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Help! What Is This Red Fruit Vine From Fort Worth?

Ask the Expert: What is this vine?

I live in the Fort Worth TX area in the country. For the past 3 summers this vine has been growing along the fence near my entrance gate. It has been so dry here this year the leaves are yellow and turning brown instead of green as in previous years. But you can easily see the shape in these pics. And the fruit of course. It withers and dies before August. Each “fruit” contains many I-2mm seeds. Any idea what this is? –Ginny

Lindheimer's globeberry, Balsam gourd, Globe berry, Snake apple

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Bice’s Florist Provides An Education In Giving Back

People often say that what goes around comes around, and at Flower Shop Network we certainly believe that to be true! That means Bice’s Florist, a Fort Worth Texas flower shop, can certainly be expecting good things in their future. Why? Because Bice’s Florist recently “gave back” by presenting two local high school students with $500 grants for college costs. Any college student or graduate can easily recognize the generosity behind this pay-it-forward investment into the future of Fort Worth’s deserving students.

Janice Kane, executive director of the Grapevine Colleyville Education Foundation said, “We are blessed and appreciative to have community businesses, such as Bice’s, that see the importance of stepping up in support of our young people.” All of us at Flower Shop Network couldn’t agree more and are happy to report that Bice’s Florist gets an A+ for doing just that!

Thankfully for future students in Fort Worth, Bice’s Florist will continue to grant scholarships each year to local graduating seniors who have displayed outstanding academic performance and commitment to community service–something Bice’s Florist knows all about. That’s why we are so eager to recognize and applaud Bice’s Florist for their investment in the future of their city. Thank you Bice’s!