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Introducing: NEW Sympathy Designs For Florists’ Websites

New Sympathy Designs For FSN Florists' WebsitesVery exciting news for all FSN member florists!

We’ve just added 46 NEW sympathy designs to our funeral flowers categories at no cost to you!

For those of you with an FSN website, you’re sympathy section has been expanded into 4 categories:

  • Funeral Flowers – This is the original Funeral Flowers page from your FSN website.
  • Standing Sprays – Category for standing sprays only.
  • Casket Flowers – All casket designs will appear here, including flowers for cremation urns.
  • Sympathy Arrangements – This category is for smaller, vase, urn or basket arrangements

46 All New Sympathy Designs

After an over-whelming request for new sympathy designs, they are finally here! These gorgeous arrangements and sprays give your customers more options when ordering flowers for a loved one’s funeral. New designs add new variety to your selection, including: flowers for cremation urns, more patriotic selection, standing sprays featuring crosses, wreaths and baskets, and much much more.


"Salute To A Service Member" Standing Spray Example "Sunflowers of Faith" Standing Spray Example

Standing Spray Examples

[Read more…]

Just In Time For Prom: New Additions For MyFSN Websites

Just in time for prom season,
3 NEW Prom Flower pages to all FSN member florists’ websites!

New Prom Corsage Pages For Member Websites!

This FREE addition to your website will allow online customers to select from 3 different pages:

  • Corsages
  • Boutonnieres
  • Hairpieces & Handheld Bouquets

We know your customers will be so excited to see and shop for prom flower selections online!

Note: These items will not be priced (unless you have a website controls package). Instead, we encourage customers to call your shop for more details. For an example, click here

If you have a website controls package, you can choose to price the items and enable E-commerce on the page(s) so customers can order online. To add website controls to your FSN membership, give your rep a call at 1-800-858-9925.

If you want to remove these pages from your website (without website controls) give us a call 877-376-7363 or email: support@flowershopnetwork.com

5 SEO Tasks For Success

For any search engines, like Google and Yahoo, to consider your business relevant, they need information about your company. The following tasks will help you get your information to the search engines.

5 SEO Tasks For Success____ Claimed Your Local Information in the following Places:

Be sure to include your Flower Shop Network eCommerce URL as part of your information. All FSN websites orders are 100% yours. Make sure your information is consisted every where.

____ Create keyword based Meta Information for every page of your website.
Select keywords that are relevant to the page. On Christmas page concentrate on one or two relevant keywords like Christmas flowers. For more information about meta information check out CComponents Google Uses To Determine Organic/Local Ranking

____ Encouraged online reviews.
Search engines value reviews. Encouraging reviews in all of the places where you have claimed your local information.

____ Exchanged links with other local business.
Links from other reputable websites act like a vote of authority to the search engines.

____ Participated in social media.
Being active in an online social community like Facebook is an indicator to Google that you are more relevant.

Do you have a website through FSN? As a free service with your website, FSN will help you claim your Google Places and Set-up a Facebook business page for your shop. Call your FSN representative for [Read more…]

Easy Ways To Increase SEO For Your Flower Shop’s Website

We’ve all heard about it, SEO this, SEO that.. but what is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, or optimizing your flower shop’s website to best be found in search engines, like Google, Bing or Yahoo Search. Now, this may seem like a daunting task, but it’s really quite easy to get started and I bet you’ve already done more for SEO than you realize!

First off, I know local florists are not web developers, and most use a hosting service with ecommerce store templates, which is great! Most developers include basic SEO into their sites, especially on the backend and in the code of their templates.

For this post, we are going to look at basic SEO strategies on the front end of your website, which is something any florist can do without having to call up their webmaster every 5 minutes. I want this post to be helpful for all levels of users, so I won’t go into meta tags and code speak this time.

Learn what keywords are and how to use them

What are keywords? Keywords are those words or phrases you type into search boxes to find what you are looking for on the web.

If you want to find pictures of rose arrangements, what would you most likely put into a search box? “pictures of roses, rose pictures, rose photos, rose arrangements” … the list can go on and on. Those words and phrases are all keywords. All of those are going to get you to web pages with pictures of roses.


Will searching for “photos of rose arrangements” get you to that website’s home page? Probably not. Remember this: not everyone who comes to your website lands on the home page.

Think of all of the pages on your website as their own little landing pages. If you were to look at each page individually and ask, “What would I have to type in a search box to get to this page?” Those words are your keywords. Now, before you go adding the keyword “photos of rose arrangements” 200 times on your page, remember this: search engines are very smart and can somehow tell if you do add “fluff” on your pages and will sometimes penalize for it. Just write your page copy naturally and with your customers in mind, they ultimately are your actual readers… not the search engines.

For SEO, your pages should have at least: [Read more…]

Are You In Control Of Your Google Local Information?

Last September Flower Chat had a post called Spammers Hijack Top Florist Google Local Listings. The post detailed issues with Google’s local 10-pack results that allowed spammers to wreck havoc with some of the local listings. Fortunately, this post offered some helpful tips to avoid or overcome the issues that were occurring.

You might be wondering why I would bring up a 6 month old discussion. After all, isn’t it old news? Evidently not!! A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from a Flower Shop Network member. It seems their  shop was displayed in the local 10-pack results. However, the information attached to their listing was not correct. Understandably, this florist was upset and wanted the incorrect information removed. Because we help our members with so many things, the florist naturally turned to us. I directed her to the Google Local Business Center walking her through the process of claiming her listing (which is the only way, I know to get Google to fix the problem).

Although I was happy to help this florist, I have since found a better tool for explaining how to claim your Google Local listing.  I found this Google video that details exactly how to claim your Google Local listing.  Easier and more efficient than my phone instructions, any florist who follows the directions in the video will be able to easily claim their listing and avoid some of the Google local 10-pack issues.  As the video explains, there will be places where you can include information about your company.  In the description box be sure to include searched words in the sentences you use to describe your services. Try using words like send flowers, flower delivery, wedding flowers, funeral flowers etc.   In the website box, be sure to include the url of your FSN Custom Ecommerce Website. Both of these boxes will give customer the important information about your store.

Think this doesn’t apply to you because, you don’t have a website. Think again! Even if you don’t have a website, it is very important that you claim your local listing.  Why? Because, there will be information about your company whether you have a website or not. My family’s nursery and garden center doesn’t have a website. If you type garden centers Paragould Arkansas in the Google search bar, we show up in the local results. By claiming your local listing you can control the information about your shop.

Google isn’t the only place you need to claim your listing.  You also need to claim your listing at Yahoo Local,  Best of the Web and Live Search.  I will try in the next couple of weeks to post guides for claiming these other listings.  Get started by claiming your Google local listing, so you can control your company’s information.