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Florist Friday Recap 3/9 – 3/15: Spring GREEN

We are just days away from St. Patrick’s Day 2013 and you can definitely tell from this week’s photo recap! There are so many all-green designs that are perfect for this spring GREEN holiday — Check them out!

Just In Time For St. Patrick’s Day: Green Flower Arrangements

Elegant green floral design by Crossroads Florist, Mahwah NJ

Elegant green floral design by Crossroads Florist, Mahwah NJ

“Black & white simplicity ( with some green of course) Made this arrangement for display on a trade show table for a dental convention”

Green Floral Martini by Honeysuckle Lane, Aurora NE

Green Floral Martini by Honeysuckle Lane, Aurora NE

“Anyone need a drink?”

All-green design by Inspirations Floral Studio, Lock Haven PA

All-green design by Inspirations Floral Studio, Lock Haven PA

“St. Patrick’s Day arrangement”

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Send Flowers To Your Lucky Charm

March Flower Arrangement of the Month

Can you believe March is here already? This month is all about spring green and the luck of the Irish. Sunday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day — a day when the whole world turns green. As they say, “Everyone is Irish on March 17th.”

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day In A Whole New Way

While St. Patrick’s Day is not necessarily a floral holiday, sending green flowers is a great way to say thank you to your Lucky Charm. It could be your significant other or even a best friend who has stuck by your side through thick and thin. It could be a study partner who has got you through crunch time. Maybe a last-minute babysitter who makes escape nights possible. Ask yourself, “Who do I need to thank for being a Lucky Charm?” You just might be surprised by how much luck you have through others. The arrangement pictures above, White & Yellow Roses, is a beautiful example of Lucky Flowers to send to your Lucky Charm.

Just remember to always always always use a real local florist when ordering flowers. You will not only be helping your community, but also getting the best quality flowers available. Happy March everyone!

Favorite Flower Arrangement For March

March Favorite Flower Arrangement

March already? Wow! We are excited to bring you this month’s favorite flower arrangement: Lime Green Touch of Class. It may be a mouthful, but this little arrangement goes a long way! It’s roses and deep magenta carnations are romantic enough to send to your sweetie just because, yet playful enough to send to a BFF (best friend forever) to say “thanks!”

Other ideas for sending flowers in March:

  • Send lucky flowers for St. Patrick’s Day! (March 17th)
  • Send for a March birthday
  • Send to congratulate
  • Send to say “I miss you,” (Grandma/Aunts/Old Friends)
  • Say “Thanks” with flowers
  • Say “Job Well Done!”

Whatever your reasons to send flowers this March, always always always use a real local florist!

Peridot – Lime Green Flower Guide


August’s favorite flower color is Peridot green. This year, we are spotlighting unique flower colors for you to use in custom flower arrangements, wedding bouquets, centerpieces and anywhere else you might need great-looking flowers. To make the chosen colors a little more interesting, we are starting with birthstone colors. This month it’s Peridot, or bright green. (Click here for all of our color of the month posts)

Peridot is one of the few gemstones that only occurs in one color, green. The intensity and tint of the green, however, depends on how much iron is contained in the crystal structure. The color of individual peridot gems can vary from yellow- to olive- to brownish-green. The most valued color is a dark olive-green.

Flowers in green are just as unique and striking as the gem, this guide to green flowers will help you when choosing flowers for your events or just for fun!

When creating your wedding bouquet,

 Lime Green Complementary Color

Lime Green Triad of Color Lime Green Tetrad of Color

When creating a color scheme using Peridot green, use the color wheel as your guide! Above you see three examples. The first is the complementary color of Peridot green — brilliant purple, which is sure to balance out the bright green. The second is a triad (3) of color complements to light green. Electric blues and hot pinks are sure to add some fun to this combination. You could also go with  tetrad (4) of complement colors. So Peridot green, mixed with a close neighbor, aqua, and balanced with purple and hot pink.

Of course, green looks wonderful all on it’s own. Mix different shades and textures of greens together to create a unique and gorgeous flower bouquet.

This is a great flower guide for brides looking for unique color palettes and unusual flowers for their wedding. [Read more…]

Green With Envy: Inspirations for St. Paddy’s Day


We are still bursting with excitement over our incredible weekend at the 2010 AIFD Southern Conference. The theme of the conference was all about eco-friendly and green floral solutions. Although you don’t have to use green to be green, many of the designers really embraced the theme and their arrangements were, in fact, green.

Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would compile some of the coolest green arrangements for your Paddy’s Day inspiration!



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Going Green: New Trends in Green Flowers

Not just because St. Patrick’s Day is approaching, but have you noticed how much green is showing up in your local flower shop? Since fresh flowers automatically come with green leaves and stems, the color has always been a fact of life, taken for granted and usually understated in flower arrangements.

Going Green

With the resurgent popularity of green as a fashionable hue in recent years, professional florists are recognizing the value of emphasizing this color in their designs. Just like any color, green can be expressed in a wide range of tones, tints, shades, and intensities. While we normally consider green to be a cool color, the hue that really catches our eye is a “hot” chartreuse green. Think Versace.

Color Wheel

A Look At The Color Wheel

Artists, including floral designers, are familiar with the color wheel, a visual tool which organizes colors according to the spectrum and allows us to see various relationships among them. On one side of the wheel are the so called “warm”, or advancing colors, including reds, oranges, and yellows. On the other side are the “cool” or receding colors, such as lavender, blue, and green. Purple, a blend of cool blue and warm red, sits between the two groups and consequently is an effective accent color in nearly any color harmony. With it’s unique and mysterious personality, purple has traditionally been associated with royalty, magic, and spirituality.

Chartreuse – Warm & Cool

Chartreuse, being a combination of warm yellow and cool green, has similar qualities. It is the direct complement to red-purple, and it is a color which is practically unavoidable to the human eye. And for those reasons, it can really add a lot of punch to a flower arrangement, flattering both the advancing and the receding hues.

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