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Creating A Butterfly Garden With Your Local Florist

Attract Butterflies With A Butterfly GardenLast week, while our team members were at the Florida State Florists’ Association Design Summit, they took a detour to visit one of our great member florist, Tim Ryan of Botaniq in Santa Rosa Beach Florida. Tim was in the middle of teaching a Butterfly Garden Workshop right there at his flower shop! You might be surprised at all the things local florists are doing these days to bring back the love of flowers in their community.

This isn’t Tim’s first workshop, he’s done: fresh cut flower arranging, orchid gardens, terrariums and more! Guests get together and learn what it takes to create a beautiful floral designs and gardens, as well as the techniques it takes to take care of them all. For the butterfly garden, guests will put together a beautiful planter filled with tasty plants for butterflies. Tim shows his workshop guests how to take their planter to the next level by adding river cane as a trellis. A simple technique that adds big impact!

So, watch Tim in action as he hosts his workshop in the video below!
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Vibrant Garden Decor Ideas!

Spruce Up Your Garden

After scouring the internet for new trends this spring in garden decor, I found an awesome trend forming that I simply could not ignore!


Do you have a bare and bland wall or fence in your garden? You are in luck! People all over the nation are beginning to spruce up their gardens with a few tricks!  Take that fence from bland to beautiful with only a few steps!

Go to your local nursery or home and garden store and pick up a few terra-cotta pots, flowers/plants of your choice, and a few pot hangers that can mount onto your wall or fence. After you come home with these the ideas or limitless, you can spray paint designs onto your new pots, or leave them all natural.  Place them on your wall and fence in a stylish manner to create a more inviting feel to your garden.

For the artist’s garden—take your wall and fence and paint a mural or design that blends with your garden.  You can even incorporate the pot hanging idea into your art design! Either way, these quirky and fun fences and walls provide an element of surprise and beauty to any garden.

Be lavish or be simple, the choice is your’s—express yourself in your garden and be sure to show it off to all your friends!

Find a local garden nursery or a local garden supply store near you and get started today on your stylish garden! Who knows maybe we will see you in the next Home & Garden Magazine!

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