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Add Flower Power To Your Tailgate Party

It’s time to kick off the football season this year. Tailgating at football games is an ultimate American pastime. It’s something most Americans are born knowing how to do properly. What flower lovers want to know, though, is a great way to mix their favorite fresh decorations and football season hobby.

It may seem kind of anti-tailgating to bring along flowers. After all, it’s a male-dominated hobby where brewskies fly through the air and bratwurst is consumed by the yard. Don’t let that deter you, there are still ways to work tailgating and fresh flowers into one great afternoon.

Ask your local florist to create fresh flowers in the team colors then:

  • If you’re attending a high school football game, present flowers to the coach after an afternoon of tailgating. This is an especially good idea if the team wins (though you’ll have to wait a little longer for that answer).
  • If it’s just you and the girls (wives of players, mothers of players, fans), have each woman wear a lapel corsage or a wrist corsage in the team colors.
  • Go “Hawaiian” with the tailgate party theme. This way, you’ll have a reason to sport a lei in the team colors.
  • If you’re the only woman, don’t make the men forget that YOU are the coolest thing there, bar none. Overwhelming estrogen can be a downer, but a flower in your hair that happens to be the team’s main color is a way to maintain your femininity while acting like one of the guys.

Don’t forget to return to Flower Shop Network with pictures and stories of your fun tailgate parties!

Need A Fresh Flower Decorating Tip For A Back-To-School Party?

Back to school parties are the highlight of the summer. They set the tone for the rest of the school year. After a long summer’s vacation (or a short one for year-round schools), it’s always nice to throw a little celebration that welcomes in the new school year and says goodbye to summer vacation. It’s not a time to mope though! Back to school parties are fun, exciting, refreshing gettogethers with friends. Where’s a cause for sadness in that??

So now that we’re up to speed on the tone of a back to school party it’s time to talk about decorating. Fresh flowers are, as with any party, the best way to bring life and vitality to the celebration. Streamers, balloons, and party utensils are all well and good. What really gets the party decorations bumping though–why, that’s flowers of course!

Here Are Some Clever Fresh Flower Decorating Tips for A Back To School Party

  • Match the color of the flower arrangement to the decorations. If the team colors are black and gold, live it up with black and gold flowers! (Yes, it CAN be done!) If they are red and white, use red and white. And so on and so forth.
  • Use your child’s favorite color(s) as the theme of the flower arrangements. This will help your child feel like they had a special hand in the party and that it really is something to celebrate part of their life.
  • Ask each child to bring one fresh flower to the party. Use these to create a bouquet or two. Place these at the center of the room so that each child will be able to view their contribution. If an outdoor party, create a centerpiece for the picnic table or food table using the same idea.
  • Decorate the main table with fresh flowers then give each child one as they leave. Stems of flowers are excellent gifts for young middle school children and older children. Young children are easily amused and glad to receive any gift. Older children recognize the significance and may choose to preserve the flowers, especially if it’s the Back To School Party for their senior year.

Have any other ideas? Send them our way by placing them in the comments box below. Who knows? Your idea may make it THE Back To School Party of the new millenium!

Decorate Your Baby Shower With Fresh Flowers!

Summer is the time of weddings and babies. Both special occasions seem to center around this time of year which is why I’ve decided to include baby shower decorations in the fresh flower decorating tip this month. Whether celebrating Mommy’s first child or fourth, you can use fresh flowers to create the perfect occasion. Here’s how!

Tips For Decorating Baby Showers With Fresh Flowers

  • Use fresh flower petals of tulips or roses to decorate the gift table. This adds color and uniqueness.
  • Put a New Baby flower arrangement on a pedestal in the middle of the gift table or food table. (Gift table is probably best.)
  • Present each guest with a rose boutonniere. The “can’t say baby” game is so much more fun with rose petals! Plus, the remaining rose petals or a spare rose is (when dried) a great addition to the baby book.
  • Have each guest bring a single flower stem. Use these as a fresh flower bouquet during the party. When the baby shower has ended, have the flowers preserved or dry them old-school style (inside a thick book) for use in the baby book.

Fresh flowers are a quick and simple way to cheer up everyone in the room. Preserving these flowers helps Mommy remember the kindness of her friends when she needed them most. Whether they’ll be a memento or just a way to liven up the room, decorating with fresh flowers will take your baby shower up a notch–but you’re planning it so it will already be great!

How did you use flowers to decorate for a baby shower? Are you planning a baby shower in the future? Let us know what you think is a great idea! Just place your comments in the comment section below.

Fresh Flower Decorating For Dummies: Party Time!

Note:  The title is a play off of the “blah blah blah for dummies” books and not an actual reference to dummies or a quote from the books.

Great Idea For Outdoor Parties!

Great Idea For Outdoor Parties!

Okay. So we’re firmly embedded in Spring and summer is just around the corner. That means that party time is here! It’s time to step outside and enjoy barbecues and pool parties with friends. It’s time for frisbee, soccer, spirited basketball games, flag football, tennis and other outdoor sports. It’s also the season for relaxing in lawn chairs and enjoying the scent of freshly mowed grass and blooming flowers. Ahhhh.

If you’re looking for a way to decorate for these occasions, I suggest fresh flowers. No shock to anyone, I’m sure. However biased my love of fresh flowers makes me, this is still a great way to up the level of decor at your outdoor parties. Here are a few ideas for making your garden party, backyard party, or outdoor evening a little more beautiful…naturally.

Decorate the patio table with fresh flower centerpieces. Depending on the specific season, there are many options of flowers that can be used here. As shown in the picture at left, potted plants make a fine showing as well! Your local florist will be happy to discuss them with you. If you want to make it yourself, pick up a few stems from your florist and go from there. This is a quick and simple technique. Stems can be picked up in just a few minutes on the way home. Creating the picnic table centerpiece takes just a few moments also. This is ten or fifteen minutes of prepping for hours and hours of floral joy.

Loving The Table Centerpieces!

Loving The Table Centerpieces!

Line steps with small flower arrangements, outdoor lights, and perhaps a topiary at the base of each side of the steps. This one is a bit more complicated but delivers an exciting punch during outdoor parties. This is also a very elegant way to decorate backyard parties, outdoor cocktail parties, and other patio parties. If guests are going to enter/exit the home via the steps, this is likely the first impression of the party decorations that each will have. Make it a doozy!

Place “floating flower” arrangements on poolside tables. This is a great idea for pool parties where many poolside tables will need decoration. Giving flowers that “floating” look can be done in a few ways. Your local florist will have great ideas for how to accomplish this.

There are so many other great ideas for how to decorate with fresh flowers outside. If you’re looking for more inspiration, contact your local florist or check back and see what other readers are saying about these ideas! Feel free to submit your own ideas here as well!

April Showers Bring May Flowers–Now What?

I ask that question a lot. It’s usually followed by something like this:  “Well great. Lots of flowers are blooming but I have no idea what to do with them. I just know that I want to use them in my house.” Sound familiar? If you’re looking for a good fresh flower decorating tip for Spring, look no further. It’s an oldie but a goodie and I know you’re going to like it.

This spring, decorate your home (specifically your door) with a fun spring wreath. There are lots of ways to make a spring wreath look good and have fun decorating it! If you plan to make your own wreath, stop by your local flower shop and pick up a wreath base. This is usually a standard grapevine wreath or pinecone wreath that can be easily decorated from that point on.  Here are some things that you may want to use when creating your own spring wreath:

  • Flowers–Simply add fresh flowers (you can get those at the flower shop also) and your wreath is ready to go! Dried can be used if you want the wreath to remain up for a while or use the same one the next year. In my personal opinion though, fresh flowers provide a very unique quality that can’t be bested.
  • Glitter–The sun shines all spring. Celebrate its brilliance with sparkly glitter on your spring wreath.
  • Floral Wire or Raffia–If you’re a florist this is easy to obtain and brings a unique appeal. If you are not a florist, simply ask someone at your local gift shop or craft store about metal wire, raffia and other similar materials. Leftover Easter grass is great for spring wreaths.
  • Ornaments–Not your standard Christmas ornaments but something to represent the season. For example, faux birds.

Now of course, there are many other things that you can use to create your spring wreath or enhance one that you’ve found somewhere else. Whatever you choose to use, have fun decorating it! This is a project that kids will love to get in on. Spring wreaths also make great gift ideas for people with spring birthdays. Everyone loves fresh flowers so providing a spring wreath is a fun way to share enjoyment with someone that you love!

A little pressed for time? No problem. You can also stop by your local flower shop or gift shop and ask about their selection of spring wreaths. These include many standard styles such as pine cone wreaths, grapevine wreaths, floral wreaths, and unique ones like feather wreaths. Use as-is or add a few fresh flowers and decorations to yours. Whichever you choose, spring wreaths will make the entry to your home look more inviting than ever.

Need To Spice Up Spring With Flower Decorating?

You see it all of the time in books and magazines, so why aren’t more people decorating their mantlepieces with flowers? The truth is that many people don’t consider it or put other items there. There is nothing wrong with family photos and mementos on the mantlepiece. However, decorating a mantlepiece with flowers is a great idea for those needing a flower decorating tip for spring and summer months.

Photo Credit:  Petals A Florist in Atlanta Georgia

Photo Credit: Petals A Florist in Atlanta Georgia

I know that it seems odd to think about the mantlepiece during the spring and summer. After all, it’s definitely a winter fixture in the home. But you know, who wants to look at a boring empty mantlepiece all spring? Spice it up!! Add flare to it with flowers from your local florist. From a home decor perspective, here are two reasons why you will be glad that you chose flowers to enhance your mantlepiece.

Decorating the mantlepiece with flowers adds color to the room. Colorful flower arrangements are eye-catching no matter where they are placed. Setting them on the mantle surrounded by votive candles, family portraits or unique mementos will quickly draw the eye in this direction.

Flowers help draw attention to the fireplace and that side of the room. If the theme of the room centers around that fireplace, why not play it up all year round? Decorating it with flowers will help during the spring and summer months.

You can’t go wrong when you decorate with flowers. The beauty of decorating your mantlepiece with flowers is that you get to enjoy their beauty while giving life to the fireplace for more than just three or four months out of the year. When it’s time to put out the fire, light up the room with flowers from your local florist.

Cubicle Dwellers Take Cheer From Flowers

I have spent many an hour in a cubicle. I’ve undergone those Dilbert™-infused moments where the world seems to be about four feet by four feet and the “earth is round” theory seems invalid at best. Fear not, brave cubicle dwellers. Take heart and take cheer from what I have found to be the freshest solution yet.

I am among those who think that pictures of friends and family help time to pass more smoothly but there is one other thing that returns the mind to fancy. Flower arrangements (my favorites always include carnations) are a breath of fresh air. I especially love receiving flowers at work for my desk. Most ladies and many men are like this. We love the attention, the design and welcome the change to our sometimes stifling containment.

Even if you sit in the corner office (kudos!), there are still times when flowers and plants liven up the place. Jamie J. Adams and I discuss often how the plants in her office are progressing, why they are helpful, and how her extensive nursery background helps her keep them more fresh and lively than any other green thumb.

The simple fact of it is that cubicles and offices need something fresh to keep the creative process rejuvenated. Whether crunching numbers or authoring a novella, every office cubicle needs something pretty to jump-start the mind into refreshing thought.

Know a coworker that needs a little pep in their step? Send some flowers! You’ll love the feeling of helping and he or she will love the reward.

Have Fun With Spring Reminders & Floral Decorations

"High Society" Spring Flowers

"High Society" Spring Flowers

Spring is just around the corner. While it may not be here just yet, keeping bouquets of spring flowers in sight serves as a constant reminder that the bloom of flowers and sunshine will be upon us quickly.

The winter months are not especially harsh here in Arkansas, but I always like to keep splashes of color around the house to cancel out the gloomy grays of the snowy and icy days. This can be accomplished in really easy and quick ways. For instance, I keep spring flowers in a vase on my breakfast table. While this may seem almost too simple, the color livens up the room and makes the blandness of my whole grain cereal seem more bearable.

Another great way to spice up your home’s decor is by placing spring flowers in unique vases. A very popular trend is the use of ribbon to turn a blase glass vase into a very attractive piece for displaying beautiful bouquets. See? There are many creative ways to battle the blues and decorate the home using spring flowers.

Piano tops (but not grand pianos), mantlepieces, coffee tables and similar locations are excellent places for small touches of spring. Your local florist will have a selection of colorful flowers from which to choose, but here are some of the spring flower arrangements that I use around my home.

"Spring Promises" bouquet--perfect for table tops. "Fresh Breeze" Flower Basket--The perfect gift for mom! "Charming Collection" spring flowers--A dazzling contemporary display.

Of course, these are only my suggestions. You can also discuss creative spring bouquets with your local florist who can make additional suggestions on placement, which flowers to include, and including flowers with a particularly happy meaning for additional pep. It’s all about you!

Last Minute Fresh Flower Decorating Tips For Christmas

Crimson and Cream Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

Crimson and Cream Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

With Christmas Eve just a day away and Christmas Day just after that, it’s very likely that you already have your Christmas decorations up and out. However, some decorations are just better when brought out the day of or the day before the occasion. Any person that wants to decorate with fresh flowers should consider this unspoken rule.

While time is of the essence as the holiday crunch begins, there’s no need to worry about adding a whole bunch of time to your holidays. Just relax because these fresh flower decorating tips are quick, easy and beautiful:

  • Two to three days before your holiday dinner, pick up a Christmas flower arrangement from your local florist. This can be placed on the family table before the meal and easily moved when the food is being served. While guests are mingling, a colorful arrangement can serve as a festive centerpiece.
  • Another fun idea is to ask your local florist for stems of flowers. Single flowers can be sporadically placed in the midst of the Christmas tree branches to add a fresh flair. The deep green of a Christmas tree creates a lovely backdrop for poinsettias and other known holiday flowers, but other flowers might be easier to find in single stems. As with any fresh flower idea, decorate with these items within 1-3 days of the holiday.
  • “Oh by gosh, by golly. It’s time for mistletoe and holly.” While Frank and Bing sing this little ditty, get in the spirit by hanging bunches of mistletoe in the doorposts. These beautiful little berries can also be used as placecard holders. Take a small sprig and insert a placecard between the stems. This is a very festive decoration that guests will love.

These fun ideas take almost no time but add a significant bit of decor to the home. Guests will love your creative use of fresh flowers.

Have a fun tip for decorating with fresh flowers? Please share your comments below.

Quick and Easy Flower Decorating Ideas For Thanksgiving

Harvest Halo Fall Centerpice

Harvest Halo Fall Centerpice

Since Thanksgiving is only a few days away, here are a few quick and easy ideas for decorating your house with flowers. With a dash of creativity and the help of a local florist, these simple flower decorating tips will your guests making plans to celebrate at your house next year.

1.  Decorate the mantelpiece with colorful fall flowers.

When your loved ones gather around the fire, everyone will love the way that the light of the fire accentuates the beautiful shades of your amber, red, brown and burgundy fall flowers. A few miniature pumpkins and gourds will give this mantelpiece a finishing touch that can be carried over through the rest of the fall season.

2.  Liven up the dinner table

with a Thanksgiving centerpiece from your local florist. Having your florist create a colorful centerpiece saves you time and effort but still allows you to add some personal touches once you arrive at home.

3. Places Overlooked

Hallway tables, unobtrusive corners and other places are often overlooked. This Thanksgiving, turn your whole house into the place to celebrate by brightening these nooks with arrangements of fall flowers or buying a houseplant from a local flower shop.

4. More Than Centerpieces

Where tablecloths and runners begin the decorations of the food table, finish it off with a few vines of ivy or ask your local florist to create an elongated floral centerpiece. The dimensions of these will draw the eye to the ends of the table, giving the mind a chance to enjoy a glance at the many delicious foods.