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Back To School Flowers

Summer is winding down and the department stores are filled to the brim with notebooks, pens, pencils and backpacks. Teachers are preparing their classrooms and sports teams are starting up their practices. It’s always sad to see summer days come to an end but a new year is knocking at the door. Make sure your kids and nieces or nephews head back to school on the right foot this year!

Nerves are inevitable on the first day of school. A new classroom with a new teacher and classmates is a tough transition.

Help make their first day go as smooth as possible with a fun flower arrangement!

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Flowers: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

It’s your mom’s birthday!

The next door neighbor just had a baby!

You’re invited to a backyard barbecue!

These or any number of other life events, celebrations or parties happen everyday. And what do they have in common? What one thread wends through them all? The need to bring a gift, of course! When just showing up isn’t an option, what do you do?

Bring on the HappyA Tisket A TasketFlor-Allure Bouquet

Flowers Always Fit the Bill

There’s no need to wrack your brain to think of the perfect gift when flowers always fit the bill. What makes them perfect for any situation?

Flowers are:

  • Always in style
  • Infinitely customizable
  • Used for home decoration
  • Worn for personal decoration
  • The perfect thing to brighten someone’s day

There’s a reason flowers are traditionally used at weddings, on first dates, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, beside hospital beds and at funerals. These gorgeous gifts of nature provide amazing decoration that can’t be matched. They symbolize new love, deep passion and even embody sizzling romance when the occasion calls for it. Flowers can offer comfort and support in a time of emotional distress and provide a ray of sunshine on an otherwise dreary day. In fact, there’s little flowers can’t do!

Support Your Local Florist

And that includes help out the local economy! Every time you walk into your local florist shop to buy that next floral masterpiece, you’re not only getting a beautiful piece of local art, you’re supporting a local business. And the best part? The flowers you get from that local shop are sure to be fresh cut and hand-arranged, and you will have the opportunity to get that arrangement customized to fit your specific need!

So when you find yourself searching for the perfect gift, remember your local florist and the beauty they offer. And it doesn’t matter why you need the gift. Flowers are perfect for any occasion!


Send A Supervisor Surpriser

National Bosses Day is October 16th

Of all the upcoming holidays, National Bosses Day is one that is sometimes easily over-looked. Not this year! Even bosses need a little Pot-O-Sunflowers - Topiary Arrangementencouragement; give Bosses Day gifts that will leave your boss feeling good about themselves for being a great and fair boss.

Where to Find Bosses Day Gifts

Your boss, for better or worse, deserves at least one day of recognition. Gifts for Bosses Day couldn’t be easier. Simply give your local florist a call and order a special flower arrangement for your boss. It will only take a few minutes and your florist will take care of all the rest. Just think, who doesn’t love surprises? Your boss won’t be expecting flowers to walk through his or her doors.

The arrangement to the left, Pot O’ Sunflowers, is a great example of Bosses Day flowers. Not only are sunflowers perfect for the holiday, they are also a favorite flower of fall.

If you think flowers might not be your bosses thing, your florist can still help you out. Most offer gift baskets and other gift items. If you’re still up in the air about what to get your boss for Bosses Day, check out:

7 Great Bosses Day Gift Ideas From Your Local Florist

Replacing Someone Else’s Flowers – Avante Gardens

As part of an effort by a small group of florist to help educate consumers about the quality, value, service and design that professional florists bring to the gift of flowers, Avante Gardens participated in a an unusual guarantee program whereby we offered to replace flowers delivered by drop-ship companies during the Valentine’s Day holiday.

The above news snippet was from blog post on Avante Garden’s Flower Shop company blog. It describes an interesting approach to combat the growing challenges that real, local florists are facing when trying to compete with direct ship flower companies and floral order gatherers.

Read the full blog post from Avante Gardens about Replacing Someone Else’s Flowers.

Read the Press Release on PRWeb.com.

Speak The Language of Love With Flowers

Have you ever pulled the petals from a daisy, one by one, while reciting “he loves me, he loves me not……” until only the yellow, button-like center remained (and you had your answer)? As if by some powerful magic, flowers seem to know the secrets of the heart.

Flowers Know The Secrets To The Heart

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s interesting to note that flowers have always been associated with romance, well before human beings first started pulling their petals off… even before we noticed them, for that matter.

Red RosesConsider: Flowers are the reproductive mechanisms of the vast majority of the plants on earth. They exist solely to assure the procreation and propagation of their species by distributing pollen and dispersing seeds. Consequently, they have developed a wide range of seductive characteristics designed to lure their would-be pollinators.

Virtually everything that we find appealing about flowers the shape, the fragrance, the color, the texture evolved as a means of effective flirtation with an animal suitor. All of those alluring properties that speak directly to our own hearts, spoke first to the birds, bees, bats, and butterflies who are the vehicles of floral lovemaking, carrying potent grains of pollen from virile anther to receptive stigma.

There is even a certain species of orchid whose flower parts very closely resemble the female of a particular kind of wasp. When a male wasp spots it and buzzes in for an “intimate encounter”, he unwittingly gets himself dusted with pollen before he flies off, frustrated, in search of another paramour. You get the picture. Love can be a tricky business.

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