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Don’t Miss Out On Parent’s Day!

Parent’s Day is the fourth Sunday in July, and that means it’s just around the corner. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to honor the ones who raised you with a beautiful arrangement from your local florist!

Flowers of DistinctionPicturesque PosiesColors on Parade

What is Parent’s Day?

Parent’s Day was signed into existence by President Bill Clinton in 1994 to be a holiday that recognizes, uplifts and supports the role of parents.

Think of it as a combination of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day except that instead of lauding one member of the parenting team,you are celebrating them together as a team. A sort of exaltation of parenting in general.

Father’s Day or Mother’s Day can both be designated as a day to celebrate those physically responsible for bringing you into this world. But Parent’s Day celebrates those who made the hard sacrifices, stayed up late nights, and did everything possible to ensure you reached adulthood. In short, those merry folk who raised you. These may be the same people or not, but either way, they deserve some love.

Keep It Local

When you buy flowers this Parent’s Day, don’t forget the shop around the corner. Your local flower artist offers so much when it comes to finding the perfect flowers. Because you speak to them directly, you aren’t limited by a photographed list of available options. You tell the florist what YOU want, and they will do their best to help make that request a beautiful reality. And if you’re not sure what you want? That’s not a problem either!

Don’t forget that your local florist is also a flower artist. If you want something special and maybe a little different, don’t be afraid to set them free. The results are sure to be something really impressive.

So now that you have that perfect gift idea for Parent’s Day, don’t let another day go by without contacting your local florist!


My Secret Place Among The Roses

Growing up can be tough. Though I was blessed to have an amazing childhood, there are many emotions you cannot live without experiencing. The bittersweet hurt of a crush on a boy who does not feel the same can seem like the end of the world to a young girl. Luckily, I had a hiding place where I could really find the truth I was looking for: truth by the ole’ “he loves me; he loves me not” game.

Stopping to Smell the Roses…

Red RosesMy mom worked hard on her roses in the backyard, so to really know the truth about my 7th-grade love, I had to be sneaky. I would walk outside in my backyard. So what did I do? I would venture to my Secret Place in my own backyard, using an arbor in the back corner. It was decorated with mom’s prize roses, and sat right beside the roof. After finding a spot where my hands could get a good grip (without thorns), I could pull myself up on top of the arbor.

The best view of the sunset was just over the trees, and I was almost there. There, I would gather as many petals my hands could hold and I would begin my climb quietly onto the roof. My mother was always a stickler to my climbing routines; being caught was not an option. As I reached the peak, I could slow down. I had reached my destination.

A Whole New World

My Secret Place might have been on the rooftop of my house in small-town Lonoke, Arkansas, but from the view of  the peak, I was in another world. I was Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind.” I was Elizabeth in “Pride and Prejudice.” Most importantly I was a rebel without a cause. I would spend hours on the peak watching the sun slowly make its way down the sky for the night. Those were times I did not need music. I could create it in my head, humming while rubbing rose petals between my thumb and index finger repeating “he loves me; he loves me not” until the results came out to my liking.

Before the sun fell to darkness, I would slowly make my way down the roof. Giving the rose petals one more squeeze, I would release them with all the left-over stress of middle school, and head for the door.

My Secret Place Today

Several years down the road, I was graduating, my parents were moving to Dallas, TX and my house would be put up for sale. Of all the memories I have from growing up in that house the one thing I miss the most is my mother’s prize roses, and the lessons they taught me. I should not be picking apart flowers, but receiving them instead. The wait was well worth the love I have now.

Are there flowers that remind you of home? Recreate old memories by planting them, buying them for yourself or sending to a friend. Memories can last a lifetime; it just takes someone or something to rekindle the spark.

This Father’s Day, I’m Sending Dad Flowers

Always A Daddy's GirlThe scent of roses at a fresh market or at the table of a nice restaurant sends me back to Valentine’s Day in third grade when I received my first bouquet of roses. Psychologists believe that specific words can evoke certain emotions in the reader. A simple word like “smile” can make one think of a sunny day in the park. I believe flowers can do the same. Red roses remind me of my first hand delivered bouquet of flowers.

Always Daddy’s Little Girl

The bouquet was given to me by the most important man in my life, my father. Dad was a pilot for Children’s Hospital when I was younger. His usual mornings started at 5:30am, when I was long asleep in my bed in the next room. On this particular morning I heard the blow dryer, part of my mom’s usual morning beauty routine, and the coffee maker’s sizzling drops. To my disappointment, I did not hear Dad come in and say goodbye.

Mom woke me up with her usual perky singing of the “Green Acres Theme Song.” I asked for my usual five more minutes, but that day Mom quickly flicked on the overhead light. She jumped out of the doorway to reveal my Daddy holding a bouquet of twelve beautiful roses. I can still feel my cheeks cramping from the delighted smile.

Roses for Father's Day“I will always be your Valentine…”

He knelt beside my bed and whispered in my ear, “I will always be your Valentine. No matter who walks into or out of your life; remember that.” After eleven years, Dad still sends me a bouquet of a dozen roses each year. The sight of a bouquet takes me back to that morning.

This Father’s Day, I’m sending Dad flowers.

It’s your turn to start a new tradition in your family. Deliver your next memory with the help of your local florist.

Flower Names For A Memorial Garden

Ask The Expert: “We are planning a memory garden, and have been looking for planets with their names or there names in them. It doesn’t matter about perennial or not. We live in Waco, TX, and it gets very hot here in the summers will into the 100s. The names are Jacob or Jake

Flower Shop Network Expert Reply:

Jacobs Ladder PolemoniumWhat a wonderful idea to choose specific flowers based on the names of those you are memorializing. Here are a few suggestions:

  • A rose name Jacob’s Robe. It is a Weeks Rose climber with large multi-color (yellow & peach blushing pinky red) flowers good for full sun areas.
  • A type of Polemonium known as Jacob’s Ladder.  It is an upright blue flower good for shade or part sun areas.
  • Acalypha wilkesiana known as Jacob’s Coat which is a plant with coppery-green leaves.  It is hardy only in zone 10-11.
  • Asphodelus luteus known as Jacob’s Rods. It is a perennial hardy up to zone 6 with yellow blooms and likes full sun.

With thousands of flower species and cultivars available, it’s not too hard to find the names of a loved one or friend. Creating a memory garden is a very good way to remember and stay close to the memories of the departed. You might also choose flowers for your garden based on flower meanings that may be appropriate.

Florist Stories: First Day, 100 Roses & The Rolling Stones

This Florist Story was shared with us by Angelique, The FlowerGurl of Cottage Flowers & Gifts in Pasadena TX.

Red Roses

“It all started when I was a sophomore in high school. My Aunt used to run a floral shop in town. Back in the day, the shops use to close at 10:00 pm. My Parents use to make me go after school to the floral shop to keep my Aunt company so that she would not be there by herself. I would walk to the floral shop after school and listen to the radio and or TV, while at the same time doing my homework, and spending time with my Aunt. I would finish my homework and sit there just watching my Aunt do these amazing things with flowers. I would ask her, how in the heck can you come out with something like that from all that? I was intrigued by it all.

Puttin’ On The Ritz

I knew nothing about flowers. I liked them, I loved receiving them, but what she could do out of nothing at all was beyond me. So needless to say I spent a lot of time with my Aunt and watched her do all these beautiful designs that I just had to try it one day. Well from just watching and observing all that time, I surprised myself. I could not believe, nor did my Aunt, I could actually wrap some flowers in pretty paper and make them look so pretty. Well from there I moved on to bigger things like dressing plants and greening her vases. I figured if having the concept of greening a vase was so easy, then I can take the next step of puttin on the ritz.

Well she walked me through it, and to my amazement, I did it again. I could actually design flowers in a manner that it sold within an hour. I was so pleased that it just made me want to try harder. My Aunt said that I had it in me all the time. Who knows, maybe I did? Her Boss liked what I did and hired me to start work the next day.

The First Day & All of It’s Surprises

I was so excited cause I got to run the shop all by myself. I had an interesting visitor that night. This hippie-looking guy walks in and wants to buy all the red roses we had on-hand. I called my Aunt right away and told her what the guy wanted. She told me to go ahead and give him a good price and let him buy what he wanted. He bought all 4 bunches (100) we had on hand. Before he left he handed me two tickets to the Rolling Stones concert that was taking place that same night. Oh to my surprise, he was one of the members of the band!

Memories I’ll Never Forget

So sad I was unable to attend the concert, but I still have the tickets as a souvenir. My Aunt has moved on, and so have I. She is and will always be my mentor. I am the owner/designer of my own Floral Shop and I have my Aunt to thank for showing me the knowledge. She is now retired and we call her the Retired Floral Critic. That she is, because every time I send her flowers through a wire service (she lives out of town) yep, she sure does call me, to let me know, yea or nea.

I have been in business for over 15 years, and still love it like I did the first time I laid my eyes on those beautiful blooms.”

– Angelique The FlowerGurl

Whether you are a florist or someone who just loves flowers, we want to hear your story. Use our Share Your Story page to submit yours today!

In Loving Memory of Amaryllis

Amaryllis | Hippeastrum

Today’s exceptional post was shared with us by Olivia Nicholas, a writer and a busy mom. She is always happy to share her passion for life and experiences through her work.

I’ve never been sure what made me remember Grandmother’s amaryllis obsession when autumn first began to turn the leaves this year. It could have been a flash of scarlet fabric seen from the corner of my eye, or maybe a stately bell-shaped flower struggling to carry on its existence despite the slow creep of cold weather. Whatever the case, I found myself driving to the local greenhouse one day instead of going directly home as I usually did after work. The clerk was very helpful, directing me to the perennial bulb section and setting me up with flower pots, soil, and everything else necessary to cultivate and continue my grandmother’s flower legacy. Excited, I got to work as soon as I got home.

The feel of the amaryllis bulbs in my hand and the rich smell of potting soil evoked even more memories of planting flowers at my grandparents’ home. Like my grandmother herself, amaryllis is a winter beauty, as dainty and gorgeous as it is tough and hardy; both thrive in cold weather and wilt in the heat. In my mind, the two of them had always been synonymous, especially since my grandmother was also called Amaryllis.

[Read more…]

Show Your Patriotic Pride With Red, White & BLOOMS!

Over the years, Memorial Day has become synonymous with shopping, car races, trips to the lake/beach, family get-togethers, etc. It marks the start of the summer vacation period, and with the hustle and bustle of our day off work, it’s easy to overlook the true meaning of the holiday.

Memorial Day commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service.

Many Americans observe Memorial Day by:

  • Visiting cemeteries and memorials and placing patriotic flowers on our fallen veterans’ graves.
  • Observing a national moment of remembrance which takes place at 3 p.m. local time
  • Fly the flag of the United States at half-staff from dawn until noon local time.

Patriotic Memorial Funeral FlowersSo, how can you enjoy the best of both worlds?

Although it’s a significant US holiday, 3 day weekends are scarce in most working American’s routines. How can we enjoy our weekend, while keeping in mind the real reason for the extended time off?

First, start your weekend by ordering beautiful red, white and blue flowers to decorate your house. Especially if you are planning a Memorial Day BBQ or block-party. Use your patriotic florals as your table centerpiece or buffet table decoration.

During your celebration, have everyone take a few moments of silence to remember our fallen soldiers. Turn the music off, and make sure you have everyone, including the kid’s attention. Have each guest recall memories of fallen veteran family members and friends, such as a grandfather, aunt or uncle. It’s good for us to remember our past veterans and the contributions they have made for all of us. Children especially need to see respect and honor given to those who have given their lives to make our country safe for us to live.

After your celebration is over, take your patriotic flowers and flags to decorate the grave of a veteran friend or family member as a perfect ending to your Memorial Day celebration.

Make this a tradition in your family.

Springtime at the Golden Gate Bridge

Mandy at the Golden Gate Bridge

Just a couple of weeks ago I (Mandy!) got to visit sunny San Francisco. It certainly spoiled me for spring! It was 75° and sunny each and every day! Jealous yet?

I am! I’m ready for spring flowers! That was definitely my favorite part of California — it was already spring! Flowers were in bloom everywhere you looked. The daffodils were up, the tulips were blooming, and flowering trees were everywhere! One of my favorite stops on my trip was at the famous Golden Gate Bridge, an undeniably impressive feat of engineering. They had a beautiful garden growing at the look out point. Get ready to spring into spring, here are some highlights:

Golden Gate Bridge Flowers

Daffodils and pansies, a winning combination of spring flowers! [Read more…]

My First Time Receiving Housewarming Flowers

I had plans to move in July. Things started going sour in June but I eventually made it into the new place! A little bit of everything happened during the moving process but it was all made right when I walked in the front door that first night.

My parents helped me move what was left of my stuff at their house. My father and brother did most of the heavy lifting so it seemed only right to take them all out to eat after we finished. Of course, my sweetheart has his own set of keys. He had said that he was going to pick up his daughter and would see me later, preferably after a shower. Yes I know, his humor is something else. I never suspected that what he was really doing was buying me my first housewarming gift!

Now I’ve lived in many different places over my short life. My first apartment was only an hour from my parents and a few miles from my love but apparently “my first apartment” wasn’t significant enough to merit any sort of housewarming gift. Well, mom bought me a load of groceries. Does that count?

But I digress. I put my key in the lock and fiddled with it for a second until it opened. When I finally got it open, I saw a small bouquet of flowers on my makeshift dining room table. There was a card beside it that said “Welcome home.” I could’ve bawled at that point but not being a cryer prevented that embarassment. I decided to call him after my shower so I went to my bedroom to get what I needed. I looked at the bedside table and saw what DID make me tear up. A can of carnation milk and a picture of us together on our first Valentines Day sat beside the framed pictures I have of the three of us.

If you don’t remember, I’ll let you know why this meant so much. On our first Valentine’s Day together, he remembered my favorite flower but couldn’t remember my favorite color of that flower. He wound up picking up a can of carnation milk which has three colors on the front. They happen to be my three favorites (though pink is my true favorite). He didn’t have a picture of us from that day so he had to go through mine to find one of us that day but he did and placed them both where he knew I would see them when I got ready to go to sleep.

In hindsight, that’s probably the reason why I love flowers so much. I know it’s a big part of why I absolutely adore him.

Flowers From Generation To Generation

When it comes to flowers it doesn’t really matter how old you are or where you’re from because people enjoy receiving flowers as well as sending them. Did you know that flowers can have a true emotional meaning behind them? They’re just not a pretty flower or simple gift; with the right flower you can send feeling and emotions to your loved ones. From a simple “I love you” to a very special “happy birthday”, flowers are an overall perfect gift which is the number one reason thousands of flowers are sent every day around the world.

As a 17 year old, my generation thinks about flowers differently than older generations. To us, flowers signify an easy way to make someone else smile. For example, on Valentine’s Day, every teenage boy knows to send their girlfriends flowers. Not only because its an easy gift to get, but they know flowers are the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Most guys know that flowers make any girl happy and cheerful, especially roses on this specific day. They also realize that roses are a flower that symbolize an ”I love you”. So whether you’re from the younger or older generation, everyone knows that the meaning behind a rose is ”I love you”.

On the other hand an older generation, like our parents, thinks about flowers in a more passionate and sentimental way. A man from this older generation puts a great deal of thought into the flowers he sends his wife. He thinks about the emotion he wants to convey with the flowers he is sending. For the older generations the message you convey with flowers is a significant part of sending flowers. To my generation a gift of flowers might be remembered for about a couple of weeks. To the older generations it’s something they will remember for the rest of their life; making them smile every time they think about the special gift they received.

My generation focuses on flowers more around April or May, which is prom season. An outfit wouldn’t be complete without a dazzling corsage. On the other hand, for the older generation any day of the year is the right time to think about and send flowers. When they’re trying to send a sympathetic message or just make someone smile, waiting for a holiday to come around isn’t the only option when it comes to sending flowers. In retrospect, flowers are sent by all generations all throughout the year. They are just sent with a different meaning an in a different approach each time. Maybe my generation should start sending flowers a little more often.