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Choose Your Colors For Game Day 2013

Game Day 2013 - Pick Your Side in Flowers!

Are you revved up for the Ravens or knocking for the ‘Niners? Maybe you don’t really care which team wins; for you, it’s all about the party! Either way, this weekend’s big game is one celebrated in the millions by sports fans and non-fans alike. Chances are, you’ve already been invited to several couch-gating parties to cheer on these modern-day gladiators.

A party just isn’t a party without decorations. While hardcore fans will obviously have a lot of swag to show off for their team, some of us are left with very little party decor for this event… but wait, there’s an easy cure — flowers! Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Flowers for a football party?! No way!” I’m here to tell you, “Oh yes way!” Flowers are an easy way to bring color and added energy to a very-masculine shindig.

Flowers For Game Day

Choose flowers in the colors of your favorite team. It might be an arrangement of all-purple flowers with black feathers. (Oh how gorgeous!) For Niners’ fans, choose red and yellow flowers with gold accents and ribbon. Your florist would be delighted to design something custom for your game day celebration. Below you will see an example of how this can be done simply using flowers:

Purple Flowers For Game Day Spirit Red & Yellow Flowers for Game Day Spirit

Ravens Purple Vs. Niners’ Red & Gold

Imagine how beautiful one of these (or perhaps something even more custom) would look sitting on your buffet of game day food. (More ideas for Game Day Parties on WPN »)

Hostess Gift

Not throwing the party yourself? Flowers make the PERFECT hostess gift. Especially if they are rooting for a rival team; you get to choose what colors to bring to them: your favorites or their favorites. You simply cannot go wrong with flowers.

Ordering Game Day Flowers

Simply give your local florist a call, explain to them what you want and what team you’re rooting for, and see just what they can create! Just remember, always always always use a real local florist when sending or ordering flowers!

Decorate for Super Bowl 2012 – Order Red, White and Blooms!

Decorating Ideas For Super Bowl 2012

It’s that time again. The time when our whole country, and much of the world, sits down to watch present-day gladiators battle it out in a game of strength, skill and determination. Whether you enjoy watching football or not, chances are you’ll be watching the big game on Sunday, February 5th.

Who’s In The Super Bowl This Year?

New England Patriots
Commonly called the “Pats”, the Patriots are a strong team, based in the Greater Boston area. The team has 3 Super Bowl Championships under their belt, from 2001, 2003, and 2004. Will 2012 be their Super Bowl comeback? We will see!

  • Team Colors: Red, White Blue, Silver.
  • Team Mascot: Pat Patriot
  • Team Coach: Bill Belichick
  • Quarterback: Tom Brady
New York Giants
The Giants are another, based in New Jersey who represent the greater New York Metropolitan area. This team has also won 3 Super Bowl Championships, 1986, 1990, 2007. Will they take home another in 2012?

  • Team Colors: Red, White, Blue, Gray
  • Team Coach: Tom Coughlin
  • Quarterback: Eli Manning

Red White And Blooms For Super Bowl 2012 DecorDecorating for the Super Bowl

Decorating for the 2012 Super Bowl is going to be super easy — both teams have the SAME colors: Red, White, Blue and Gray. Time to pull out those Fourth of July decorations!

  • If you’re cheering on the Patriots
    Use red, white and blue decor that includes flags, stars, and anything patriotic.
  • If you’re cheering on the Giants
    Use big blocks of color, mostly blue.

Flowers for football??

I know it sounds crazy, but flowers make decorating so much easier. Order a big bouquet of red, white and BLOOMS from your local florist! Have these sitting on your game-day buffet as a little pick-me-up for whoever should need it at the time. Because both teams use the same colors, it only takes one arrangement to make everyone happy! You could even draw numbers or play a game to see who takes home the flowers at the end of the party!

If your home is strongly for one team over the other, think of creative ways to make your flowers represent your team. You might add stars or a flag to a New England Patriot-themed arrangement. Maybe an all-blue arrangement for Giants fans.

Need A Hostess Gift?

Attending a Super Bowl party, but don’t know what to bring? Flowers also make a great hostess gift! Especially if your hostess has planned out all of the game day food and festivities, don’t go empty handed, bring flowers!

No matter what you choose, always always always use a real local florist when ordering flowers. Flower Shop Network is an advocate of real local florists. If you don’t already know your town’s flower shop, use our handy florist finder to find yours today.

The Super Bowl Is Almost Here: Order Flowers!?

Can you believe the Super Bowl is here already?! Even if you’ve not watched one football game all year, you’re probably going to a Super Bowl party. For most, it’s not about the game, it’s about the traditions: gathering with friends for delicious finger foods, conversation and the funniest commercials you’ll see on TV!

So, what’s the best way to decorate for a Super Bowl party? Stores offer a wide variety of football-themed party decorations. You could use a football-shaped serving tray for your game day appetizers, game day napkins and other party accessories. But how can you really show your team spirit with general football decorations? This is where your local florist comes in handy!

Have your florist create a unique sports-themed custom flower arrangement for your favorite team in the Super Bowl. (Packers and Steelers if you don’t know!) I know what you’re thinking… flowers for the Super Bowl??? But yes, flowers are a great way to add even more color and energy to your already-exciting Super Bowl party. And the best part is, you’re ordering so you get to choose your team!

Flowers also make exceptional hostess gifts to take if you’re not hosting a Super Bowl party yourself. Plus you get to choose whether to order YOUR favorite team or THEIR favorite team themed flowers. Just one more way to add a little bit of competition, and it’s a great way to thank them for all of their hard work.

After the game is over you can enjoy you or the hostess’ winning team’s success with a colorful display of Super Bowl Champion flowers. And, well, if your team looses it’s still a great reminder of their battle to get where they are. (If your team really flubs it up, you can even slip out a few of the football accessories until it’s just another beautiful arrangement.)

So before you head to the big game day party, stop by your local florists and pick up something to put you in the team spirit!

Send Football Themed Flowers For A Winning Husband

I don’t know about you, but my guy’s big into football. NFL, College… even the world of fantasy football has taken him over.

Sending a man flowers is almost taboo for some guys, but sending a man football themed flowers… suddenly he’s the hit of the office! Don’t ask me why, but there is a certain passion a man reserves for his team. You could buy him a dress in his favorite team’s colors and he’d probably wear it to the next big game, haha.

So for wives looking to send a little something special to their hubby’s office, football themed flowers are an obvious choice! Not only will they loveee the idea, but will show it off to all of their friends and co-workers.

If your hubby is in a fantasy league, send him flowers when he wins a big game, like the playoffs or the league championship Superbowl.  He will be thrilled you are taking an interest in his favorite hobby.

To send sports-themed flowers, contact your local florist and give them the team colors and mascot information. Although your florist may not have specific team items to use in the arrangement, they will have your colors in fresh flowers. For instance, the Cowboys themed flower arrangement (right) uses the colors blue and white and has a blue ribbon to set it off. (Silver ribbon would’ve been great on this one too!)

If you really want to surprise him, find out about his fantasy team. He would’ve picked a team name, colors and even a mascot — send him flowers based on that and maybe you’ll get some attention tonight instead of his roster!

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Add Flower Power To Your Tailgate Party

What Hostess Gift Should I Bring To A Super Bowl Party?

Kick Off The Party With Game-Day Football Flowers

This post is brought to you by local Dallas TX florists.
Not in Dallas? Use Flower Shop Network to find a real local florist in your city today!

Add Flower Power To Your Tailgate Party

It’s time to kick off the football season this year. Tailgating at football games is an ultimate American pastime. It’s something most Americans are born knowing how to do properly. What flower lovers want to know, though, is a great way to mix their favorite fresh decorations and football season hobby.

It may seem kind of anti-tailgating to bring along flowers. After all, it’s a male-dominated hobby where brewskies fly through the air and bratwurst is consumed by the yard. Don’t let that deter you, there are still ways to work tailgating and fresh flowers into one great afternoon.

Ask your local florist to create fresh flowers in the team colors then:

  • If you’re attending a high school football game, present flowers to the coach after an afternoon of tailgating. This is an especially good idea if the team wins (though you’ll have to wait a little longer for that answer).
  • If it’s just you and the girls (wives of players, mothers of players, fans), have each woman wear a lapel corsage or a wrist corsage in the team colors.
  • Go “Hawaiian” with the tailgate party theme. This way, you’ll have a reason to sport a lei in the team colors.
  • If you’re the only woman, don’t make the men forget that YOU are the coolest thing there, bar none. Overwhelming estrogen can be a downer, but a flower in your hair that happens to be the team’s main color is a way to maintain your femininity while acting like one of the guys.

Don’t forget to return to Flower Shop Network with pictures and stories of your fun tailgate parties!

What Hostess Gift Should I Bring To A Super Bowl Party?

This year’s match up between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers is going to be quite a good game. However, the best thing about the Super Bowl isn’t the football. It’s the Super Bowl party! Chips, dip, drinks, and the ability to go a little nuts over a bad pass make for incredible season-ending events.

So the question remains, “what hostess gift should I bring to a Super Bowl party?” Traditional gifts such as entrees and extra drinks are always helpful but only at the suggestion of the host or hostess. Otherwise, another tried-and-true gift is a great way to make a good impression at the party. Bring flowers!

Yeah, yeah. Flowers for a football game? Yes! This tip is especially helpful for men attending the party at a buddy’s house whose wife is in charge of the hostess duties. A flower arrangement in her team’s colors is a great way to say thanks for the hard work! It may also be helpful toward getting drinks and chip bowls refilled faster.

Ladies, it’s not all about the men this year! Some women (like me) enjoy hosting a girls-only Super Bowl party for the coolest women in our lives. Throwing back some beverages and relaxing with a good game are all in a normal winter’s Sunday. Whether the hostess’ team is playing or not, flowers in her team colors go a long way toward the same end of expedient refills and cheery smiles when the chips run out. All it takes to get the party rocking is one quick call to a local florist!

Add black balloons for a great Steelers arrangement!

Add black balloons for a great Pittsburgh Steelers arrangement!

Ask your florist about using black and white to create an Arizona Cardinals bouquet!

Ask your florist about using black and white ribbon to create an Arizona Cardinals bouquet!

Kick Off The Party With Game-Day Football Flowers

Jaguar Spirit Flowers

Jaguar Spirit Flowers

If you missed the first kickoff of the official football season, don’t worry! You can still kick off the next big game with a fun football themed party. Grab your team colors and have a blast. The one thing that you can’t forget at this party is flowers. Arrangements of chocolate cosmos or other brown flowers shaped like a football will rock everyone’s socks off as a festive centerpiece. Throw in some foods in the team colors and the party is underway.

Another great idea for the women at the party is to contact your local florist for stems of flowers in the team colors. Snip the stems just enough so that the women can decorate their hair with flowers for an even more over-the-top look.

Attending someone else’s party? Don’t forget a gift of colorful flowers decorated with the team colors and perhaps even the team’s emblem emblazoned on decorative floral accessories. It’s a creative gift that your host or hostess will love.

Have any creative ideas? Scored big with game day flowers before? Share your stories by commenting below.

It’s easy to find a beautiful flower arrangement in your team colors such as this daisy and delphinium arrangement. Decorate your football party with these colorful flowers while cheering for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Nothing quite shows the ferocity of the Atlanta Falcons or the San Francisco 49ers quite as well as a contemporary flower arrangement of red roses. Whatever your team colors may be, simply ask your local florist to design an arrangement with your team in mind. Let the fun and games begin!