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October Newsletter: “Boo”-licious Fun!


Say “Boo!” to someone special this year! Halloween is creeping ever closer. How are you celebrating this year? Treat-or-treating with the kids? Dressing up for a costume party? Or cuddling on the couch with a spooky flick?  However you spend your All Hallow’s Eve, be sure to share the enchantment of one of the best holidays of the year with flowers! Florists produce all manner of holiday-themed items and Halloween is no different. From the living pumpkin vase to the eerie, spiderweb-enhanced arrangement, there is no end to the wonders they can produce. So this October 31st, remember that Halloween home decoration and setting the tone for your blow-out costume party have to start with a phone call to your local florist. Happy Halloween!

Think Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Bring On The Pink In October!

This month you might notice things turning a little more pink than usual. That’s because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Wearing and sharing the color pink is a way to raise awareness and express moral support to women with breast cancer. [Read more…]

A Halloween without Flowers? Spooky!


Halloween is the best time of year for scares, but trying to celebrate this annual homage to fright without mood-setting florals? That’s downright spooky! Flowers should be an integral part of any Halloween celebration, and I’m going to give you three exciting reasons to head out to your local florist right now!

mumkin-pumpkin3 Reasons to Find a Florist for Halloween

The ‘Mum’kin – That’s right folks, a living pumpkin filled with mums. Or, for the slightly more daring florist, a living pumpkin covered with mums!

Once you’ve seen it, you’ll realize that no Halloween party can be complete without one of these floral masterpieces. And if you’re attending a Halloween party, the mumkin makes the perfect hostess gift!

Set the Dark and Scary Mood – Flowers are not only capable of providing that spooky visual decoration we all crave on Halloween, they can also provide a distinctive scent to titillate the nostrils!

Your local florist will know exactly what flowers to provide for the look and smell you’re trying to achieve. Want flowers that look dark and brooding? Can do! Need some blossoms that smell musty or dry to set off your haunted house? With enough notice, even that is possible! There is no end to the exciting effects you can achieve with a little desire, creativity and a phone call to your local florist!

Orange you specialHalloween Themed Fairy Garden – For those of you who only use florists on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter, you may be unaware of your local florists ability to create artistic and amazing arrangements unconnected to those holidays. One of those creative arrangements is called a fairy garden.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways, but the most common is to use a potted plant and arrange small furniture and other items under the leaves so that it appears fairies use the plant for a garden. Think of it as a type of diorama. Now imagine using tiny tombstones, wispy, cotton ghosts and a miniature iron rail. Oh yeah, Halloween party gold!

Halloween is full of candy, laughs and all-around fun. And if there’s one thing that florists know, it’s how to help their clients have fun! So when going over your Halloween party list, don’t forget to contact your local florist. They will have some spooktacular ideas to ensure you have the best decorations in town!

Not sure where to find your local florist? Click here and we’ll help you find one!


Zombie Wedding Bouquet

Zombie Wedding Bouquet

This unique wedding story was shared with us by local flower shop, Mullica Hill Floral Co. in Mullica Hill NJ.

“Last week we received a call from our friend Jill at Jillian Kathryn Photography. She had entered a zombie-themed photography contest and decided to create a zombie wedding. In need of a bridal bouquet, she called on us, and we were more than happy to help!”

How The Zombie Bouquet Was Made

“The bouquet consists of dried celosia, yarrow, cockscomb and straw flowers, which were sprayed black to achieve a moldy look. Also included are red spray roses, which were left out of water so they could wilt. The bouquet is framed with dying ginger leaves. I used white tool to wrap the bouquet, then used a light coating of black spray paint to make it appear dirty. As a final touch, I took a knife and shredded the tool ribbon to further keep with the theme.”

“I had a lot of fun creating this bouquet and I can’t wait for future challenges!”

Anything zombie-themed is so trendy right now. With all of the popular movies and TV shows out. it’s easy to see why. This story just goes to show you that you’re local florist is there to help you make your wedding dreams come true.. No matter how far towards the nightmare side your dream might be. Has any other florist-readers out there had a similar challenge? Don’t forget to share your story!

How would you create your zombie bouquet? Tell us in the comments below!

Florist Friday Recap 10/20 – 10/26: Halloween Is Here!

It’s Friday and we’re on the verge of Halloween! All week long florists have been creating Halloween flower arrangements that are just to-die-for! Check out what our florist friends have been posting on the FSN Facebook page this week! So many great flower arrangement pictures in this post, I think it might be one of our best!

Halloween Flowers

Wicked Flowers by Crossroads Florist, Mahwah NJ

Wicked Flowers by Crossroads Florist, Mahwah NJ

““Wicked – Black calla lily “witches” and arachnis orchid “spiders” circle around the pumpkins creating an eerie Halloween florascape.”

Halloween Flowers by Colleyville Florist, Colleyville TX

Halloween Flowers by Colleyville Florist, Colleyville TX

“Here is one of our Creepy Crawly Creations!”

[Read more…]

Halloween Hostess Gifts

Halloween Mum

If you’re attending a Halloween party or other spook-tacular event, don’t forget the hostess gift! But, what type of hostess gift do you bring?

You might be surprised at just how creative local florists are getting with their holiday specials, and Halloween is a great time to try out-of-the-box styles. Florists enjoy creating hauntingly beautiful creations for you to use for Halloween parties and decor.

Halloween Topiary with orange lilies, mums and mini pumpkin Hocus Pocus Halloween Floral Design "Boo!" Flower Basket

Whether you’re going to a themed Halloween party, or just a good old-fashioned costume party, you’re local florist is able to create Halloween flowers especially for you.

Scare Up A Smile With Halloween Flowers

Scare Up A Smile With Halloween Flowers

Halloween is just around the corner. Need a quick way to scare up a few smiles for this fright-filled holiday? Look no further than your local florist. They can create something specifically for you. Using purple and black for your Halloween colors? Your florist can create a spook-tacular design to match! No matter what your theme or style, flowers can be creatively adapted to add a special uniqueness to your decor.

Let your boo-tiful flower arrangement bewitch your entry way as trick-or-treaters stop by. Easily become the most festive house on the block with flowers from your local florist. Halloween flowers also make great gifts! If you are attending a Monster Ball or Zombie Bash, spooky flowers for a hostess gift is sure to make her howl with delight!

Halloween is not complete without a trip to your local flower shop!

Don’t know your local florist? Use our handy local florist finder to find yours today!

Bewitching Blossoms

Perhaps one of my favorite designs in our Halloween Flowers section is the bewitching arrangement, Hocus Pocus. It’s just so different from the other designs and really POPs with other Halloween decor. I can just imagine a green witch dressed in purple and black, perched on her broom, flying through the night when I look at this design. What do you see?

Hocus Pocus Halloween Floral Design Green Witch for Halloween

Probably what really stand out most in this arrangement is the black pumpkins. You won’t find them in many flower arrangements, that’s for sure!

[Read more…]

FSN’s Best of Halloween

Best Halloween Flowers

1. Best Halloween Flower Arrangement

First off, the Hocus Pocus flower arrangement (pictured above) has been a favorite ever since it was created! The color palette used in this is such a stark contrast to the normal orange and black we usually associate with Halloween. The bright green and dark purples, mixed with the painted-black pumpkins definitely reminds one of a ghoulishly-grand witch. This floral design would make THE PERFECT hostess gift for any Halloween party.

2. Best Halloween Hostess Gifts

"Boo!" Flower BasketFlowers aren’t typically frightening sights for sore eyes, but they are a tried and true gift. That’s right. Even Halloween is touched by the boo-tiful grace of flowers. If you’re heading to a Halloween party this year, remember to take flowers along for the host or hostess. You can jazz-up Halloween flowers to match everything from a haunted house theme to an informal dinner party for adults. It’s all in the flowers.

3. Best Halloween Card Messages

Local florists spend Halloween like everyone else except they get to deliver their best Halloween flower arrangements and watch how happy this type of celebration makes people. They are always coming across new and clever card messages to accompany their arrangements, so it seemed only natural to ask for some of their favorite Halloween card messages.

[Read more…]

Get Your Spook On with Halloween Flowers

Halloween Flowers

Who doesn’t LOVE Halloween. It’s become one of our favorite holidays — the costumes, the candy, the fun! Florists are no exception when it comes to Halloween Fun.

The above arrangements are just a few examples of what florists have to offer at Halloween. Maybe you’re Halloween party’s color scheme is not the usual orange and black — no worries, a florist can create any style to match your Halloween decor! Oh, and if you order early, let them wilt just in time for your festivities to add to the creepiness. You can even cover them in cobwebs! Think outside the pumpkin!


Vampire-themed Flowers? Why not!?

One of the hottest trends out right now just so happens to be vampires… Twilight, Trueblood, Vampire Diaries, the list goes on and on of newly popular vampire shows and movies. With Halloween coming up, why not use this new vampire trend to your advantage!

Easy Halloween Flowers Promotion

Create a special for your shop called Love At First Bite or something catchy. Use deep red roses and other dark colors, especially black, to create something unique and contemporary. Black, red or silver wire can be used as fun accents. Remember, most vampire fans are going to be around 12-30 years old, so have as much fun as you want.

Shop around your local crafts store for a few cheap Halloween decorations like vampire teeth, small skeletons, or anything black and red. Buy some inexpensive, black fishnet or lacy stockings to use around your vase or as ribbon.

Your vampire-themed floral would be an easy choice for a guy looking send flowers to his Twihard girlfriend.  This design would make a stunning sight at a Halloween party, or a great hostess gift!

To promote your newest special, post LOTS of pics on Facebook. (That’s definately where your vampire fans would be!) Also put photos of your festive Halloween flowers on your website. Use your pictures to make a quick flyer to advertise your special and hang them anywhere young people gather. (Local bookstores, college campuses, etc.) Remember to price it reasonably for this younger demographic to keep them flying off the shelves!

Vampire Lovers! If you are a vampire lover looking for flowers like the ones described in this post, call your local florist and recommend this article to them! I’m positive they will work with you to create something drop dead gorgeous (pun intended)!

This post is brought to you by local Salem, OR florists.
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