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QUIZ: Think You Know The Elements & Principles of Floral Design?

Elements and Principles of Floral DesignHas it been a while since you’ve reviewed the good ole’ elements & principles of floral design? Take this quiz and see if you might need to hit the books for a refresher! No matter how traditional or far-out contemporary, good design makes use of all these principles. Grab some scratch paper and get started..

1. What is not a primary characteristic of floral design?

(a) Line
(b) Pattern
(c) Symmetry
(d) Texture

2. A design using flowers and foliages in all one color in various hues is

(a) Achromatic
(b) Monochromatic
(c) Complementary
(d) Tetradic

3. When you are trying to create emphasis in a particular area of a design, it is the

(a) Symmetrical
(b) Visual Flow
(c) Focal Point
(d) Harmony

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Match Game: Scientific Names of Flowers

You don’t have to be a horticulturalist to appreciate the scientific names of flowers. With many flowers having common names that vary by region, it’s important to know which flower is being referenced. Test your knowledge of the scientific name for these 10 popular cut flowers with the flower quiz below. Careful though! Some may fool you.

*Note:  The scientific name refers to the genus of the cut flower only. *

1. Rose

A. Gerbera

2. Tulip

B. Helianthus

3. Gerbera Daisy

C. Delphinium

4. Sunflower

D. Zantedeschia

5. Delphinium

E. Rosa

6. Calla Lily

F. Tulipa

7. Easter Lily

G. Lilium

8. Carnation

H. Dianthus

9. Daffodil

I. Narcissus

10. Gladiola

J. Gladiolus

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Match Game: Birth Month Flowers

It’s time for another flower quiz! Are you ready? This month’s flower quiz is a match game that tests your knowledge of birth month flowers. With this handy little flower quiz, you can impress your friends, sweethearts, and family with your knowledge. Before you begin, take a look at the birth month flowers posted on the FSN Bloomin’ Blog and refresh your memory.

Want to make it a little more challenging? Save the review for later.

1. Narcissus – Holly

A. January

2.  Calendula – Cosmos

B. February

3. Gladiolus – Poppy

C. March

4. Rose – Honeysuckle

D. April

5. Daisy – Sweet Pea

E. May

6. Violet – Primrose

F. June

7. Chrysanthemum

G. July

8. Aster – Morning Glory

H. August

9. Larkspur – Water Lily

I. September

10. Lily of the Valley – Hawthorn

J. October

11. Daffodil – Jonquil

K. November

12.  Carnation – Snowdrop

L. December

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Match Game: Zodiac Flowers

Did you know that there is a set of specific flowers for each astrological sign? If you didn’t, this flower quiz may be an eye-opener. If you did, test your knowledge of zodiac flowers and let us know how you did! To play, simply match the set of common flower names to the proper zodiac sign. Good luck!

Zodiac Flowers

Hint:  Need more help? View the zodiac flowers posts on the FSN Bloomin’ Blog to find the answers. We won’t tell!

1. Gerbera Daisy – Amaranthus – Peony – Anthurium

A. Capricorn

2. Roses – Delphinium

B. Aquarius

3. Anemones – Liatris – Carnation

C. Pisces

4. Tulips – Celosia – Red Roses – Amaryllis

D. Aries

5. Dahlias – Gardenia – Gladiolus – Freesia

E. Taurus

6. Alstroemeria – Ranunculus – Daffodil – Acacia

F. Gemini

7. Daffodils – Bird of Paradise – Protea

G. Cancer

8. Carnations  – Marigold – Dahila – Sunflower

H. Leo

9. Gladiolus – Hypericum – Chrysanthemum – Violet

I. Virgo

10. Iris – Sweet William – Stock – Lilac – Aster – Sweetpea

J. Libra

11. Chrysanthemum – Statice – Holly – Ivy – African Violets

K. Scorpio

12. Freesia – Stephanotis – Lilac – Narcissus (Daffodil)

L. Sagittarius

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