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FSN at the Society of American Florists Convention 2013!

If you didn’t make it to Phoenix, AZ this September, you missed out on an amazing, informative weekend full of conferences, fun and some serious floral beauty! Flower Shop Network was there in force and we’ve got some excellent photos to show you. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

The Booth

Here is a photo of the FSN booth. As usual, our setup crew did a great job! But enough with the same old, same old. Let’s take a look at some of the cool stuff!

Outstanding Varieties Exhibition

Take a look at these excellent varieties from the Outstanding Varieties Exhibition! That is some fantastic work!

Outstanding Varieties Exhibition2

Here’s a close-up of a gorgeous variety. I can definitely see why it’s a blue ribbon winner!

Outstanding Varieties Exhibition1

Another blue ribbon winner. Just gorgeous. But wait, where are the people?

Brock and Loranne at SAF

It’s Brock and Loranne, the owners of FSN! They look very happy attending the Stars of the Industry Awards Reception & Dinner. Judging from the food on those plates, I think I see where all the good cheer is originating! That looks delicious!

Cindy and Bobby at SAF

This is Cindy, our VP of Sales and her husband Bobby. The dinner is making smiles all around!

SAF Awards Dinner

Here’s a nice overview of the room. It should come as no surprise, but there are some lovely florals adorning this banquet! I love seeing florists putting their decorating skills to use! Speaking of florists and skills, I saw a few items that gave floral dresses a WHOLE new meaning!

Floral Dress

A gorgeous interpretation. These dress/flower mixes are amazing!

Floral Dress4

This one is so elegant. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel this is reminiscent of the recent movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman?

Floral Dress1

It looks like the forest draped itself around this mannequin! I can’t help but think of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Floral Dress3

What is this, Hawaii? Let’s go to a Luau!! Fun and beautiful all at once! Speaking of Hawaii, what does that state and Phoenix, AZ have in common? Beautiful weather and golf courses!

SAF Convention 006

Here’s Brock standing beside the hole sponsored by FSN! Looking good!

SAF Convention 012


Golf Ball

Umm … looks like someone’s in the rough. Oops. We here at Flower Shop Network accept no responsibility for the user’s ability to play the game. We just think our logo makes a snappy decoration.

I hope you enjoyed this photo recap of the SAF convention for 2013! There was a lot happening and a lot worth seeing. If you didn’t make it to this year’s convention, don’t fret. There’s always next year! And believe me, you don’t want to miss next year. SAF is going to be held at the Marriott Marco Island Resort in Marco Island, FL, August 13th-16th! Don’t miss your opportunity for fun in the Florida sun!

A Giving Boss’s Day with FSN

Boss’s Day was a roaring success at the FSN offices, and for more than just our bosses!

The sales department decided to do something a little different this year to honor Brock and Loranne, the owners of Flower Shop Network. Because our owners are such generous people, the sales department chose to do something that embraced their spirit, something that went beyond the walls of our offices and reached out into the community.

Backpack Food Drive

Our local Backpack Food Program collects non-perishable food from the community and businesses in the area and delivers it to local schools, fills backpacks with the collected food and distributes it to children of needy families. This year, as a Boss’s Day tribute, every member of the sales department brought food from home to make a sizable contribution in the name of our owners and sales managers. Way to go, guys!

The contribution

Here is a photo of the contribution in total. Looks like a lot of meals gathered up there. [Read more…]

Forget A Birthday? Send Flowers With These Belated Birthday Card Messages

Oh no! You’ve missed the birthday! What to do, what to do? Send flowers. I know. It seems to be my answer for everything but trust me on this one. Short of an apology on bended knee and a round of sobbing, there isn’t a much better way to say “I’m sorry for forgetting the birthday of someone so special to me.” In lieu of the first option, belated birthday flowers seem like a much better idea.

While weeping and pleading are probably not right up there on everyone’s list, sending flowers is quick and easy. In other words, having a local florist deliver a belated birthday bouquet is the best way to humbly recognize a forgetful slip up while not having to spend all day groveling for mercy at the feet of the offended one.

Many people have a heard enough time finding the right birthday card message, let alone sifting through lists and lists to find belated birthday card messages that practically jump off of the page. Local florists, being all too familiar with the humble needs of forgetful loved ones, have contributed to this list of the best belated birthday card messages for just such an occasion.

15 Card Message Reminders That It’s Never To Late To Say Happy Birthday

1)       (Funny) 29 again? Talk about recycling! Happy Belated Birthday

2)       May God grant you a day filled with happiness, a year filled with joy.

3)       Today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. You deserve a lifetime of beautiful tomorrows. Happy Belated Birthday.

4)       (Funny) At birthday time, it’s good to remember our friends. Actually, it’s good to remember anything! Happy Belated Birthday

5)       Because you’re you I’m celebrating your birthday yesterday! Because I’m me, I’m celebrating it today! Happy Belated Birthday

6)       Count not your years by adding the days but with joy count the friends you’ve made on the way. Wishing you a year of joy and friendship.

7)       For your birthday, I wanted to get you the thing you need most but how do you gift-wrap a 25-hour day? Happy Belated Birthday

8)       Go ahead and have another birthday if you want to. But don’t expect me to keep up with you. Happy Belated Birthday.

9)       (Funny) Can you guess what I want to be when I grow up? As much fun as you! Happy Belated Birthday.

10)   (Funny) Happy Belated Birthday. You’ve got a great life, you look wonderful, and your health is good. How could a measly present from me compete with that?

11)   (Funny) Happy Belated Birthday to someone who still looks good. In fact, almost lifelike.

12)   Your birthday is truly an event worth celebrating! Happy Belated Birthday.

13)   (Funny) You should really celebrate on your birthday. Take TWO naps today.

14)   Wishing you birthday memories to hold close to your heart! Have a Beautiful Day.

15)   (Funny) Wanted to send you something really nice for your birthday but the machine just kept taking my quarters. Happy Belated Birthday.

Haven’t found the one you want yet? Follow this link for a printable list of all belated birthday enclosure card messages. Brought to you by Flower Shop Network.

How To Say “Happy Grandparents Day” To Grandma & Grandpa

In my family, grandparents rule the roost. The child in good with the grandparents need never want for another thing. They are protective, loving, gentle, and supportive. They rule their homes with iron fists and open hearts. I adore my grandparents and want only the best for them. We recently started celebrating Grandparents Day with them as a way of bringing the families together again during the year. My remaining grandmother and grandfather are in their early 80s. After that many years of receiving gifts for various occasions it gets kind of hard to give one that they’ll really like. I’ve figured out the answer for them though. I have decided to send flowers to my grandmother with a very sweet Grandparents Day card message attached. My grandfather, a farmer, is receiving a plant instead but with the same message of love.

Those not so skilled in verse may struggle to find the right way to say what is on their hearts. Grandma and Grandpa know that they are loved, but what combination of words expresses the depth of this love with any kind of fervor? What Grandparents Day card message says it all but in the space of a little enclosure card? Instead of spending hours looking for the perfect message, spend the day enjoying time with your grandparents. They’ll love the gift because you sent it, but a special message like those below help make it their favorite gift yet. With this list of Grandparents Day card messages compiled by local florists, it is easy to find the message that you need when sending flowers to grandma and grandpa.

Grandparents Day Card Messages

1)       The two of you must have been the inspiration for this special day. Happy Grandparents Day.

2)       A Loving Wish on Grandparents Day. To wish you a happy Grandparents Day and then remind you, too, how very, very much you’re loved Today and all year through!

3)       Among the sweetest memories Our hearts keep through the years, Are special things grandmothers say and do– Their tender hugs and words of praise, Their laughter and their loving ways Are joys that we recall our whole lives through. With more love and special thoughts than you could ever know.

4)       A zillion hugs just aren’t enough for grandparents who do such special stuff and always make me feel so very loved.

5)       It’s great to have a day that honors grandparents. It’s a wonderful chance to thank you for great times and feelings and lifelong gifts of your love.

6)       Thank you for telling me your stories and sharing your many years of experience and wisdom. I’m a better person for having learned from you. Happy Grandparents Day.

7)       A grandparent is a special part of all that’s cherished in the heart.

8)       Grandparents give the best hugs! Here’s one to wish you a Happy Grandparents Day.

9)       I love the way you love and the nice things that you do. I feel so very lucky just because you’re you!

10)     For You On Grandparents Day. It’s the perfect time to let you know how much you’re loved, how much you’re wished the best of everything.

You’re only halfway through! Read all 20 Grandparents Day enclosure card messages. Brought to you by Flower Shop Network.

What Can You Say With A Sweetest Day Card Message?

Herbert Birch Kingston had the right idea when he created Sweetest Day in 1922. It was his way of giving a sweet gift to those who were normally forgotten. Orphanages, the terminally ill and the disabled in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio received these gifts. What a heartwarming gesture from a special man! It has especially touched my heart which is why I have begun celebrating Sweetest Day by sending flowers or gift baskets to my friends. For me, it’s a way to let them know somewhat randomly that I care about them all year long and want the best for them.

It’s very easy to get lost in preparing Sweetest Day flowers and gifts, but the most endearing part of the presents is actually in the card message. Being not a wordy person when it comes to expressing emotion, this list of Sweetest Day card messages has proven to be very helpful. Because Sweetest Day celebrates sharing, here is a great list of Sweetest Day card messages prepared with the help of local florists.

A Sample of the Best Card Messages for Sweetest Day:

1)       This is Sweetest Day-a day inspired by the love and friendships we all cherish.

2)       You put the “sweet” in Sweetest Day.

3)       A wish for you on Sweetest Day. May you be as good and kind to yourself as you always are to everyone else!

4)       Because you are so special, so nice in every way. This brings you loving wishes for a happy Sweetest Day!

5)       Hope your Sweetest Day is sprinkled with all different kinds of happy!

Want a complete list of just the Sweetest Day enclosure card messages? View all 10, print and share with customers, or keep a list by your register. All card messages brought to you by Flower Shop Network.

Saying Goodbye to an Industry Great

Sad GoodbyeWe are so very sad to announce that Linda Reiling, owner of The Watering Can Florist in Churubusco and Columbia City, Indiana and a beloved member florist with Flower Shop Network, passed away Tuesday morning, August 27th.

Linda had been an FSN member for 5 years, and always maintained a friendly, working relationship with her FSN representative, Joe Hays. Upon hearing of her passing, Joe said, “She was a wonderful, sweet lady to work with, always happy when we talked. I will miss her.”

Lover of Flowers

Linda was a lifelong lover of flowers and the floral industry. She first developed her love for all things floral while in 4-H where she won regional and state awards. Linda attended the internationally renowned Hickson’s Floral Design School in Ohio and held a Design Master’s Certification in wedding floral arrangements and an American International Floral Design degree. Linda had more than 40 years of experience in the floral industry and her loss will be felt among the members of her local and professional community.

All of us here at Flower Shop Network offer our deepest condolences to Linda’s family in this difficult time.

FSN at the Tennessee State Floral Association 2013 Convention

Flower Shop Network was out and about once again this past weekend at the Tennessee State Florists Association Convention! We hobnobbed with the locals, touched base with a few old friends and made a number of new ones. If you missed this year’s fair, have no fear, FSN is here! We took an unofficial poll, of ourselves, and the group consensus was that a great time was had by all. Apparently those Tennessee folks know how to put on a party so whatever you do, don’t miss out on next year.

FSN Booth

Here we have a nice shot of the FSN booth. We always try to do our part to beautify the vendor floor.

FSN Members

We are always happy to see our members stop by the ole booth and say hello. Hello, ladies! Looks like they’ve been stocking up on some freebies, eh? Wait, why didn’t anyone bring me some freebies? Man …

Regina Berryman Arrangement

This was a gorgeous arrangement, created by Regina Berryman, and presented at the FSN booth. I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself. Amazing! That Berryman lady sure is talented! [Read more…]

TSFA Convention and Texas Cup Competition

The Texas State Florists’ Association held its 99th annual Convention and Trade Show July 12-14 in Mesquite, TX located just east of Dallas. That’s right, the 99th annual convention, and you know what that means, folks. If you missed this year, there’s no way you can let next year slip by as it will be the annual Convention and Trade Show’s centennial celebration! If you were looking for the right year to go, next year is definitely the one! As usual, Flower Shop Network will be there and is always excited to bring you the highlights! Here are some pics from this year’s show.

Flower Shop Network Booth


First off, a photo of our booth. Isn’t that awesome? We’re so organized with our little gift bags in a line around the tables. Good job, Joe Hays! It looks like he’s done this before, doesn’t it?

As with any convention, booths were a big part of the main floor, but it was the amazing classes on offer that really got people excited. With instruction in everything from how to increase business, to Texas-style designs and even how to grow your revenue stream, there was a lot of great information to be had! Still, the free loot you could rack up on booth row was pretty impressive too.

Texas Cup Competition

The event no florist worth her pruning shears would dare miss was the Texas Cup competition. This is an annual part of the show where florists from across the state are given a certain period of time to design and create an arrangement worthy to be crowned the Texas Cup winner! Flower Shop Network slipped in and snapped some candid shots of the top three designs!

Third Place

Third place was claimed by Flower Shop Network member Martha Wiggs-Aaron of Clear Lake Flowers in Houston, TX. As you can see, she made a beautiful arrangement using sunflowers and yellow roses to give a nod to the rustic roots of Texas. The basket is an excellent touch, and the bird’s nest as well as the wire formed into the state of Texas add all the accent needed. Gorgeous Martha!

Second Place

Second place was also snagged by a Flower Shop Network member! Man, are our members talented or what? Alan Masters of Compton’s Florist in La Porte, TX submitted this elegant arrangement that almost looks good enough to eat! Are those mushrooms? Wow!

So, who won first place? Drum roll please …

Texas Cup Winner

First place was claimed by none other than Flower Shop Network member Rebecca Sherman AIFD of The Blooming Idea in The Woodlands, TX. Rebecca also chose to go with sunflowers, and her creative arrangement turned out wonderfully! Amazing job Rebecca, and congrats on winning the Texas Cup!

Is it just me, or was that a Flower Shop Network trifecta?! Wowza! If you went to the TSFA convention, let us know all about it in the comments below. If not, there’s always next year!


FSN Relays for Life 2013

The FSN Tiger Lily Tamers' Relay for Life Booth

Flower Shop Network participated in our local Relay For Life event over the weekend to raise money to fight and find a cure for cancer. This is a cause very special to us, and most of us have been personally affected by cancer in some way.

The theme of this year’s relay was Cirque De Relay. For our booth, we thought wayyyy outside the box and chose to go with a hot-pink and black theme. Our owner and talented quilter, Loranne Atwill, donated a beautiful, pink and black quilt to be raffled off at the event. That was our primary inspiration for our theme.

[Read more…]

Top 10 Best Smelling Flowers According To Florists

When was the last time you stopped and smelled the roses? Or the lilacs? Or the hyacinth? With spring ushering in all these beautiful blooms, we wanted to know what fresh-cut flowers are the best for filling a room with a heavenly aroma. So we asked those who would know best – our FSN florists! We had quite a response, but compiled a list of the top ten.Poetric Peonies

Top 10 Best Smelling Flowers


  • 1. Stock

Click here to order a fresh flower arrangement with stock!


  • 2. Freesia

Click here to order a fresh flower arrangement with freesia!


  • 3. Lilacs

Looking for lilacs? Find a florist near you to order a beautiful arrangement! 


  • 4. Gardenia 

Order a fresh flower arrangement with gardenias from your local florist today!


  • 5. Rose – Garden & Rainbow 

Click here to order a fresh flower arrangement with roses!


  • 6. Lilies – Asian & Stargazer

Click here to order a fresh flower arrangement with lilies!

  • 7. Boronia

Order a fresh flower arrangement with boronia from your local florist today!


  • 8. Jasmine

Order a fresh flower arrangement with jasmine from your local florist today!


  • 9. Peony

Order a fresh flower arrangement with peonies from your local florist today!


  • 10. Hyacinth

Order a fresh flower arrangement with hyacinth from your local florist today!

So if you want to walk in your home and be transported to a lush garden or know someone needing a bit of scent-inspired pick-me-up, contact your real local florist today. Ask for your favorites from this list for a scent-sational arrangement. You can’t go wrong!

Find a Local Florist

This list was generated from responses received on our Facebook page. Join in the fun!