughout the Americas. The hydrangea is normally a shrub growing about three to nine feet high with lovely blue, pink or even sometimes white flowers.

Two StylesHydrangea Purple Flower

It is possible to find two different styles of this flower. The first and most common type is known as the mophead. Mopheads have large round flower heads resembling a pom-pom or the head of a mop. The other is called a lacecap and has round, flat flower heads with a center core of flowers surrounded by outer rings of showy flowers. Both types can bloom from early spring until late autumn, so it’s possible to see them the majority of the year.

Flower Meaning

Hydrangea is composed of two Greek words: hydor, meaning water and angos meaning jar or vessel. This roughly translates to water barrel, thought to relate to the hydrangea’s need for lots of water as well as its cup-shaped flower.

It’s symbolic meaning, heartfelt feelings, comes from Japan, and can refer to both happiness or despair. However, there are other symbolic meanings that have been attached to the hydrangea over the years. Some believe it means vanity and boastfulness while still others claim gratefulness for the recipient’s understanding. It’s important to be aware of all of these meanings when gifting this flower to another so you can be sure and make it clear which symbolic meaning you intend. Of course, you may not intend any symbolic meaning other than that which accompanies all lovely flowers, but it’s important to make that clear as well.

The hydrangea is also the 4th wedding anniversary flower.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local florist and request this beautiful bloom. Even if they don’t have any in stock, they should be able to get them as part of their weekly shipment!

May Newsletter: Mothers Day Magnificence


It’s Mothers Day once again. The day we all set aside to say, “Thank You” to the woman who stood by our side and supported us from day one. She picked us up when we needed help, let us do it ourselves when necessary and always looked out for our well-being. She cheered us on during the game, applauded our performance on the stage and swelled with pride at every achievement. She was tough when she had to be, comforting when we needed her to be and loving through it all.

This woman should receive all your love this Mothers Day. And she’d probably also enjoy some lovely flowers. And doesn’t she deserve it? After all, she’s Mom.

Rainbow of RosesUnforgettable BeautyPicturesque Posies

Choose Local for Mother’s Day Flowers Before Time Runs Out!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 11th, and if you have yet to order flowers for your mom, time is running out! But don’t worry, you can still pick up a gorgeous corsage or breath-taking arrangement from your local florist. Just call or come by the shop and they will have everything you need to make your mother’s special day one to remember!

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April Blog Spotlight: Lavender Hill Florals

This month we are showcasing a wonderful and classic take on the florist blog. The comments under the photos are mine, and I’m only going to use some of the photos here. If you’d like to see the entire post, click below!

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Facebook Friday: April Favorites

We provide a Friday recap of all the wonderful posts and pictures from active florists on our Facebook Page. It’s been so much fun seeing all the completely different designs every day. We hope you enjoy these favorites and continue through to see more from each Friday this month:

Gorgeous piece by Hobby Hill Florist in Sebring, FL
Hobby Hill Florist, Sebring, FL

A contemporary bridal design from Petals in Thyme in Wasaga Beach, ON

Petals in Thyme, Wasaga Beach, ON

A gorgeous sympathy arrangement from BlueShores Flowers & Gifts in Wasaga Beach, ON

BlueShores, Wasaga Beach, ON

Easter fun with Michele's Floral and Gifts in Copperas Cove, TX

Michele’s Floral, Copperas Cove, TX

75th anniversary tree of roses from Mabel Flowers in Mabel, MN

Mabel Flowers, Mabel, MN

A lovely piece from Wilma's Flowers in Jasper, AL

Wilma’s Flowers, Jasper, TN

See all Facebook Recap pictures in these posts:


DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to use flowers, and any time we find an idea that is “outside the box”, we like to highlight it. That’s the case today as we ran across this excellent DIY post on Etsy from author Clare McGibbon detailing how to decorate a phone case with dried and pressed flowers! The process is simple, though not without need for a steady hand. Still, Mrs. McGibbon includes a method for clean-up if you get a little wild with the resin.

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Best Reasons to Send Flowers in May

#1. Mother’s Day – May 11th – This really is the mother of all flower-sending holidays and that’s because nothing shows love and unconditional affection like fresh-cut flowers. Have your mom’s flowers delivered during the week to her office so she can show them off to her friends. Or have flowers arrive on the weekend to help her enjoy her special day.

#2. Armed Forces Day – May 17th and Memorial Day – May 26th – That’s 2 chances you have this month to show your love for the red, white and blue! Armed Forces Day salutes soldiers currently serving in the military while Memorial Day is set aside to honor those fallen heroes who gave their life in service. Send a beautiful patriotic themed bouquet to a special friend or family member who serves or served their country through military service.

#3. May Birthdays – Have family or friends with a May birthday coming up soon? Show them just how thoughtful you are with a lovely arrangement.

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FLOWER CARE TIP   Most flowers will last longer under cool conditions. Keep this in mind as we head toward warmer climes!
More Flower Care Tips


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May Flower Spotlight: Peonies

May is a month long known for flowers. It falls in the sweet spot of Spring where, even in more traditionally cold parts of the country, it’s warm enough for flowers to begin blooming. And everyone knows the old sing-song phrase, “April showers bring May flowers.” Obviously there were many different flowers to choose from for this month’s spotlight, but in the end, the peony best embodied the beauty and wonder of flowers in May.

Peony History

PeoniesThe peony is native to Asia, Northern Europe and Western North America and have anywhere from 25 – 40 different species. The number is inexact because their are no clear-cut boundaries between many of the species and scientists argue over their distinction from each other. It’s name comes from Paeon, a character from Greek Mythology.

In the story, Paeon is the pupil of Asclepious, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Asclepious becomes jealous of Paeon’s ability to heal and sets out to rid himself of the young upstart. Zeus saves the innocent lad from his master’s wrath by removing him from Olympus, taking him to earth and turning him into the flower we now know as the peony.

More than Just Beautiful

As should be evident by the above reference from Greek Mythology, the peony is not only a beautiful flower, but its bark, roots, seeds and flowers are also used for healing purposes! Its medicinal qualities were first discovered by the Chinese as a pain reliever. It was brought to Europe in the early 1200’s and was used to ease childbirth, ward off evil spirits and cure gallstones. The flower is still used in Eastern medicine, but hasn’t been used in the West since medieval times. Today the buds and leaves of the peony are used in China to make a white tea that many believe to have medicinal qualities.

The peony is traditionally recognized as the floral symbol of China but is unrecognized by the current government. It is also the state flower of Indiana.

Peony Meanings

Peony and rose wedding bouquet by Flower Boutique, Cherry Hill NJThe peony has been around so long that its meaning has changed over time. It also has meaning based on where in the world these gorgeous flowers happen to be delivered:

  1. In Victorian times it may have represented bashfulness. It was said that mischievous nymphs would hide in its luscious petals.
  2. In China the peony represents riches, prosperity and honor and the Chinese name for the peony means “beautiful”.
  3. In modern Western culture, the peony is the symbol of the 12th wedding anniversary and represents good fortune and a happy marriage.

Peonies are a magnificent flower perfect for any occasion. They come in a variety of colors and are almost always available seasonally at your local florist! So pick up the phone and give them a call or stop by the shop to find out how they can use peonies in a gorgeous arrangement for you or a loved one!