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FSN Halloween Costume Fun!

Walking through the Flower Shop Network offices on October 31st can get a little … well, weird. The witches, vampires and skeletons are expected, but who anticipates running into Alan from the Hangover? Or that crazy alien guy from the History Channel? Napoleon Dynamite had a five minute conversation with a headless turkey this morning. Seriously.

But that’s what happens on Halloween!


These are just a few of the faces behind the voices you hear when you call into FSN’s relay department. Wait a second. The woman in black with all the name tags is an identity thief. In the relay department. That IS scary!


You didn’t know you were talking to Axl Rose or the Mario Bros. when calling your service rep, did you? I think Erin makes a perfect Flo!


The web services department! An eclectic collection of writers, graphic designers and SEO specialists posing in costume for your viewing pleasure.


Here’s our IT and Admin departments. You just knew Darth Vader had to be one of the people in charge, right?


Here’s a better look at our rockers. I love the theme costumes!

As always, the costumes were fantastic. And whether they dressed up as the cast from Hey Arnold! or Despicable Me’s minions,¬†everyone had a great time!

Happy Halloween From FSN!

At Flower Shop Network, we never let a day of fun and entertainment pass us by! This Halloween is no different, and we had quite a few people participate in our annual costume contest. From pop culture to historically hilarious, high brow to powerfully pun-y, we pulled out all the stops! Scroll on down to see the hordes of insanity invading the FSN halls!

Flower Shop Network Logo

No, that’s not a man with pipe-cleaners growing out of his face. It’s an extremely hairy FSN logo! Excellent costume, Kier!

photo 3

Cookies and candy. Does it get any deader, I mean better, than this?

photo 3

Hulk Hogan AND Wolverine? Wow, not sure one post can handle so much machismo. THAT’S JUST CRAZY, BROTHER! [Read more…]

Halloween at Flower Shop Network 2012

FSN Halloween Group Picture

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at FSN… mostly because we love to dress up! This year, as usual, many of us went ALL OUT on our costumes. We had zombies, angels, witches, warriors, musicians, and a whole lot of other costumers you would not expect! To see all of our costumes close up, see the gallery after the jump!

For the office’s costume contest, we had 3 winners. 1st Place – Seymore (Josh) 2nd Place – Viking (Kyle) 3rd Place – Angel (Rebecca)

Which costume do you like the best? Vote at the bottom of this post!

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2011 Halloween at Flower Shop Network

Flower Shop Network Celebrates Halloween

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year here at FSN headquarters. Our readers should know, the Flower Shop Network crew loves any excuse to celebrate! Just check out the fun, scary, beautiful and even a little spacey costume’s we’ve come up with this year. Lots of really creative ones this year!

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Flower Shop Network Celebrates Halloween 2010

Flower Shop Network's Costumed Heros

Halloween at Flower Shop Network

Today at Flower Shop Network, was our annual costume contest. We had quite a few people to go all out and get creative with their costumes.

The winners of our Halloween Costume Contest – Josh, our creative director won 1st place and Jason, head of maintenance, took home the 2nd place prize.
Josh was Lestat from Interview With The Vampire and Jason is a rescued Chilean miner.


View all of our Halloween pictures here: