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It’s Grandparent’s Day – Celebrate with Personalized Flowers!

Grandparent's Day is September 13th

Grandparent’s Day is the first Sunday following Labor Day, which happens to fall on September 8th in 2013.

Grandparents Day is a day to honor and show respect and love to the seniors in our lives. Through thick and thin, our grandparents stood by us – spoiling us, every moment of the way, and now it’s our turn to spoil them a little!

Bring the whole family together to celebrate and pamper your grandparent’s this September. Treat your grandparent’s to their favorite restaurant, special vacation or family picnic, sentimental gifts and, of course — flowers!

Try these Grandparent’s Day Card Messages!

Grandparents Day FlowersCreate a beautiful flower arrangement for Grandparent’s Day to display in their home. If they have more of a green thumb, give a beautiful flowering houseplant – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Personalize your gift by adding touches of their personality into the arrangement.

  • Say your grandfather is an avid fisher: include fishing hooks, bait and a miniature fishing rod!
  • If your grandmother loves to knit, add a few knitting needles and yarn to reflect her passion!

Grandparents have always been and always will be a great inspiration and a source of wisdom that will live on for generations to come. So celebrate and enjoy your grandparents, showing them just how much you truly love them!

The History behind the Holiday

Grandparents Day was founded by Marian Mcquade of West Virginia in 1970. It was in 1973 that Governor Arch Moore proclaimed the holiday, and finally in 1978, it was declared a national holiday by Jimmy Carter.

Forget-Me-Nots are the official Grandparent’s Day flower and Grandparent’s Day even has its own song that was officiated in 2004; “A Song For Grandma and Grandpa” by Johnny Prill.

Favorite Flowers: Truely GRANDparents Day!

This September, FSN’s Favorite Flower is the Season For Sunflowers bouquet in the Grandparents Day album. This stunning combination of sunflowers, carnations and roses will delight any GRANDparent!

Send them sailing through memories of golden sunflower fields, picking red roses and other wondrous memories of summer.

For grandparents who live a long distances from us, sending flowers is a great way to say “You are truly GRAND,” and fill them with love and appreciation.

So remember, Grandparents Day is September 12, 2010!

Use Flower Shop Network‘s fantastic directory to find a real local florist near you!

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5 Reasons To Send a Dish Garden For Grandparents Day

Top 5 Reasons To Send A Dish Garden For Grandparents Day

There are many reasons why Grandma and Grandpa will love dish gardens instead of more traditional Grandparents Day gifts. If your grandparents are anything like mine, reading this will likely result in a lot of nodding and the occasional phrase “that sounds just like my grandma/grandpa.”

Dish Garden1. Dish Gardens Are Low Maintenance Gift

“I’m pretty sure they can handle a plant.” Grandma and Grandpa were there for you through childhood, tween years, teen years and beyond. They’re still supportive. Thankfully, a dish garden requires no more maintenance than any other houseplant. It’ll be a nice break after all those years.

2. Dish Garden Containers Have Their Own Unique Qualities

If they’re the type that have collected every childhood trinket pertaining to their grandkids, dish gardens will be a nice gift for both of you. They’ll probably keep the container because it’s what they do. At least it’s not a useless knick-knack that needs dusting. You’ll feel better for not contributing to the shrine o’ junk that was once your old bedroom. It’s a win-win.

3. Plants In A Dish Garden Last Quite A While

On a light-hearted note, plants in a dish garden last quite a while. There is only as much care required as a normal houseplant. Simply water when the soil is dry to the touch. Once your plants are too big for their container, you can separate them out into even more houseplants to love.

4. Dish Gardens Are Unique Gifts

That’s right. You’re better than peer pressure. You’re above it. That’s why you will choose to send dish gardens. While everyone else is sending something cheesy and porcelain, you’re relaxing in the new found fresh air created by the dish garden that you had a local florist deliver. Mmm. Even the food will taste better when you head over to your grandparents house  for a holiday celebration.

5. Did I Say 5 Reasons? Let’s Go With Eco-Friendly Gifts

I can probably name several other reasons why dish gardens are awesome gifts, but I’ll stop with the eco-friendliness of sending a dish garden. First of all, the containers can be reused. Recycling is fun for everyone. Go recycling! Second, some dish garden plants can be transplanted. That’s great for the environment because plants replenish soil nutrients and create fresh air for us all.

Hurry! Grandparents Day is September 11, 2011.

Have another reason to send dish gardens? Even if you just want to comment on my comments, feel free to commence commenting below.

Send Flowers And Put The Razzmatazz Back Into The Nursing Home

Strike up some Glenn Miller on the gramophone. Grandparents’ Day is just around the corner. As it falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day every year, Grandparents Day is September 7, 2008. Many people have parents and grandparents in nursing homes and want to celebrate this special occasion with their loved ones but are unable to visit. When you want to send a gift to let your loved one know that you’re thinking of them, send flowers that symbolize just how special that person is to you.

Some people enjoy regular visits to their family and friends in nursing homes. However, special occasions call for special gifts but it’s not always possible to break away from the office to shop for a unique gift. Nab two birds with one stone by having flowers delivered to your special person before your scheduled visit or possibly even during your visit. You’ll get to watch their face light up after receiving a beautiful flower arrangement and share in their special day.

There are a few things that everyone needs to know when sending flowers to friends or loved ones in a nursing home. As with all deliveries, your local florist will need accurate information including the following:

  • Recipient’s Name
  • Name of the Nursing Home
  • Address of the Nursing Home
  • Phone Number of the Nursing Home and/or Recipient
  • (Possibly) Recipient’s Room Number

These little trinkets help make sure that the florist is able to deliver your gift on time and without any hassle. Due to recently enacted privacy laws, it is not always possible for the recipient’s room number and other personal information to be given over the phone. Often delivery personnel are asked to simply leave the package at the front desk. To avoid any delays or confusion, call the nursing home and obtain this information as well as delivery protocol before contacting a local florist.

Lazy Daisy and Delphinium Flower ArrangementSend flowers to the young at heart!

Celebrate Grandparents Day with Flowers

Grandparents Day is coming up soon, and what better time could there be to remember those senior folks, who are so special in our lives, with a colorful bouquet of fresh flowers? With the advent of autumn approaching, there is a plentiful selection of blossoms available at your local florist, including all sorts of perky varieties which are sure to delight any grandma or grandpa.

Grandparents Day FlowersHistory of Grandparent’s Day

National Grandparents Day originated with the idea of a West Virginia housewife, Marian McQuade, who wanted to champion the cause of lonely elderly people in nursing homes. She also hoped to persuade grandchildren to tap the wisdom and heritage their grandparents could provide. After years of lobbying and gathering state by state support, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed in 1978 that National Grandparents Day would be celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day

…so you see that Grandparents Day wasn’t actually invented by the floral industry or the greeting card manufacturers! Nonetheless, it’s still a good idea to send our cherished elders some lively flowers just to let them know how much we love and appreciate them.

Chrysanthemums Make Great Grandparent’s Day Gifts

Yellow Potted MumAmong the popular blooms for the beginning of the fall season are the chrysanthemums. They’re available in an ever-increasing range of shapes, colors, and sizes, some of which you may not even recognize as chrysanthemums. They also happen to be some of the longest-lasting cut flowers you can buy.

Spray Chrysanthemums

Spray chrysanthemums (sometimes known as “pompons”) feature several individual blossoms on one stem, and can be purchased as daisy, cushion, or button types, as well as many novelty forms, such as spoon-petaled or anemone-flowered. Colors run the gamut of every hue in the spectrum, except blue (so far). A particularly vivid variety is the daisy type known as “Splendid Reagan”, with hot magenta petals around a chartreuse green center….easy to see even with diminished eyesight. “Viking” looks just like a Blackeyed Susan, with its golden yellow petals surrounding the velvety brown middle. “Kermit” is a lime green button type, and “Bayfrank” sports a mauve-toned, semi-double or anemone type flower.

Let The Chrysanthemums Do The Talking

Durable and long-lasting, chrysanthemums may be the perfect metaphor for our wishes for a long and happy life for our grandparents. Your local professional florist can see to it that Gramps and Granny know you’re thinking of them, whether they live near you or across the country, with an arrangement of fresh flowers for Grandparents Day. Besides, they already have everything else!