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What Type of Funeral Flowers Should I Send?

Sympathy flowers, funeral flowers, wreaths, standing sprays, casket sprays, floor bouquets… Learn what these specific types of arrangements are and how to appropriately express your condolences.

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Creative & Custom Funeral Flower Trends

First of all, let’s think of the purpose of funeral flowers: to show one’s love, and support for the family and the departed. Flowers comfort and soothe us as we say our final goodbyes, but why stop there? Creative florists everywhere are using funeral flowers to construct personalized tributes to fallen friends.

What Kind of Personalized Funeral Flowers Are Available?

The limit is your imagination. Consider your lost friend and the biggest loves in their life. Perhaps they were an avid fisherman, loved bowling, or were closely involved in an organization. Use their favorite hobbies, passions and accomplishments as inspiration for their final tributes. Funeral flower tributes spark wonderful memories of times past, and lift the mood with stories and laughter about time spent together.

How Do I Purchase Custom Flowers For Funerals?

That’s easy! First, find a local florist in your area, or in the location of the funeral. Flower Shop Network makes it easy with our real, local florist directory. Click below to find local florists in any city in the US & Canada.

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Next, call your florist directly and discuss your ideas for the funeral tribute. Explain their favorite hobbies or affiliations, and let them know their favorite colors and styles. If you have something specific in mind, find a picture of it or something in a similar style. Send that to your florist to make sure they can create exactly what you’re wanting.

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Funeral Flower Pictures Inspiration

Here are pictures of unique funeral flowers from local florists all across the US.

Hobby – Themed Funeral Flower Photos

Pilot Funeral Flowers - By A Local Florist

Airplane Funeral Flowers
“A funeral design, for a pilot about 5 years ago.
Buds ‘n Bows Flower Shop in Crawford, GA

Gardening Funeral Flowers - For Gardeners

Gardening Funeral Flowers
For an avid gardener. I got complimentary calls from the family, the minister (who had never seen anything so beautiful) and the funeral home on this one. :)”
The Petal Patch, McFarland, WI

Garden/Gardener Funeral Flowers

Gardener Funeral Flowers
We actually made this for the funeral of a dear friend and floral mentor of ours as our tribute. :-)
Charlotte’s Flowers, Cresson PA

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Personalized & Creative Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are not what they used to be, and for good reason. We have become so used to personalization, why not customize our final tribute to a lost loved one? People everywhere are opting for sympathy arrangements with a more personalized feel.

Above you see an incredibly detailed floral guitar set piece made by Hart Floral in Modesto, CA. This is a great custom funeral design for someone who was known for their love of music. Perhaps they were sent by someone in a band with the deceased. What a great way to honor those memories they shared together. Custom set pieces* are great to pay tribute to the deceased favorite hobby or interest.

Tribute symbols are also popular in funeral flower design. Whether a heart, cross or peace sign, these symbols can have a calming effect in the minds of those attending the funeral. If you know the deceased favorite color, use flowers in shades of that color in your memorial design to create a more personal final tribute (like the heart arrangement above, by Hart Floral.).

In life, the things that make us the happiest are often our hobbies and interests. Even the colors Hart Floral used are the favorite football team’s colors. I’m sure this sports fan would be beaming with pride over this sports themed funeral wreath.

The above couch casket display** has been perfectly personalized for any fisherman to love. Even the mossy greens and flowers used reminds me of underwater lake photos with fish swimming in the aquatic plants. This great casket piece was created by Every Blooming Thing in Akron, OH.

So, even if it’s as simple as the deceased favorite color, or as elaborate as a full tribute set piece, funeral flowers like this remind us in the final moments of precious memories together that do live on forever.

*Set Piece – the custom shaped funeral flower pieces, such as the guitar in the top photo.

**Couch Casket Display – the large floral design that sits on top of the casket.

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