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South Florida Florists Help Raise Money For Make A Wish Foundation

spring-fling-logo-revisedChristina Zichelle at the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Southern Florida gave me the heads up on a fabulous event that several South Florida florists are participating in the “Spring Fling & Flower Fashion Show“.
Here’s what Christina had to say:

Wishes are abloom at the Spring Fling & Flower Fashion Show on Friday, May 21, 2010 at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. Decked out in floral creations fashioned by local florists and designers, South Florida’s finest will glide down the runway in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Southern Florida.

Tickets are $40 (includes 2 drinks, heavy hors d’oeuvres and the opportunity to bid on fabulous auction items).

For more information go to the Make A Wish Foundation Of South Florida’s facebook event Spring Fling & Flower Fashion Show.

For those of you unfamiliar, with the Make A Wish Foundation let me tell you about them. This wonderful organization grants wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions. Most of us have a life-time (often a very long one) to achieve and experience our dreams.  Without the help of the Make A Wish Foundation, these children might never get the chance to realize their dreams.

Across the country, fundraising events like the Spring Fling & Flower Fashion Show provided the funds to grant the wish of many ill children.

Flower Shop Network applauds the Make A Wish Foundation for making a difference. FSN also salutes the many South Florida florists who are so graciously giving their time and money to this worthy cause. So if you are in Fort Lauderdale on May 21st, go to the Spring Fling & Flower Fashion Show.  You’ll have a good time. You’ll see some interesting floral creations. But, more importantly you’ll help make a child’s wishes come true.

This Bloomin Blog post was sponsored by the local florists of Fort Lauderdale FL.

Where Can I Find Poinsettia Retailers In Michigan?

Ask the Expert: Where can i find Poinsettia retailers in MI?
Either retailers or wholesalers that sale Poinsettias fro a fund raisers. At a low price. Harmieya

Plant Expert Reply:

Most poinsettias can be found at a Michigan Flower Shop or Garden Center between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Depending on the quantity, the shop may have a quantity discount.  Keep in mind, this time of year may seem like the perfect time for a poinsettia fundraiser.  Which is partially true – it is a good time to sell poinsettias.  However, on the wholesale level or the bulk quantity level, poinsettias may be hard to come by.

You may be able to find a poinsettia wholesaler who has a fundraising program and an over abundance of stock.  I would check the following places for Michigan poinsettia wholesalers:

The Plant Masters of Suttons Bay in Suttons Bay MI.

Molesta Floral & Greenhouses 2960 Madison SE  Grand Rapids, MI

Wojo’s in Ortonville and Davison MI.

If you can’t find poinsettias this year, plan ahead for next year.  I like to book my poinsettia at least six months ahead.  Good Luck and let me know how it goes.

Poinsettias As A School Fundraisers In Houston

Ask the Expert: Wholesale Poinsettias in Houston Area
Our high school drill team would like to sell good quality (large) poinsettias as a fundraiser.  Do you have any referrals in the Houston, TX area? Melissa

Plant Expert Reply:
Poinsettias make wonderful gifts and are an awesome way to raise money.  In fact, I know a grower in Van Buren Arkansas called Parks Brothers Farms who has a fantastic fundraising program. They provide poinsettias for non-profit fundraising in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, North Texas, Eastern Kansas, Western Tennessee and Missouri.  I called Jason at Parks Brothers Farms and he assured me that they could, also, provide the poinsettias for your school fundraiser in Houston.

I assume you will want red poinsettias which are a traditional and popular choice.  However, you might want to consider some of the other poinsettia color options like pink, white, burgundy and marble. Parks Brothers Farms will help you decide what the best poinsettia options are for the Houston area.  So check out their non-profit fundraising page or call Jason at toll-free: (800) 334-5770.

Let me know how your fundraising goes.

Finding Poinsettias for Fundraising in Indiana

Ask the Expert: poinsettia
can you help me find a distributor for fundraising in north central Indiana  Susan  fundraising