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Celebrate Christmas with Flowers

Celebrate Christmas with Flowers


Christmas is definitely on top of the list when it comes to people’s favorite holidays. During this time people seem happier which makes the energy around us feel lighter and cheery. No matter what may be going on in the world at this time, we all manage to adopt a positive mindset. So, to spread joy and good vibes – send flowers! Their beauty is sure to bring even more smiles to loved one’s faces!


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Flowers to Send for Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is a wonderful time to give extra love to the people who gave life to new generations! They deserve love, respect, and gratitude for the good job they did raising our parents, the helpful advice we can always count on, and the never-ending unconditional love. Want to know what flowers to send this holiday? We’ve got a few floral picks for you!

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7 Gifts to Send with Flowers

Flowers are a great gift but sometimes you might want something to go with them. Some of these suggestions may seem like no-brainers, but there’s always a way to put a spin on an old classic. Many florists also carry gift items, so chances are you won’t have to go far to find these. If your florist doesn’t carry gift items, ask them if it’s okay for you to include a little something extra to go with your flower arrangement. [Read more…]

Fun Ideas for Back to School Flowers

The time has come to start a new school year. Some will be starting school for the very first time, while others will only be settling into a new classroom. After a summer packed full of fun, getting back into a routine can be stressful for kids and teachers alike. Send them a little something to brighten up the day, and remind them that you are thinking of them, even while they are at school. [Read more…]

3 Ideas for Graduation Flowers with Flair

Add some flair to your graduate’s big day with these fun flower ideas! From a new spin on decorating their cap to a classic gift that never gets old, these ideas will help them turn their tassel in style. [Read more…]

5 Arrangements for Saying Thank You on Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative professionals are the metaphorical glue that holds most businesses together. To some, they may only be the smiling face behind a desk or on the phone, but to many, they are the organizers and keepers of many tasks. Helping a business run smoothly is no easy feat.

While we should always be thankful for our administrative staff, Administrative Professionals Week and, especially, Administrative Professionals day are an opportunity to celebrate their hard work. Flowers are one way to show your appreciation. Here are 5 of our favorites! [Read more…]

4 Christmas Gifts For People Hard to Shop For

We all have people in our lives that are difficult to shop for. Whether it’s your mother, dad, step-mother, step-dad, mother-in-law or grandmother, finding a unique present they’re going to actually appreciate is stressful. Instead of spending hours walking around the mall looking at every possible store, shop online for a beautiful gift that shows how much you care.

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Don’t Forget Your Boss!

Did you know that Boss’s Day is only five days away? On this coming Monday CEO’s and executives desk’s all across the country will be filled with gifts of appreciation. Don’t forget to show your thankfulness for your boss with an exceptional gift! Here are some of our favorite flower arrangements that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Ordering a flower arrangement from your local florist takes the hassle and stress out of searching for a gift. The flowers only take a minute to order and they are delivered right to your boss’s desk! It can’t get anymore convenient than that!

What flowers do you choose?

Now all you have to do is pick out an arrangement. Traditional flowers are always a safe bet. For example this fall-themed arrangement with lilies, sunflowers and roses would be an excellent choice. Ask some of your co-workers if they want to purchase the arrangement together to split the cost.

If you have a close relationship with your boss and happen to know his or her favorite color or birthday, think about ordering a more personalized arrangement. If your boss’s birthday is in November you could order an arrangement with the November birth month flower, chrysanthemum. If your boss loves the color pink, ask your local florist to only include beautiful pink blooms. You could even add a box of chocolates to sweeten the surprise!

Thanking your boss on this holiday is a great way to strengthen your relationship. Everyone loves to receive positive affirmation and to hear that they are doing a good job. Include a simple card message with your flowers that says, “Thank you for being a great boss!” If you have specific examples of a time when your boss was kind or fair, include that in your card message as well.

A high-quality boss deserves a high-quality gift! Find a florist near you today to order some beautiful flowers for your boss!

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New Baby Flowers: What You Need to Know

A couple instantly realizes that their lives are forever changed once a new baby is born. The responsibility of caring for a new life is exciting and overwhelming. During this transitional time it’s important that you show your support and love to the new parents!

Flowers serve as a wonderful gift of encouragement. Their refreshing scent and beauty bring joy and happiness! Here is everything you need to know about sending new baby flowers.

When should I send a new mom flowers?

Since you won’t know the exact date of delivery, many people choose to wait until they have heard the news that the expecting mother is going into labor to order an arrangement. Ask your local florist what flower options there are for same-day delivery.

Some people suggest sending the flowers to the home of the new mother so that the parents have less to transport from the hospital. Choosing to have the flowers delivered to their home gives you the option of ordering the flowers in advance.

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How to WOW With Flowers

If you are about to order flowers for a special occasion coming up, we have some advice for you! Your gift can truly leave a lasting impression with a little extra effort. Keep reading to see how you can really wow someone with flowers.

1. Make it a Surprise

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Have the arrangement delivered to their workplace or home when they would least expect it. Some people even send the flowers a day early to really catch them off guard! Also remember that flowers can be admired all day so have them arrive in the morning.

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